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How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps

How To Buy A HouseIn today’s CareerFH episode, I’ll show you how to buy a house in 3 easy steps.

How To Buy A House Step 1 – Financing

That’s right, before even shopping for a house you’ve got to know what you can afford first. When I was in real estate I used to explain to my clients that there’s no point in going looking for houses until they know their budget.

It’s better to know your price range first rather than looking at inventory that’s too expensive.

In order to see what you can afford, you can go speak to your bank or a mortgage broker and ask them for a “mortgage pre-approval” or simply ask them: “I’d like to buy a house but I would like to know what mortgage amount I can qualify for.”

I personally recommend going to see a mortgage broker as their job is to find you financing. They will only get paid a commission if the deal goes through so there’s no upfront money for this service.

To qualify for a mortgage you have to have at least two of the three following: a stable job (meaning at least 2 years), an excellent credit report  and/or a large down payment. You can check out your own credit score through any of these three major credit bureaus: Equifax.comTransUnion.com or Experian.com)

You must have at least two of those three qualifiers. If you don’t have any of them; then I recommend you plan your future by taking the appropriate steps to achieve them, then revisit your mortgage broker when you’re ready. In the mean time you can still rent while you get everything in order.

How To Buy A House Step 2 – House Shopping

Now that you know your price range, it’s time to go house hunting. You can look at properties by yourself on sites like mls.ca in Canada or mls.com in United States. You can also look at classified ads site in the house for sale section. If you’re starting off though, I would recommend you work with a Realtor.

A real estate sale professional’s job is to help you find what you want based on your needs. They are also paid when there’s a purchase so again, no upfront cost on your end.

Simply find a good Realtor and let them know what your pre-approve mortgage amount is or what you’re qualified amount is. Here’s a word of advice; never go for your top qualified amount, really use this number as maximum only.

Ideally, if you can find something comfortable for less it’s better. Don’t fall under the trap that you need a big house right now. Use this as a starter home, build equity and in about five years from your date of purchase you can start looking around if you need to up size because your family’s growing or you simply want a bigger office.

Take the equity you’ve built overtime and apply it as a down payment on your new house.

Coming back to working with a Realtor, they will also give you advice, educate you and draft your agreements. Make sure at a very minimum that you have these three topics to protect yourself in your offer.

  1. Subject to financing.
  2. Subject to inspection.
  3. If deal falls through deposit to be refunded.

Tell your Realtor that you want at least those in your offer and they will draft the clause with more details. You’re Realtor will also suggest more clauses depending on the type of property your getting (like: house, condo, town house, lake front, etc).

In this step, this is where you must complete your responsibilities such as confirming your financing (bring your offer to your mortgage broker), hiring an inspector to inspect the property and whatever else needs to be done. Again your Realtor will be guiding you throughout this whole process.

They go through rigorous trainings and constant education updates to make sure they can assist you every step of the way with respect to industry standards. I know, I’ve been there.

How To Buy A House Step 3 – Close The Deal

Once the seller and you have an agreed completed contract with all the conditions waived, it’s time to complete the transaction. For this, you’ll need to bring your offer to your lawyer or have your Realtor fax it or email it to your lawyer.

Over there, your lawyer will make final checks to make sure everything is okay such as land title checks, transfer the funds from one bank to another, registers and records the deed and also transfers the house keys in your hands.

Other Valuable Info You Need To Know On How To Buy A House

You need upfront cash for your security deposit. Usually $500 or $1,000 held in escrow will do the trick. This is in step two, your Realtor will give you further advice on it. You also have to pay for your inspection services which is about $500 and finally you have to pay your lawyer up front and that can be around $2,000.

How To buy A House Conclusion

As you can see, figuring out how to buy a house is not that difficult when you break it down in simple steps. Keep in mind that you’re not doing everything by yourself. You’re using the assistance of professionals to guide and help you throughout the whole process. They are in the business of customer service and you are the customer. These professionals are working for you and not the other way around. Always remember that! So don’t be shy and ask them questions.

What about you, how does my “How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps” article helps you better understand the whole process?

Keep A Positive Mindset & Share Your Skills Before It’s Too Late

Positive MindsetDo you possess any special skills? Do you have something that you’re passionate about? What I’m trying to know from you is what you really like and love, so you can go ahead and record that passion and share it with the world.

