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facebook marketing

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

What Is TranscriptionYou’ve probably heard of transcription services before and now you’re asking yourself: “What is transcription?” According to Wikipedia:

“A transcription service is a business which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.” It also says: “The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report.”

In a nutshell a transcription service is a company for hire that listens to your audio or video and type what they hear into a document.

Once you hire that company you send your audio or video files and the transcription service provider get’s one of their employees called “transcribers” to transcribe your video or audio. Once the transcribing process is complete, the typed up file is sent back to you.

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

Now that you know what is transcription, let’s look at how it can help your business. On the internet, one of the motto is: “Content Is King!”. That’s because content is like a form of currency, it’s a form value, and the more value you’ve got out there on the World Wide Web, the more it will give you credibility, social status, recognition and sales.

As entrepreneurs often time is the limited resource that we don’t want waste and got to leverage as much as possible. It happens to us all the time that we have a telephone conversation with someone answering all kind of questions, could be thirty minutes to an hour or more. Then once that’s done, you’ve helped one person but no more, it’s not an efficient way to maximise helping lots of people.

What if, you’ve used a free conference call system that already exists to record your telephone conversation? Not only would you have a recorded audio file of your conversation but you could also send it for transcription and turn that into either a blog post, a special report, an FAQ.

What Is Transcription ProcessWhat I mean is that from one piece of work that you normally do, you can leverage that into three difference piece of content that targets different channels of distribution, live interaction, audio podcasting, blogging and finally you can turn your audio and word document into a presentation video for your video marketing purposes.

Now word of caution thought, if you do record your call, make sure the other party consents to it and reassure them that if there are any sensitive information that you will remove it through your sanitizing process.

I do it all the time, if someone asks me for advice over the telephone I’ll let them know: “Hey if you don’t mind I’d like to record our conversation so I can use the information I give you to help other people.” It’s a win-win situation, they get to have my advice and in exchange I get to use their questions and my answers to create new piece of content.

All those extra piece of content possible because you hired a transcriber. Here are some great reputable companies that offer this kind of service: CastingWords.comRev.comVerbalInk.comWayWithWords.net and SpeechPad.com.

Hopefully this “What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business” article gave you some insights. What about you, in which other creative ways will you get audio content from?

Social Media Management Nightmare

Social Media ManagementAs an entrepreneur, you can probably relate with this social media management nightmare.  You know that having a strong relationship with your customer is key to your success. Being connected and reaching out to your audience has never been easier than before.

Here comes the drawback. Ever since the addition of social medias, it’s super easy to get lost in non-productive tasks, such as posting all your updates on all social media platforms, yet so important for customer relations and interaction.

Oh by the way, just to clarify, when I say non-productive tasks, I mean it’s taking you away from what you’re “paid” to do. It takes you away from your expertise to do something that anybody could do for you. Your value comes from your productivity in creating products or performing services. It’s important but it’s got to be in the right balance, check out my video about the 2 workloads for more clarification on that.

It used to take me so much time just to update all my social medias. I mean, say you’ve got 6 social media channels, let’s say it takes 5 minutes per, that’s 30 minutes a day, which is 3.5 hours per week. Times 52 weeks that’s 182 hours spent on managing social media alone. Now if we were to value your time, let’s go with something conservative say $20 an hour, that’s $3,640 worth of your time.

I knew with all today’s technologies there had to be a better way than just manually do all those entries. So how does one find a solution to this social media management nightmare? Simple, look around for social media management syndication tools.

Social Media Management Tools

A free one, that I personally use is called IFTTT.com, it stands for “If This, Then That”. Basically you go into your account and you set it up once and done! When you post on your favorite social media platform, it will automatically blitz your message to all your other social media accounts without you going in manually in each and every one of them, thus saving you your valuable time.

Another paid syndication service with more options is OnlyWire.com. They have a bigger network of social medias that you can connect to your account.

Keep in mind that these tools are for syndicating your social media posts on all various platforms and are not really a tool for engaging or viewing other people’s posts or comments. What it means, is that by posting at one place, it will take that post and automatically post it on all the other social networks in your account.

What I do, is that I “blast” my content on all the networks to create some “noise” and be present so to speak however in my blog posts or videos, I drive all traffic back to my main channel. So I’d say something like: “If you’re trying to reach me, come visit me on my Facebook Page at facebook.com/givogue.andre, I’m pretty active there.”

This way I’m maximising my time and energy effectively and efficiently and don’t have to be stuck in that social media management nightmare.

What about you, how can using social media management tools like these help you in your business? Share your thoughts.

Never Buy Website Traffic For Your MLM Website Until You Read This!

Buy Website TrafficIt’s imperative that you don’t buy website traffic until you read through this! Yes, it’s that important.

