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Ad Words Pay Per Click By Google

Ad WordsAd Words offers two different types of ads. The first type of ad is called Ad Words Search Network and the second type of ads is called the Ad Words Display Network. Let’s look at the two.

Ad Words Search Network are contextual ads meaning that people are searching in Google for a specific topic and that’s when they see your ad if it’s relevant to what their are looking for. These people are super hot so to speak because they are being proactive by researching your topic. They have a problem, then you come with a solution, this can be a super hot lead or a sale on your website.

Ad Words Display Network basically allows you to put ads on other people’s websites that are part of the Google network. Essentially, this way, you have access to the world’s biggest network of websites all under one “umbrella”. This method also allows you to target by interests, demographics, placement targeting as well as contextual targeting.

A lot of people agree that the highest conversion rates will be Google Ad Words Search Network because of the laser sharp precision of targeting your audience that are interested in your services or products according to their keyword research.

Whereas Google  Ad Words Display Network is better recognize to create branding and site awareness. Think of it as billboards on the side of the highway or TV ads. They are there and the way they work is by “interrupting” your prospect with captivating ad copy.

What I mean is that at that time, your prospects were not actively looking to seek out your solution. This method is also good if you want to promote something that adds value but someone would not think to search for that in particular.

Ad Words Continued

Like any marketing techniques, Ad Words pay per click is no exception. You’ve got to track which campaign works versus which one doesn’t work and repeat constantly. Another good tip to keep in mind when creating Ad Words campaigns is create both types of campaigns, this way you get the branding awareness and if or when people later on wants to find you, you’ll also be there within the searches through the search networks.

Before you to spend money on Google Ad Words, I suggest you get a free copy of Perry Marshall’s cheat sheet. Perry is known in the internet community as one of the top experts when it comes to Google Ad Words so I’m sure you’re going to learn a few things.

Once you got his cheat sheet, you can get started by going to the AdWords login page here.

What about you, when are you going to start your Ad Words Campaign? Share your thoughts down below.

PS – Google Ad Words is normally spelled like this: “AdWords” but according to my keyword tool searches, I wanted to optimize my site for Ad Words because of supply and demand.  😉

Keyword Tool To The Rescue!

Keyword ToolA good keyword tool will help you tremendously to gather your data when you’re looking for niche or a topic to write about. You can do all the search manually, which can take quite a long time or invest in a keyword tool that will speed up the process by automatically doing all the mundane tasks for you.

To appreciate the value of the keyword tool, let’s take a closer look at how to find good keywords to target.

First you want to pick a keyword that is in demand. There’s no point in spending a lot of time optimizing your article for search engines if no body’s looking for that keyword. To do that you can use Google’s free keyword tool called the “Keyword Planner” to get ideas of the monthly search volumes. Look for a keyword that has a minimum of about one thousand searches per month or roughly thirty per day.

Next look at the competition, in the Google Planner Keyword Tool, there’s a section called competition. Look for the keywords with low competition and start making a list of them into a spreadsheet, you can export the keyword list with all the data which makes it easier to sort through.

After that’s done, filter your keywords list based on “Suggested Bid” price. The reason for that is that you want a keyword that has a high commerciality value. That means that other advertisers are willing to pay that much based on Google’s algorithm to be at the top of the advertising section. This is a strong indicator that the keyword has potential to convert well.

This would be phase one for choosing the right keyword, kind of the easy part, just filter and sort the Google data from the keyword tool. To put more chances on your side, select the final keywords that you got left and look at Google’s top ten results to assess your competition. Click on the URL, open up the source code, and look for the meta tags, take note if they have placed the keyword in the title, description, meta keywords, headers, and images.

Also look at their domain age, how many back links point to that page and how many back links point to the root domain. Take note if some of their referral back links come from .gov or .edu websites. Are their site listed in the DMOZ or Yahoo directories? That will also be a good indicator of how strong your competition is.

Basically, the more of those criteria they possess, the tougher it will be to outrank them in the search engines. When it comes to search engine optimization, choosing the right keyword will make all the difference.

Keyword Tool To The Rescue

Luckily for us, that’s not the only way to do this kind of research. What would take weeks if not months to gather and compile all the data can automatically be done with a keyword tool in less than half an hour. I personally use MarketSamurai.com for all my keyword research, it does pretty much everything above with just a few clicks of a button.