With Youtube, everything can be thought, well core concepts at least. The idea is that now is your time to shine, not tomorrow. Get in your element and just press record on your camera then upload it to your account, over time people will get to know you for your passion and talk to you about it.

Remember your prime time is always now, today in the present, not tomorrow because you never know what tomorrow will be like.

The reason I’m saying this is because I recently found out that my high school classmate’s sister passed away last week at the age of only 34 years old. She perished from a stroke while running on the treadmill, leaving behind her couple month old newly-wed husband and their two little ones.

It is a very sad story to which I send my deepest condolences to all her family and friends. This unfortunate event reminds us that life is precious, very fragile and that anything can change overnight. We’ve got to be grateful for what we have, tell the ones we love we love them, focus on the positive aspects of life and keep marching forward.

Remember, your prime time is now, not tomorrow and if you’re lucky enough to grow old and have grand children you’ll want to be able to share stories of your “prime time” talking about what you used to do way back when! Inspire people through teaching your skill set while you can.

For me never thought I’d like teaching, my father was a school teacher and never had any interests what so ever. Turns out it was the method and subject of teaching that I wasn’t fawned of. Over time, I started sharing my passion in martial arts, then got paid to teach self defence classes to high schools students.

I now realise that I like to share the knowledge that I’ve acquired overtime with people who wants to learn more about it whether in self defence, business, internet marketing, network marketing, or whatever other concepts that life has to offer. I have so much to offer and so can you. It feels really nice to know that your skills can help someone else.

It may be a little uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re getting out of your comfort zone for the first time. But over time, you’ll get more experience and the reward and satisfaction of helping others will grow significantly. It’s all about mind over matter!

After all, you and I are only here on this blue planet, travelling at 1,280 km per second in the universe, once. We might as well make the best of it, enjoy and cherish every moment as it can be taken away in a snap.

Positive Mindset Continued

Coming back to what I was saying about cherishing every moments, you’ve got to write your own “story” and a good way to do that, instead of keeping a journal (which records the past events), think of writing tomorrow’s chapter before it happens (this way you’re shaping your future, the way you want). Then when tomorrow comes, it’s your responsibility to make that chapter become reality.

It’s kind of a different approach to do goal setting; this way it’s more like telling a story from your own book with you being the lead character superstar. Depending on where you stand in your life, perhaps you’ll write or are already writing “that book” together with a special someone where together, as a team, you make your own awesome story come true.

Also keep learning new information to help you become a better person. It’s a good way to feed your mind with awesome positiveness. By changing what information you “intake” overtime you’ll know and understand more about core concepts of life.

There are challenges you will learn to handle and accept even though it can be really hard at times. This is why I like this motto so much: “It is what it is!” We can’t change the past, only the future so we’ve got to keep our heads straight up, focus and keep walking forward not looking back. Every second is the opportunity to make a better and newer choice, every second is like pressing a “reset” button to become better and make better decisions.

Another acronym that I once heard that stuck with me in was: “LUCK” and it stands for “Labour Under Correct Knowledge”. Which means that you’re in control of your own destiny while you’re here. So go ahead and challenge yourself, become the leader and show the world what you’re passionate about.

Now it’s your turn, what are you passionate about and when are you going to start sharing?

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

What Is TranscriptionYou’ve probably heard of transcription services before and now you’re asking yourself: “What is transcription?” According to Wikipedia:

“A transcription service is a business which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.” It also says: “The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report.”

In a nutshell a transcription service is a company for hire that listens to your audio or video and type what they hear into a document.

Once you hire that company you send your audio or video files and the transcription service provider get’s one of their employees called “transcribers” to transcribe your video or audio. Once the transcribing process is complete, the typed up file is sent back to you.

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

Now that you know what is transcription, let’s look at how it can help your business. On the internet, one of the motto is: “Content Is King!”. That’s because content is like a form of currency, it’s a form value, and the more value you’ve got out there on the World Wide Web, the more it will give you credibility, social status, recognition and sales.

As entrepreneurs often time is the limited resource that we don’t want waste and got to leverage as much as possible. It happens to us all the time that we have a telephone conversation with someone answering all kind of questions, could be thirty minutes to an hour or more. Then once that’s done, you’ve helped one person but no more, it’s not an efficient way to maximise helping lots of people.