If you’re anything like I was back then, this is probably where you are. You’ve just recently joined an mlm or network marketing opportunity, they give you give you access to a website that you can customize, enter your name, upload a picture and put your contact information.

The rest of the website is all done by the rest of the team and it’s a super fancy awesome looking website promoting you.

After signing up, you’re super excited about the MLM opportunity, you can taste your dreams become reality. All you’ve got to do is enroll your friends and family, then the money’s going to start pouring in overtime.

After all, if you recruit 2, that recruits 2, that recruits 2, down at the 7th level you’ll have 254 reps each sending you $30 in commissions from recurring sales month after month for a monthly total of $7,620 for years to come.

Maybe you’re a little shy or don’t have too much business background but you know that now you have a super awesome website and all you’ve got to do is send traffic to that website and the sales will come in. I know, I was kind of like that back in 2000.

A lot of us hear about how easy it is to just have everything done on autopilot without lifting a finger. The hard reality is that it’s not true at the beginning. You first have got to build a strong foundation in your business before you get to that level. If you can’t recruit someone in your business, you’re website will not either.

There’s no point to buy website traffic if your website doesn’t convert visitors into purchasers. If your website is just an “online brochure” so to speak, with no call to action, you’re just going to waste your hard earn money or even worse, you’ll stack it up on top of your current debt, might as well go to the casino your odds will probably be better.

If you want to buy website traffic you must first understand how internet marketing works and that is to build “YOU” brand. That’s right, you’ve got to brand yourself online before you promote your company. People will not join companies, they will join people. You’ve got to become a leader and inspire or help people. Without giving value you’re not going to be rewarded in return. That’s just how it is.

Buy Website Traffic Continued

At first (back in 2000) I thought my company site was giving value, but it’s not, sure it’s great at giving information and all but why would your lead, prospect, or paid website visitor join you when they can join any other reps from that mlm company?

Why should they follow you? What is it that you offer that’s different from all the other reps out there? In marketing we call that your “Unique Selling Proposition”.

Let me ask you, if you had to join under your company under yourself, would you do it? Or would you join under one of your super awesome upline? If you chose them over you, why is that? Could it be that they offer something pretty amazing, whether personally, charisma, leadership, etc?

To buy website traffic without branding yourself will only be a money pit if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hear it all the time when I ask this simple question: “What’s your marketing strategy to get more mlm leads once you’ve exhausted your friends and family’s list?”

They tell me they want to buy website traffic, either through Facebook Ads or through Pay Per Clicks. I’m dead serious, if you’ve never done that before, how can you expect a positive return on your investment? There’s nothing worse than to watch the advertising spending accumulate, yet having no conversions (no body buying your stuff).

Can buying website traffic increase your business? Yes, of course it can, but like I always say, it’s got to be done the right way. If you’re serious about getting into paid traffic, then I recommend you watch Michelle’s free Facebook training.

It’s about an hour long, so get your pen and paper handy to take some notes. I learned so much so I’m assuming it’ll just be as informative for you. She’ll explain to you in more details the #1 reason why 97% of new MLMers advertising on Facebook fail.

She’ll also show you how to get your ads approved and show you her action plan on how she personally sponsored 32 reps in 50 days.

After watching that, you’ll have a much better idea about what you’re getting into and only then, I’ll agree with you that it’s ok to buy website traffic because at that point, you’ll know how to handle the marketing side of things and most importantly, you won’t waste all your cash in ads and website that don’t convert.

What about you, before you go and buy website traffic, let me ask you that very same question, what is your action plan to generate some MLM leads? Share your thoughts.

Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Business

Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing can be approached in a lot of various ways.  Depending what market you market, one could be better than another. The following information can help you get started.

Having a contest is a good way to make more people pay attention to your Facebook page, so be sure you use this to your advantage. Giveaway prizes and/or discounts for liking your page. Now be honest here, if you say you’re going to give a prize, make sure you do. You don’t want to have a reputation as a liar.

Alright, at all costs, avoid allowing spam to take over your Facebook page. You can put filters in place that will help you to keep things on track. When you are away put someone else in charge, anyone with administrator privileges to your page will have access to these filters.

Consider Facebook a type of content-sharing venue. While Facebook can be used as a chat service, it is better to use it as a sharing platform. Treat your Facebook marketing seriously to improve your profits. Create good blog posts, and promote them across the web using Facebook marketing so you drive traffic to your Facebook site. You’ll find that Facebook marketing tends to drive a lot of traffic!

Facebook Marketing – More Tricks

Side Note! While you want your personality to show, you must keep things professional when making Facebook posts. While social media is known for being more relaxed, your business should always come across in a professional way.