They also have excellent support and tons of super high quality free training videos that shows how the software works. They also have a training section to explain theory and practical reasoning as to why these techniques work and why they are so important to consider in your research.

Here are other keyword tools that professionals are using Wordtracker.comSecockpit.com, Wordstream.com, Ultimatenichefinder.com, LongTailPro.com, SerpIQ.com and TrafficTravis.com

What about you, which keyword tool seems like the best fit for your needs?

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

What Is TranscriptionYou’ve probably heard of transcription services before and now you’re asking yourself: “What is transcription?” According to Wikipedia:

“A transcription service is a business which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.” It also says: “The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report.”

In a nutshell a transcription service is a company for hire that listens to your audio or video and type what they hear into a document.

Once you hire that company you send your audio or video files and the transcription service provider get’s one of their employees called “transcribers” to transcribe your video or audio. Once the transcribing process is complete, the typed up file is sent back to you.

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

Now that you know what is transcription, let’s look at how it can help your business. On the internet, one of the motto is: “Content Is King!”. That’s because content is like a form of currency, it’s a form value, and the more value you’ve got out there on the World Wide Web, the more it will give you credibility, social status, recognition and sales.

As entrepreneurs often time is the limited resource that we don’t want waste and got to leverage as much as possible. It happens to us all the time that we have a telephone conversation with someone answering all kind of questions, could be thirty minutes to an hour or more. Then once that’s done, you’ve helped one person but no more, it’s not an efficient way to maximise helping lots of people.

What if, you’ve used a free conference call system that already exists to record your telephone conversation? Not only would you have a recorded audio file of your conversation but you could also send it for transcription and turn that into either a blog post, a special report, an FAQ.

What Is Transcription ProcessWhat I mean is that from one piece of work that you normally do, you can leverage that into three difference piece of content that targets different channels of distribution, live interaction, audio podcasting, blogging and finally you can turn your audio and word document into a presentation video for your video marketing purposes.

Now word of caution thought, if you do record your call, make sure the other party consents to it and reassure them that if there are any sensitive information that you will remove it through your sanitizing process.

I do it all the time, if someone asks me for advice over the telephone I’ll let them know: “Hey if you don’t mind I’d like to record our conversation so I can use the information I give you to help other people.” It’s a win-win situation, they get to have my advice and in exchange I get to use their questions and my answers to create new piece of content.

All those extra piece of content possible because you hired a transcriber. Here are some great reputable companies that offer this kind of service: CastingWords.comRev.comVerbalInk.comWayWithWords.net and SpeechPad.com.

Hopefully this “What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business” article gave you some insights. What about you, in which other creative ways will you get audio content from?

How To Create A Network Marketing Opportunity

How To Create A Network Marketing OpportunityHow to create a network marketing opportunity from scratch is certainly not an easy task. So should you or should you not create your own network marketing company?

I was having a friendly phone conversation with my friend the other day and we talked about how network marketing was a great business model to move product. My friend felt she could create a better opportunity than what’s already out there so the discussion took a turn on how to create a network marketing opportunity. Which got me thinking.

Why is it that you want to create your own network marketing opportunity? I mean it can’t just be because you’re on top of the “pyramid” so to speak, it has to be a real sincere passionate answer that you’ll be willing to dedicate your life to.

This will be a full time endeavour, day in, night out, all the time, your mind will be consumed by questions about “what if”, “how can I improve”, etc. If you just want to have the lifestyle of financial and time freedom, this is definitely not the way to go because only you are in charge of your own vision.

It’s great to dream big and have huge aspirations but we also have to put the grand scheme of things in perspective. Everything is achievable with a detailed step action plan but you’ve got to follow specific steps and milestones in order to get there. If you plan on creating your own network marketing opportunity, you should at least be successful in another one first. This way you’ll know all about prospecting and recruiting.

You should at least be having your dream lifestyle and be financially free to do whatever you want when you want. The reason you want have success in a previous company is because success in the field will help you steer the direction of your new opportunity in the right way. Plus you will have to become a great leader to achieve success and through your acquired leadership experience you’ll be able to motivate and inspire lots of people.

Experience is something you cannot learn by educating yourself through books. Experience is a collection of events you lived and felt for yourself based on your actions and previous decisions. In my opinion jumping or going from being an employee straight to a founder of a new network marketing opportunity without experience is a plan to fail. You’ll accumulate huge debt to pursue an idea that won’t pay off because the foundation wasn’t set up properly or at all.