What if, you’ve used a free conference call system that already exists to record your telephone conversation? Not only would you have a recorded audio file of your conversation but you could also send it for transcription and turn that into either a blog post, a special report, an FAQ.

What Is Transcription ProcessWhat I mean is that from one piece of work that you normally do, you can leverage that into three difference piece of content that targets different channels of distribution, live interaction, audio podcasting, blogging and finally you can turn your audio and word document into a presentation video for your video marketing purposes.

Now word of caution thought, if you do record your call, make sure the other party consents to it and reassure them that if there are any sensitive information that you will remove it through your sanitizing process.

I do it all the time, if someone asks me for advice over the telephone I’ll let them know: “Hey if you don’t mind I’d like to record our conversation so I can use the information I give you to help other people.” It’s a win-win situation, they get to have my advice and in exchange I get to use their questions and my answers to create new piece of content.

All those extra piece of content possible because you hired a transcriber. Here are some great reputable companies that offer this kind of service: CastingWords.comRev.comVerbalInk.comWayWithWords.net and SpeechPad.com.

Hopefully this “What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business” article gave you some insights. What about you, in which other creative ways will you get audio content from?

Autoblog, Automation & Autoposting

AutoblogAutoblog, automation & autoposting can be a huge time saver when trying to maintain and operate your own blog.

You have to keep updating your sites with a minimum of weekly content in order to help keep rank in the search engines.

You simply just don’t have enough time to write content every day because you’re busy doing something else; dealing with clients, your expertise, etc.

I get it, I also had phase where writing was not my main priority but I knew it still had to get done, which left me with a couple options.

First you could hire content writers, but the price of hiring someone can quickly add up. Maybe you’re just not there yet.

The other alternative is to set up an autoblog. A well set-up autoblog will post automatically to your website on a time frame that you chose (like daily, weekly, etc.) allowing you to step aside and focus on something else.

Some people even set up their autoblog with ads so when traffic starts to build up, some viewers click on the ads making the blog owner some money. Every autoblog that I know of are built on a WordPress Platform.

WordPress is free and is super customizable with all the plugins that you can get.

Autoblog, Automation & Autoposting Continued

Here are a few paid user friendly plugins or services that are very easy to set-up.

WPRobot.net  Goes into all the article directories, picks out the article you want based on keywords and places them on your site. They also automatically insert affiliate links once set-up.

AutoBlogged.com Takes RSS feeds you want based on keyword searches and turns them into a blog post for you site automatically.

ArticleBuilder.net Unlike the previous two, ArticleBuilder takes an article and spins automatically (which means changes all the words with synonyms) so all your post will have the same message but using different words make it unique in the eyes of the search engines. I use this service in a combination with another backlink tool on my secondary blog to create automated content and more backlinks to my main blog.

Now this last one is for super advanced techy users. It’s 100% free but the time you’ll need to figure out, well yeah, how much is your time worth? For me it was better to got with the ArticleBuilder.

Anyways, this one has an unlimited potential amount and it’s called Yahoo Pipes. This service allows you to create custom funnels of where you find your content, filter, allow or block specifics, mash it with other content and spit it out automatically where ever you want.

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of opportunities here but this is so complex, even me I have trouble figuring it out. I know of its potential but I just didn’t put the time to figure it out so if you do, let me know how you made it work for you.

Derek Banas from NewThinkTank.com has created a tutorial for this method but it’s still too time consuming for me.

Like I said, for me I chose simplicity with a paid service. Oh by the way, if you want to auto syndicate your published content to social medias, then check out my Social Media Management Nightmare article to learn how I handled that. Autoposting and auto syndicating are two different topics.

What about you, which service will you use for your autoblog?

Online Education Is the Fastest Way To Learn New Skills

Online EducationOnline education can be broken down in two categories. Free and paid. Nowadays pretty much everything is available for free through search engines such as Google or Bing and video sites like Youtube or Vemeo.

We live in world of abundant knowledge available at our finger tips. The good thing about free knowledge and online education is that if you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it you can get the information right away.

The problem with this free online education method is, is if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never even think to look for it.

Hence why you could spend hours upon hours of watching and searching through mountains of information just to get that one specific gold nugget.

Now is when you’ve got to consider and factor in the value of your time. Is it worth more time to try to figure things out by yourself or is it smarter to ask someone to point you in the right direction?

