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Online Jobs

Get Paid To Play Video Games

Get Paid To Play Video GamesHave you ever wondered how to get paid to play video games? The gaming industry is one of the biggest markets out there, surpassing the film industry, surely you can get paid somehow. In this article we’ll go over three different methods you can get paid to play video games.

You can make money playing games by becoming a professional gamer, you can follow ESL eSport News and follow their professional gaming circuit. Check out who the players are, which game they play, and attend the “qualifying” competitions as a gaming participant. Some of these tournaments have pretty huge cash money prizes totalling over $600,000 and that’s just one.

Like every professionals in any industry, this method is pretty tough to compete in though, you’ve got to keep in mind that a lot of other participants take their finger-eye coordination very seriously. But it is a possible avenue

Next you can always try to search “jobs for gamers” or “gamer jobs” in Google. These kind of jobs are for game testers, to locate and report bugs. Most of these employees are not only gamers but also programmers that get paid to play video games. They are the ones who actually write and design the games.

So unless you’ve got another skill set to offer the companies, chances are you’re not just going to get an easy free ride just to play games. Getting paid to play video games that way is more of a perk of the job than the job itself.

Get Paid To Play Video Games Continued

Now last but not least, you can get paid to play video games as a video game blogger. A lot of video gamers would love to get paid to play games online this however not every gamers are proactive about it. Starting a video game fan base following to get paid to play games online must be treated as a serious business if you want to make a living out of your passion.

Here’s how to get paid to play video games works. Just like any business, you’ve got to offer something of value and turn your potential clients into raving fans. And what to these fans want? Well, they are other gamers, either starting out, wanting to know effective strategies so they can beat other people.

It sounds somewhat complicated to turn your passion into cash but it’s really not that difficult. Twitch.tv has put a technology and are constantly seeking to work with partners, interesting gamer personalities, people who likes to broadcast video games, etc.

They have all the technology for you to play your game like you’d normally do and teach other what you’re doing and your thought process. In return, those new fan/students, will subscribe at a fee to your channel making you some money. Check out Twitch.tv partner program to get more information.

As you can see, regardless of which avenue you go by; it is possible to get paid to play video games.

What about you, do you know of any other ways to get paid to play video games?

Work From Home Canada & US Opportunities

Work From Home CanadaThanks to internet, there are literally thousands of work from home Canada & US opportunities available today.

Unlike the traditional franchise model, these work from home Canada & US opportunities help parents who chooses to stay home, students and anyone basically who wants to have the flexibility to decide where and what time to work.

The best part is, anyone can have a home based career regardless of their age, sex, race, education, qualifications and skills, that’s right folks, no discrimination.

Now there’s quite a broad range of work from home Canada & US opportunities catering to every ones needs.  If you don’t have too much computer knowledge and are more of a “handy” person, perhaps you want to try selling your own craft or goods.  You can use sites like Etsy.com, eBay.com or Amazon.com to market your hand made goods.

Are you a good assistant in real life?  Then maybe becoming a virtual assistant is an excellent work from home Canada & US opportunity for you.

For those of you who have plenty of skills and experience in the administrative and clerical services, then maybe that’s the route you want to consider. You can earn a descent income from these types of work opportunities.   A good place to start looking; is at sites such as Guru.com, Freelancer.com, Elance.com.

These platforms act as middleman to protect both parties, the person who hires and the person performing the work.  Your pay will be held in escrow by the middleman ensuring you get paid when the service is rendered.  For more options, just type “virtual assistant jobs” in the search engine and you’ll find tons of results.

Side Note! Keep home and work communication separate. Don’t send work e-mails from your personal account.

What about work from home data entry job opportunities?  Yes, at the same site mentioned there are jobs that are suitable for those of you who want to earn some extra income doing data entry.  There are other companies where you can find this type of jobs but more than likely you’ll need to fill out forms provided by the company hiring you.

Usually you can expect to get paid once or twice monthly depending on the company policies.  The coolest part about these types of jobs is that they do not require any experience or special education in order to qualify for the position.

The cool thing about work from home Canada & US opportunities is that you have the full flexibility of controlling your own schedule as usually the type of work is performance based (unless you are in telephone or chat customer service industry.)  You can decide how much you want to work, full time or part time.  Work from home Canada & US opportunities are ideal for stay at home parents who need to take care of their children.

If you want to stay local, you can always use TaskRabbit.com.  Essentially, this site provides a platform to connect local people who needs assistance by posting jobs, such as: “I will pay you $30 if you go get my list of grocery.”  There’s a whole bunch of opportunities as you can see there.

What about renting your own place out while you’re gone?  A service like Airbnb.com offers a way to connect with people visiting looking for a place to stay.  You set your price and your deposit rate and the website collect all the credit card payment information in exchange for a reasonable % fee.

Work From Home Canada & US Opportunities Recap

In recap, there are offline or online work from home Canada & US opportunities.  That being said, the reality is that almost all work from home opportunities pretty much uses the computer from one end to the other when considering the process of the sale of your item, the marketing, the records keeping, the e-mails, etc.

The internet makes it so easy and simple to leverage your time & efficiency.  It totally works in your favour especially considering the high prices of traditional advertising and communication.  Think about it for a second, is it cheaper to mail out 500 letters in envelopes with postage or simply press send on your e-mail to your list containing 500 e-mails?  Just food for thought!

Side Note! Make sure to put the name of your home business and the url to your website in the signature of every email that you send out. Also, do the same on any blogs or message boards that you actively post on.

Now let’s be honest here, there are more than 5000 legitimate work from home Canada & US opportunities available on the internet and these jobs require you to have some sort of basic computer knowledge and communication skills.  But if you’re watching this, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Keep in mind, since there are so many work from home Canada & US opportunities available out there, there’s always a risk of scams; hence why you need to be careful when choosing an opportunity.  It is important to do your research and your due diligence before accepting or doing anything.

When researching a company, you can look for their credibility by typing their name in the search engines followed by Better Business Bureau to see if anything comes out.  When you are reading reviews about the work from home Canada & US Opportunities Company, keep in mind that anyone can express their opinions online whether good or bad.

What about you, why do you want to work from home?  Have you done it already, how was your experience?

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