How To Create A Network Marketing Opportunity

Okay, now, let’s say you do have all that. You are super successful in one company. You are financially free. You have an audience of like thousands of people that you can influence to take action on whatever you say. You are a great leader. You are now consumed with a new life purpose and made a commitment to yourself to inspire tons of people based on your idea.

You have your product figured out now distribution is what’s left. You’re next step is to partner up with a network marketing software provider company. Here’s great article titled: “MLM Software Providers: How To Choose One – Eight Killer Questions You Must Ask Before Taking Your First Step” by Michael L. Sheffield. Here are great other articles that you should read about MLM Software and Computer Systems. Sure the look and feel of the page is a little old school but the information was provided by lawyers or industry experts.

Here are a few consulting companies that found Sheffieldnet.comYourSolutions.netEnvex.comSylvina.com and Jenkon.com. Keep in mind, that I don’t know them personally so it’s up to you do your own due diligence and research.

You can also search for keywords like these: “mlm consulting solutions“, “mlm commission tracking software“. World of caution though, I would speak with a consultant first. Any company can sell a commission tracking software but do they really live up to all the hype after their sales pitch? Speak to experts first and figure out what would be best for you. Once you’ve got all that figured out, then you’ll be ready to launch your new network marketing opportunity.

What about you, what did you like best about the “how to create a network marketing opportunity” article?

Affiliate Marketing Programs Are The Best For Sales Tracking

Affiliate Marketing ProgramsAffiliate marketing programs are the way to go if you’re trying to track which one of your sales people made the sale so you can pay them their rightfully earned commission.

Before jumping straight into the topic, I just want to bring newer people up to speed on what is affiliate marketing.

Internet entrepreneurs sell their knowledge through courses mostly available digitally. It’s got a low overhead and huge profit potential.

Once the business owner releases a new product, he could sell everything himself or he could get an army of sales people to promote his products.

In the traditional world, you’d call this your sales force but online, it works a little bit differently.

Lots of blog owners or people of influence have large audiences and in order to monetize their efforts, they’ll partner up with an internet entrepreneur and promote his stuff.

We call this form of partnership “Affiliate”. So in our example here, the internet entrepreneur would release his new product with an opportunity for people to become his affiliate. The affiliates can then in turn have a product to sell and would get like 50% of the product sale.

In order to keep track of who signed up as an affiliate, who made how many sales and how much the “internet entrepreneur” has to pay them, he either works with affiliate marketing companies or uses an affiliate program software to keep track of everything.

Most of these companies you have to sign up as a vendor at a onetime cost. If you just want a merchant account and collect money online and don’t want affiliates then you can get a merchant account at PayPal.com. But remember, the purpose of this article is to give you options that allow you to track your affiliates. There are different solutions here they are:

If you’re just starting out and want the simplest solution Clickbank.com would probably be your best option. Sure their monthly transaction fee is a little bit more but you also don’t have to worry about paying your affiliates and collecting tax information on what you paid to whom. Clickbank takes care of all that for you. Truly, set, forget and peace of mind.

The next option is PayDotCom.com. This offers you to keep more of the percentage of your sales but you are responsible to pay your affiliates and make sure they are “tax compliant”.

This solution is good if you have an accounting department and that could be one of their extra responsibilities. They’d go in the back office regularly and pay the commissions. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you’ve got to be very disciplined and not forget to pay your affiliates otherwise you’ll carry a bad reputation.

Next are the self hosted affiliate marketing tracking programs that are installed on your website. PostAffiliatePro.com and iDevDirect.com. Because these are paid solutions they have good customer service available to help with one phone call away. These software allows you to have a back end on your website and see all your affiliates, you have control to accept or reject their application and you are responsible to make sure they get paid on time.

It also allows you to have more “link juice” on your website because the affiliates would be promoting your url with their affiliate ID, which is your domain with an extension ex: careerfh.com/?bob, that means Bob would make a percentage commission on whatever the prospect bought on my website because they came in through his website.

But for me as the owner, Bob advertises careerfh.com/?bob instead of clickbank.com/product=86259?affiliateIDnumber, which works to my advantage in link building. The drawback from these again is that you have to micromanage everything. So if your organization is big enough and you have that as part of an employee’s responsibilities, then that’s cool but if you’re a small business, I’d say leverage your time and partner up with Clickbank.com.