The good thing about the paid online education is that often you have a problem and you seek more information by asking the questions to an expert either for advice or you have a membership to a site that offers complete courses via online education on specific topics.

By knowing exactly what you’re looking for or being sent on the right online education track, you can save a tremendous amount of your valuable time.

Online Education Continued

More than likely if you’re somewhat like me, where you want to have your business online and are trying to get things up and running, you need to know some basics in online lingo. Like HTML for example, you don’t need to know all of it by heart but it’s good to understand the basics of it.

A really good free online education site that I’ve used to learn all kinds of stuff related to the internet, like programming languages, CSS, etc is w3schools.com On this site, it offers you a section to learn and safe place to try new code without “breaking” your website so to speak.

Another awesome free online education location to ask questions is a site called StackOverflow.com. Basically you can read through previously asked questions, or search based on keywords or topics and see the best related answers. This site focuses on programming. They also have a dedicated section for WordPress alone, which is another good place to look for answers.

If you want to learn search engine optimization, SeoInPractice.com offers a great complete web based e-book that explains SEO. You can also check out my other videos in the SEO category if you want more information in an “easy to understand way”.

As for paid online education Lynda.com is one of my absolute best choices. They bring in experts on all kinds of software and they give online courses about the specific topic.

You can watch the whole thing from beginning to the end like an actual course, or you can jump in right in the section that you really are trying to figure out.

When I have a sticky point on how to do something specific about a software; I look for the answer on Google and Youtube first. Often, I find one method but sometimes I need something more specific.

So I go to my Lynda back office, I type the name of the software I want more info on, then BAM, I find what I’m looking for because of the expert advice.

Lynda.com is great place to learn intricacies about specific software or topic however when I want to get a marketing’s perspective on things, I go listen to successful marketers. Check out my article about “traditional education or specialized education to grow your business” for more information on this topic.

Now if you just want to learn other typical stuff you’d find in traditional schools like science, math, physics etc, but via free online education check out KhanAcademy.org. If you want to see all kinds of science lectures then FreeScienceOnline.blogspot.ca has a lot of them available or learn more about MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

These are the tools and locations that I use on a daily basis to keep my skills sharp. What about you, where and how do you get your online education?

Live Chat Software One Ups Your Competition

Live Chat SoftwareWith the help of a live chat software you can instantly add an instant presence to your website.

If you come to think about it, the reason why we (entrepreneurs and business people) have an online presence is to promote and advertise our products or services, in order to generate leads and sales.

Traditionally speaking, a customer would fill out the contact form to request more information and by the time we get back to them, it could possibly be too late.

I can’t remember where but I’ve read somewhere that if you can answer someone within seven minutes of their initial request you are more than likely to convert them into a sale.

The best time to talk to a potential customer is when they’re red hot and they can’t get any hotter than live on the spot. Now’s the time to talk to them, not tomorrow.

To help shorten that gap between initial contact and response time, online marketers have developed live chat software that you can plug into your website to instantly have conversation with your visitor. How cool is that!

While you’re working on your business, you would get notified on the spot, by your live chat software, when someone is on your website asking questions. Which in turn opens up countless new opportunities.

Live Chat Software

The best live chat software that I’ve seen other professional companies use like LiverPerson.com and LiveHelpNow.net, are self hosted which means that they work on their own servers and all you have to do is add a piece of code to your website.

If you have a WordPress blog, no worries, other self hosted live chat software like Zopim.com (sign up, then download their Zopim Worpress Plugin) and ClickDesk.com (sign up, then you can also get their ClickDesk WordPress Plugin) offer easy to install Worpress plugins.

Finally if you’re more of an advanced computer user and like to use open source kind of software, you’re in luck. You can get an open source live chat software at HelpCenterLive.com.

Just a note, this is way more advanced so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, stay away from this solution.

Of course if I always recommend you find out the live chat software that is best for you. If you want additional options simply search for “live chat support” your favorite search engine.

What about you, how can using a live chat software help you in your business?

Entrepreneurs Think Differently

Entrepreneurs Think DifferentlyAs a new entrepreneur you’ve got to change your attitude dramatically because when you start any kind of new business, your mindset will determine whether you succeed or fail.

Often new entrepreneurs are coming from a background as an employee and sometimes carry over employee mentality which is not bad, but just not right in the world of entrepreneurs.