Facebook marketing also offers you easy ways to promote your posts. Just write your post on your Fan Page and choose to make a Promoted Post to your fans. If your offer is really good, you can also promote it to your target audience who is not already your fan.

A simple way to think about it is to set up two campaigns. The first one is to build your fan base and grow your audience by promoting your page to get more likes and the second one is to send promotions or recommendations to your group of fans.

This way you keep a good balance between your new potential customers and the ones who’ve been following you for a long time.

Ask survey questions or feedback type, social media and Facebook marketing is about social engagement. Ask for their opinions and share some insights. Respect and reward your audience as much as you can. Once the community develops, people will have a sense of belonging. This will engage your audience to really connect with your brand.

Side Note! If you are using Facebook to get your services or products to your customers, you need to make your page unique. You should add pictures and colors to attract attention.

When someone clicks the “Like” button on your page through your Facebook marketing efforts, you can have it set up so it gives them something in return for taking action.

Facebook marketing has gain a lot of popularity because it’s one of the newest thing on the market. Like everything online advertising method, it’s a “science” or an “art”. You need to learn a few skills to become efficient at it.

The beauty about Facebook marketing is that everything is measurable so you can learn from your mistakes. If it’s something that you’re seriously considering for your business than I suggest you educate yourself a little bit more on the topic of Facebook marketing before you dive in blindly and end up paying the “Stupid Tax”.

Here’s a free 1h Social Media Marketing Training that I highly recommend. That woman talks a lot about network marketing to get leads so if that’s your thing, great, if not, just mentally replace network marketing with your business and you’ll notice that all the same concepts apply for your business.

What about you, what kind of business are you going to advertise with Facebook marketing?

Social Media Marketing or PPC to Grow Your Business?

Social Media MarketingIt’s no surprise that social media marketing and pay per click turned out to be one of the hottest trends to promote your stuff online. So which one’s better, social media marketing or ppc?  Unlike pay per click advertising (PPC), social media marketing is kind of like putting your ad in a tv show except you have all the benefits of choosing your audience and most importantly tracking the results from your efforts.

Allow me to explain; in the pay per click format, you’re targeting your ads on what people type in the search engine and who are actively looking for solutions to a problem they currently have. This means that advertisers are competing for specific keywords which can increase the overall cost of the bids.

Example of a keyword or keyword phrase: “mlm” or “work from home”.  The problem is if you go to more specific key word phrase like: “I want to join a home business to work from home in mlm”.  Sure you’re bid on the keyword will be super small however there might be no clicks coming through because no traffic is searching for that specific search term.  You don’t want to be on standby for the 1 search per month.  It’ll take you forever, remember it’s a numbers game.

Social media marketing on the other hand, allows you to target specific audience based on interests. Example, let’s say it’s for me, if I want to find people for my network marketing opportunity, well, I know that I want to deal with people who “Likes” Jim Rohn or Anthony Robbins.  I know these people have similar interest as I do and are open minded to network marketing in the first place therefore we have more opportunity to connect and build a business relationship.

So basically, your ad will show up on their screen, in a non intrusive way, while “they” hang out on the social media sites. And if it’s the right time for them and your ad speaks to your audience, then they will click on it to get more information.  There is so much less competition this way because you can target any kind of special interests.

Another example would be to target anyone involved in personal growth, fitness or residual income, sky is the limit.  Think of names of successful leaders that advocate the same kind of thinking as your business and market to people who likes them.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is great way to get more interested people to see your offer or your website when you come to think about it. Ok, so obviously prices will vary but let’s say you pay $0.10 per visitor to your website, that is someone who saw your ad who shares the same interests as you and they voluntary went to see your site for $0.10.

That means for every dollar spent, you get 10 people watching your presentation; which means for $100 you get 1000 “rejection free” visitors on your website watching your presentation.  Out of a 1000 views, what percentage will join you in your business?  It’s a numbers game, nothing personal, it’s just business.

The more people see your presentation, the more you up your chances of having a new recruit joining your team.  Let me ask you, when’s the last time you got even 15 people watching your online presentation?  How much time and effort did you put into getting those 15 people watching your online presentation?  Do you really think that facing all that rejection is a duplicatable process for someone who’s skin is not thick as yours?

Social media marketing is truly awesome and cannot be summarised in this article but if you want to get started and learn the tricks of the trade of social media marketing, then there’s an amazing 1 hour free information training, that I personally used to get started in my social media marketing efforts, that I recommend. In there you will learn the “how tos” essentially.

In summary, if you are a beginner, I think social media marketing offers you a more affordable solution to promote your business online whereas PPC you have to have your own unique website and have to be better at tracking, measuring, figuring out metrics, etc.

What about you, will you consider social media marketing or pay per click to grow your business? Which one do you prefer?

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