Another one falls in this category but it’s open source it’s called Butterfly Marketing Open Source Code. It’s the same technology that PayDotCom runs on, it’s made by the same guys. This was originally part of the Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course that used to be sold at $1997 back in 2006. Now in this code, the course doesn’t come with it but you have access to the infrastructure that you install on your servers.

Think of it as a WordPress platform but instead it’s called the Butterfly Open Source Code and it’s specialty is to allow you to track all the affiliates on your site for free. It’s pretty cool, but you’ve got to be way more tech savvy to figure that one out. It doesn’t really offer peace of mind if you’re not the greatest with computers, that’d be ideal if you have a programmer in your business then by all means go for it.

Affiliate Marketing Programs With Shopping Carts

If you’ve got more than one products and you want to integrate all that with a shopping cart solution where you can measure and track your affiliate marketer’s sales then 1ShoppingCart.com is the solution for you. It’s kind of a mix of all the above but doesn’t run on your servers.

It’s supercharged with e-mail list integration, shopping cart capabilities, you can fully control the affiliates that want’s to joined, is affordable, and quite simple to use.

Now for the ultimate beast that top internet marketers are using is Infusionsoft.com. This is by far the absolute best option on the market if your business is big enough to support it. It’s the priciest and not the most user friendly but the level of customization that you can do is absolutely insane.

It also does e-mail list integration, it also does list segmentation, changes an e-mail from a buyer to a different list, has shopping cart capabilities and can fully control affiliates. One of the best thing is that say your affiliates sends you a prospect, well this prospect is coded to that affiliate for all future sales.

Even if you send out an e-mail broadcast later on, the original affiliate’s code is still attached, hence making more money to your affiliates. The big boys with HUGE mailing list look for that. They’re not going to send their traffic for only one commission. They want to know that their buyer is assigned to them for life.

All that said, there are tones of affiliate marketing programs out there and I didn’t even touch on CPA (Cost Per Action) which very similar but totally a different topic on its own. Chose a program that best suits your needs today and as you grow and evolve, then you can upgrade to a different affiliate marketing solution.

What about you, which affiliate marketing programs seems the most interesting for your needs?

Text To Speech Free Tool

Text To Speech Free ToolA text to speech free tool can help you be more productive and do more than one thing at once. It will read text or transfer the text to voice so you can listen to an audio version of the e-book you’re trying to read.

Unlike a natural reader, a text to speech free tool will be a synthetic voice kind of like a robot but nothing to worry, the quality of text to voice is pretty clear and comprehensible.

I started looking at text to speech online when I bought my first Kindle e-book. For some reason, I just can’t stand to sit and read an e-book all day.

That being said, I don’t mind listening to it through a text reader that has the functionality to speed up the “text speak” speed. It’s apparent that I can listen and take in lots more information via audio than by reading hence why I much prefer getting audibooks through Audible.

But sometimes, the book I want is not available in an audio version so go to my other alternative which is to use a text to speech free tool. Often times I’ll put my text reader play speed at 300% so I can get the information faster and to do that on my Kindle book, I used the Kindle for PC Accessibility Plugin.

If it would normally take me three hours to listen to an audiobook at regular play speed, going at 300% you can reduce that to one hour while doing something else.

If I’m doing something on the computer that is a repetitive task that is mindless, then I’ll go ahead listen to an audiobook, pausing, taking notes, etc. If I require concentration like when I’m writing then I’m not listening to an audiobook, I usually put background music with very low volume.

If I’m on the fly listening through my android device, then I do carry a small notepad and pen around when I hear anything that I like, I time stamp whatever information I really find relevant or the little golden nuggets, I write down the times so I can later revisit that section when I’m at the computer. I use an app called Audio Speed Changer (ASC) to change the plays peed of mp3 audiobooks.

Text To Speech Free Tool Continued

Anyways, I’m going off topic here, coming back to text to speech free tool. You can use Microsoft Narrator that comes with Windows 7 to have your computer read what’s on your screen and/or you can also use the “Read Out Loud” function to get PDF to speech activated.

What about you, which text to speech free tool will you be using?

Project Management Software Free & Paid

Project ManagementBefore I jump into the project management software free & paid options, I just want to address the following question: “What is project management?”

Project management is about getting things done on a specific deadline. It’s the whole process from start to finish of planning the outcome, figuring out milestone & deadlines, breaking down the project in tasks and assigning those tasks to your team.