When you become your own boss, you have to do work from every department from any previous companies.

Here’s what I mean, as an employee in a big organization, you know your specific skills in either the sales department, human resources, management, technical support, research, content writer, developer, accounting, administration, legal, etc.

All those specific department have enough work to keep lots of people busy for a lifetime and people become specialized in their respective department but as entrepreneur you’ve got to understand the difference between the active and passive workloads.

When you leave this world and put on the hat of an entrepreneur you have to know enough of each department to get by or outsource it to experts. But overall, you have to look and manage the big picture while performing every duty to ensure daily operation runs smoothly. It’s critical to have good work ethics and keep a well balance schedule with excellent time management.

Think of it as if you’re spinning ten plates on a frame in front of you. You constantly got to put a little bit of attention on all of them by giving a little more energy to have it keep spinning whereas if you put all your attention on one plate, the other 9 will slow down until they drop to the ground and break.

The same is true in business. You are entirely responsible for your own success. Win or lose it’s entirely up to you to determine your outcome and you can’t point the finger at anyone else.

Entrepreneurs’ Mindset

Once you are aware of that, your mind shift will work in your favor. You’ll start reading better material, like Success Magazine, the self-improvement section in your library will become your best friend, you’ll read or listen to audiobooks and absorb new information from other people’s wealth of experience and knowledge.

Whatever resonates with you, you’ll make it yours and whatever you don’t agree with, you’ll accept that everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and that you don’t have to accept everything you learn as true for you.

What about you, what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed when you started to change your mindset? Share your thoughts and comments below.


Social Media Management Nightmare

Social Media ManagementAs an entrepreneur, you can probably relate with this social media management nightmare.  You know that having a strong relationship with your customer is key to your success. Being connected and reaching out to your audience has never been easier than before.

Here comes the drawback. Ever since the addition of social medias, it’s super easy to get lost in non-productive tasks, such as posting all your updates on all social media platforms, yet so important for customer relations and interaction.

Oh by the way, just to clarify, when I say non-productive tasks, I mean it’s taking you away from what you’re “paid” to do. It takes you away from your expertise to do something that anybody could do for you. Your value comes from your productivity in creating products or performing services. It’s important but it’s got to be in the right balance, check out my video about the 2 workloads for more clarification on that.

It used to take me so much time just to update all my social medias. I mean, say you’ve got 6 social media channels, let’s say it takes 5 minutes per, that’s 30 minutes a day, which is 3.5 hours per week. Times 52 weeks that’s 182 hours spent on managing social media alone. Now if we were to value your time, let’s go with something conservative say $20 an hour, that’s $3,640 worth of your time.

I knew with all today’s technologies there had to be a better way than just manually do all those entries. So how does one find a solution to this social media management nightmare? Simple, look around for social media management syndication tools.

Social Media Management Tools

A free one, that I personally use is called IFTTT.com, it stands for “If This, Then That”. Basically you go into your account and you set it up once and done! When you post on your favorite social media platform, it will automatically blitz your message to all your other social media accounts without you going in manually in each and every one of them, thus saving you your valuable time.

Another paid syndication service with more options is OnlyWire.com. They have a bigger network of social medias that you can connect to your account.

Keep in mind that these tools are for syndicating your social media posts on all various platforms and are not really a tool for engaging or viewing other people’s posts or comments. What it means, is that by posting at one place, it will take that post and automatically post it on all the other social networks in your account.

What I do, is that I “blast” my content on all the networks to create some “noise” and be present so to speak however in my blog posts or videos, I drive all traffic back to my main channel. So I’d say something like: “If you’re trying to reach me, come visit me on my Facebook Page at facebook.com/givogue.andre, I’m pretty active there.”

This way I’m maximising my time and energy effectively and efficiently and don’t have to be stuck in that social media management nightmare.

What about you, how can using social media management tools like these help you in your business? Share your thoughts.

Web Scheduler To Booking Appointment Nightmare

Web SchedulerA web scheduler is not to be confused with a simple online calendar. A web scheduler is a web based application that you can put on your website that allows clients to independently book their own appointments with your business.

Whereas an online calendar simply organizes your personal activities online. True some online calendars can be shared with people so they too can modify it but it usually means that you have to give them specific permissions.