The help of project management tools can really help keeping track of the whole process. Under the free project management software category you can think of the web based tool from Trello.com. Imagine a giant whiteboard with post-it notes that you can move back and forth, Trello is basically that but electronically.

If you prefer having something on your own servers, you can install the open source project collaboration tool from ProjectPier.org. This requires more technical knowhow but it’s free.

On the paid side one of the software that you’ve probably already heard of is Microsoft Outlook, its got a lot functionalities to create to do lists, tasks, calendars, etc.

If you’re looking more for a web based, in the cloud so to speak, then take a closer look at Basecamp.com for its simplicity & ease of use or ActiveCollab.com for its extra added capabilities, like measuring time taken to do a task or track billable time.

These two companies are some of the top choices for paid online project collaboration and management and are used by some of the big players out there like Nike, Twitter, Nasa have used Basecamp and BBC, Adobe, Universal have used ActiveCollab.

Project Management Continued

I often hear about people looking for the absolute best project management software that exist out there but that what most people fail to realize is that it’s very subjective. Each different software bring their own qualities and you should try or explore them to figure out what works best for you and your organization.

I personally like to use Trello because I can see everything at a glance, it’s available in the cloud and you can have access to it from any device and your computer.

What about you, which one do you think you’ll like the best and why?

Publish Your Own Book & Print On Demand

Publish Your Own BookAs a web entrepreneur, you are in the information business, why not take all your blog post and publish your own book or your own home study course?

Book publishing is now easier than ever with print on demand technology. It used to be very expensive and only the big boys were able to self publish and demonstrate tons of credibility.

But now, you no longer have to place a minimum order of like 5,000 books and have a huge inventory in your garage to get your work published.

Product fulfillment companies have made book publishing easier than ever before for the small internet entrepreneur by levelling the playing field with printing on demand.

I remember I first figured this out when we wanted to make our movie accessible to people but we didn’t want to place a huge order. Quite frankly, as little guys, we didn’t have the budget for that.

After looking at various solutions I stumbled on a website called Kunaki.com. Here’s how it works, we send our DVD case artwork and DVD files (which contains the movie) to them, we tell them how much we want to sell it for and then they have it in their computers.

In return they give us a purchase link that we can send to our contacts, friends, family, customers, etc. When someone makes a purchase through our link, the company prints the artwork, makes the DVD, packages it, sends it by mail to the purchaser, collects the payment and remits to us our share of the money collected.

They make everything possible with total peace of mind on our end. If I recall, back in 2009 the price was about $2. So we could ask for $15 for our movie, the company would keep $2 and send us $13. Now this is what I call: “a hands off, automated process”. Can you see the potential?

Publish Your Own Book A Throught Fulfillment Center

Now that I knew about the concept of printing on demand and that it was all possible through a product fulfillment center to create hard copies automatically, I start looking at who the big boys used.

I research their websites, ordered some of their stuff and looked for clues that would point me in the right direction to see which companies they are dealing with. It turns out that the most popular product fulfillment center used amongst internet marketers is Disk.com.

They’ve been in business since 1984 so they know things work. Not only can they do DVD, they can also do books, cds, training manuals, binders, home study course packaging and tons more. By now you know me, you know I I like to give different solutions too, so here it is, some other great product fulfillment alternatives are Vervante.com and Createspace.com.

You now know how easy it is to have your very own products printed and shipped automatically without spending a dime upfront.

What about you, now knowing about printing on demand when will you publish your own book?

Autoblog, Automation & Autoposting

AutoblogAutoblog, automation & autoposting can be a huge time saver when trying to maintain and operate your own blog.

You have to keep updating your sites with a minimum of weekly content in order to help keep rank in the search engines.

You simply just don’t have enough time to write content every day because you’re busy doing something else; dealing with clients, your expertise, etc.

I get it, I also had phase where writing was not my main priority but I knew it still had to get done, which left me with a couple options.

First you could hire content writers, but the price of hiring someone can quickly add up. Maybe you’re just not there yet.

The other alternative is to set up an autoblog. A well set-up autoblog will post automatically to your website on a time frame that you chose (like daily, weekly, etc.) allowing you to step aside and focus on something else.

Some people even set up their autoblog with ads so when traffic starts to build up, some viewers click on the ads making the blog owner some money. Every autoblog that I know of are built on a WordPress Platform.

WordPress is free and is super customizable with all the plugins that you can get.