The web scheduler on the other had is specifically designed to deal with multiple people on the internet. When someone books a time slot, it automatically removes it from the available allowed space to the other visitors.

Another super cool feature to consider when shopping for your web scheduler is whether or not you want it to be intergraded with a payment solution.

Say you offer coaching or consulting services, wouldn’t it be nice if your client goes on your website, checks out your schedule, chooses a time slot and pay for the 15 minutes coaching or consulting service? All that process done automatically before you even speak with the paying customer?

Think about it, your time is worth more doing what you do best which is your specific skill set rather than trying to book appointments. The same technology works if you’re a trade’s person.

Your online web scheduler shows your prospects your potential availability, they chose from the list of options available and can pay you directly online through easy online invoicing.

In your back office you can see all the invoices that have gone out, the ones that are paid, late, etc. With one click of a button you can send a fully customized reminder of the late payment.

Web Scheduler Resources

A web scheduler is just one the awesome tool that today’s technology allows business owners to incorporate with their website. An awesome complete web scheduler with all those features is vCita.com.

If your looking for different solutions, check out the following. BookFresh.com, TimeTrade.com, Acuityscheduling.com, Appointy.com and Clickbook.net or you can also type “online scheduling” in Google to get tons more results.

What about you, how can a web scheduler help your business? Share your thoughts.

The Art of Problem Solving for Your Business

art of problem solvingThe art of problem solving for your business is another skill set to add to your portfolio of must have skills as an entrepreneur.

There are no more excuses not to find the answers to our problems.  We live in an era full of knowledge available at our finger tips and we have access to the greatest resources available in the world.  The power of our neurological pathways in our brain combined with today’s to quality search engines and video sites such as: Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. becomes a lethal power weapon for us to do research and find out our solutions.

As individuals we don’t know everything, that’s impossible, but all the world together exchanging ideas, solutions, tutorials, overall knowledge, together we know an unlimited amount of information that people 100 years ago could only dreamed of.  There’s simply absolutely no way we can’t know of something today if we put the proper effort in our research.

As a manager, in one of my previous careers, I’ve had first hand opportunity to deal with employees who’d ask lots of questions or said statements, which I thought were pretty self explanatory.   It became apparent to me that the questions asked were intended to immediately look for the answer without even learning the process of how to get to the answer.  Which made me realize that maybe they’ve never been properly taught an effective cognitive thought process.

I used to hear dead end statements like: “I can’t do that.” The first observation I made was that sometimes people make a statement instead of asking a question and when that’s the case, you can’t go any further, it stops right then and there.  If you can’t ask proper questions, how are you supposed to be able to find the answer?  Clearly this should have been asked as follows: “How can I do that?”  The next step in the art of problem solving method would be to clarify what the “that” means, example: “How can I do effective marketing for my work from home business?”

The Art Of Problem Solving Through Clarity

From here, you need more clarity, it’s good practise at the beginning to write it down on a piece of paper and try to figure out 20 solutions to the problem.  Over time, your mind will become better at automatically figuring out alternatives and finding solutions.  Another tip would be to clarify the question even more by asking something along those lines: “What marketing methods exist for a home business?”  By expanding and clarifying the scope of your question to solve your problem, it then becomes easier to look it up in search engines and from there generate other ideas.

Side Note! For every problem you got, use the art of problem solving to find a solution. Try to come up with 20 different solutions on how you can solve your problem.

Essentially you’ve got to learn the art of problem solving for your business through doing effective research, asking clarifying questions, knowing the outcome of what you want and force your mind to give you 20 solutions.

We’ve got to accept that we don’t know everything but with proper research, one answer will lead to another until we can make sense of a satisfying answer.  Eventually you might like the reasoning of some people more than others and might consider looking up to them as a mentor for more creative ways to brainstorm and find out different solutions through education to grow your business.   The important factor is that we’ve got to realise that we’ve got to take full ownership in our ability to figure out what we don’t know.

At the end of the day, we are all fully responsible for our own lives, our own success, our own happiness and our own decision making.

Mastering the art of problem solving for your business will not only help you in your working capacity but will also help you in figuring out all kinds of other solutions in various parts of your life.

Showing these tricks to my employees empowered them significantly in their daily work and lives.  Hopefully it will do the same for you.

What about you, what other techniques in the art of problem solving realm do you use to find out solutions?

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