Autoblog, Automation & Autoposting Continued

Here are a few paid user friendly plugins or services that are very easy to set-up.

WPRobot.net  Goes into all the article directories, picks out the article you want based on keywords and places them on your site. They also automatically insert affiliate links once set-up.

AutoBlogged.com Takes RSS feeds you want based on keyword searches and turns them into a blog post for you site automatically.

ArticleBuilder.net Unlike the previous two, ArticleBuilder takes an article and spins automatically (which means changes all the words with synonyms) so all your post will have the same message but using different words make it unique in the eyes of the search engines. I use this service in a combination with another backlink tool on my secondary blog to create automated content and more backlinks to my main blog.

Now this last one is for super advanced techy users. It’s 100% free but the time you’ll need to figure out, well yeah, how much is your time worth? For me it was better to got with the ArticleBuilder.

Anyways, this one has an unlimited potential amount and it’s called Yahoo Pipes. This service allows you to create custom funnels of where you find your content, filter, allow or block specifics, mash it with other content and spit it out automatically where ever you want.

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of opportunities here but this is so complex, even me I have trouble figuring it out. I know of its potential but I just didn’t put the time to figure it out so if you do, let me know how you made it work for you.

Derek Banas from NewThinkTank.com has created a tutorial for this method but it’s still too time consuming for me.

Like I said, for me I chose simplicity with a paid service. Oh by the way, if you want to auto syndicate your published content to social medias, then check out my Social Media Management Nightmare article to learn how I handled that. Autoposting and auto syndicating are two different topics.

What about you, which service will you use for your autoblog?

Online Education Is the Fastest Way To Learn New Skills

Online EducationOnline education can be broken down in two categories. Free and paid. Nowadays pretty much everything is available for free through search engines such as Google or Bing and video sites like Youtube or Vemeo.

We live in world of abundant knowledge available at our finger tips. The good thing about free knowledge and online education is that if you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it you can get the information right away.

The problem with this free online education method is, is if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never even think to look for it.

Hence why you could spend hours upon hours of watching and searching through mountains of information just to get that one specific gold nugget.

Now is when you’ve got to consider and factor in the value of your time. Is it worth more time to try to figure things out by yourself or is it smarter to ask someone to point you in the right direction?

The good thing about the paid online education is that often you have a problem and you seek more information by asking the questions to an expert either for advice or you have a membership to a site that offers complete courses via online education on specific topics.

By knowing exactly what you’re looking for or being sent on the right online education track, you can save a tremendous amount of your valuable time.

Online Education Continued

More than likely if you’re somewhat like me, where you want to have your business online and are trying to get things up and running, you need to know some basics in online lingo. Like HTML for example, you don’t need to know all of it by heart but it’s good to understand the basics of it.

A really good free online education site that I’ve used to learn all kinds of stuff related to the internet, like programming languages, CSS, etc is w3schools.com On this site, it offers you a section to learn and safe place to try new code without “breaking” your website so to speak.

Another awesome free online education location to ask questions is a site called StackOverflow.com. Basically you can read through previously asked questions, or search based on keywords or topics and see the best related answers. This site focuses on programming. They also have a dedicated section for WordPress alone, which is another good place to look for answers.

If you want to learn search engine optimization, SeoInPractice.com offers a great complete web based e-book that explains SEO. You can also check out my other videos in the SEO category if you want more information in an “easy to understand way”.

As for paid online education Lynda.com is one of my absolute best choices. They bring in experts on all kinds of software and they give online courses about the specific topic.

You can watch the whole thing from beginning to the end like an actual course, or you can jump in right in the section that you really are trying to figure out.

When I have a sticky point on how to do something specific about a software; I look for the answer on Google and Youtube first. Often, I find one method but sometimes I need something more specific.

So I go to my Lynda back office, I type the name of the software I want more info on, then BAM, I find what I’m looking for because of the expert advice.

Lynda.com is great place to learn intricacies about specific software or topic however when I want to get a marketing’s perspective on things, I go listen to successful marketers. Check out my article about “traditional education or specialized education to grow your business” for more information on this topic.

Now if you just want to learn other typical stuff you’d find in traditional schools like science, math, physics etc, but via free online education check out KhanAcademy.org. If you want to see all kinds of science lectures then FreeScienceOnline.blogspot.ca has a lot of them available or learn more about MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

These are the tools and locations that I use on a daily basis to keep my skills sharp. What about you, where and how do you get your online education?

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