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How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps

How To Buy A HouseIn today’s CareerFH episode, I’ll show you how to buy a house in 3 easy steps.

How To Buy A House Step 1 – Financing

That’s right, before even shopping for a house you’ve got to know what you can afford first. When I was in real estate I used to explain to my clients that there’s no point in going looking for houses until they know their budget.

It’s better to know your price range first rather than looking at inventory that’s too expensive.

In order to see what you can afford, you can go speak to your bank or a mortgage broker and ask them for a “mortgage pre-approval” or simply ask them: “I’d like to buy a house but I would like to know what mortgage amount I can qualify for.”

I personally recommend going to see a mortgage broker as their job is to find you financing. They will only get paid a commission if the deal goes through so there’s no upfront money for this service.

To qualify for a mortgage you have to have at least two of the three following: a stable job (meaning at least 2 years), an excellent credit report  and/or a large down payment. You can check out your own credit score through any of these three major credit bureaus: Equifax.comTransUnion.com or Experian.com)

You must have at least two of those three qualifiers. If you don’t have any of them; then I recommend you plan your future by taking the appropriate steps to achieve them, then revisit your mortgage broker when you’re ready. In the mean time you can still rent while you get everything in order.

How To Buy A House Step 2 – House Shopping

Now that you know your price range, it’s time to go house hunting. You can look at properties by yourself on sites like mls.ca in Canada or mls.com in United States. You can also look at classified ads site in the house for sale section. If you’re starting off though, I would recommend you work with a Realtor.

A real estate sale professional’s job is to help you find what you want based on your needs. They are also paid when there’s a purchase so again, no upfront cost on your end.

Simply find a good Realtor and let them know what your pre-approve mortgage amount is or what you’re qualified amount is. Here’s a word of advice; never go for your top qualified amount, really use this number as maximum only.

Ideally, if you can find something comfortable for less it’s better. Don’t fall under the trap that you need a big house right now. Use this as a starter home, build equity and in about five years from your date of purchase you can start looking around if you need to up size because your family’s growing or you simply want a bigger office.

Take the equity you’ve built overtime and apply it as a down payment on your new house.

Coming back to working with a Realtor, they will also give you advice, educate you and draft your agreements. Make sure at a very minimum that you have these three topics to protect yourself in your offer.

  1. Subject to financing.
  2. Subject to inspection.
  3. If deal falls through deposit to be refunded.

Tell your Realtor that you want at least those in your offer and they will draft the clause with more details. You’re Realtor will also suggest more clauses depending on the type of property your getting (like: house, condo, town house, lake front, etc).

In this step, this is where you must complete your responsibilities such as confirming your financing (bring your offer to your mortgage broker), hiring an inspector to inspect the property and whatever else needs to be done. Again your Realtor will be guiding you throughout this whole process.

They go through rigorous trainings and constant education updates to make sure they can assist you every step of the way with respect to industry standards. I know, I’ve been there.

How To Buy A House Step 3 – Close The Deal

Once the seller and you have an agreed completed contract with all the conditions waived, it’s time to complete the transaction. For this, you’ll need to bring your offer to your lawyer or have your Realtor fax it or email it to your lawyer.

Over there, your lawyer will make final checks to make sure everything is okay such as land title checks, transfer the funds from one bank to another, registers and records the deed and also transfers the house keys in your hands.

Other Valuable Info You Need To Know On How To Buy A House

You need upfront cash for your security deposit. Usually $500 or $1,000 held in escrow will do the trick. This is in step two, your Realtor will give you further advice on it. You also have to pay for your inspection services which is about $500 and finally you have to pay your lawyer up front and that can be around $2,000.

How To buy A House Conclusion

As you can see, figuring out how to buy a house is not that difficult when you break it down in simple steps. Keep in mind that you’re not doing everything by yourself. You’re using the assistance of professionals to guide and help you throughout the whole process. They are in the business of customer service and you are the customer. These professionals are working for you and not the other way around. Always remember that! So don’t be shy and ask them questions.

What about you, how does my “How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps” article helps you better understand the whole process?

Common Sense Is Not The Same For Everyone

Common Sense CareerFHCommon sense is subjective and based on perception. Have you ever thought to yourself: “Well duh, this is common sense! How can’t they know this obvious piece of knowledge?”

Common sense only becomes common sense to you once you’ve learned how to think in a new specific way. As you grow, you learn a lot from your experiences which becomes valuable lifelong important lessons and skills. Not everybody walks through the same path. What can be perceived as common sense for one may not be that obvious to the next person depending on their own life’s path.

There’s so much experiences that everyone can gather over their lifetime that it’s impossible to figure out everything by yourself. You can accelerate the process of becoming Zen and more aware by learning from other people, by reading their thoughts, page by page through books or audio books.

Critical thinking also plays an integral part in order to understand and figure out common sense. The art of reasoning and questioning are to be implemented in order to figure out the true nature of the “why” things are the way they are. Have you ever heard of the Liberal Arts?

In a nutshell: Liberal Arts consist of two sets of divisions. The first one is Trivium which is a systematic method of critical thinking. It includes the first three divisions of the seven Liberal Arts which are: grammar, logic and rhetoric. The other four are called the Quadrivium and its divisions are: arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

The idea was that you have to grow your knowledge from division one and make your way up to division seven but the most important ones are the Trivium which are division one to division three. In ancient times, these where considered the must know skill set to have for every free human being in order to take active part in everyday life.

With all of today’s distractions, it’s easy to slip away from what’s known as common sense as people don’t take ownership of  any responsibility for their own actions anymore. What’s worse is that if you’ve never been exposed to this sort of knowledge (Trivium), how are you expected to fully understand what’s going on around you?


Common Sense Continued

When I was young naïve and confused in my times of struggles, my god mother gave me a French booked called: “Les Douze Lois Cosmiques”. This book shined the light on a new and better path.  It has opened my eyes and changed my life on how I see, feel and perceive things around me. This book was the seed of awareness that led me to my continuous research and personal growth.

Unfortunately this book is only in French and really hard to find as it’s now discontinued and no longer available in libraries. You may be lucky to find it in a used book store. 

Coming back to understanding common sense and the Trivium, think of it this way; gravity is a fundamental force whether you understand it or not, it will pull stuff to the ground period. When you understand that principle regardless of what your beliefs are you can make that force work in your favor.

The same is true about the Trivium. Whether you fully understand those skills or not, they are still present and some people are using them. If you are aware of them, you can harness their benefits to your advantage by asking the right questions and figuring out the true nature of the “why” which will then lead to a new epiphany, the newly found common sense based on the new knowledge.

I would like to empower you with this gift of knowledge. If want to learn more about questioning and reasoning, listen to the words of Socrates and Plato. They both offer words of wisdoms that are over thousands of years old and yet still speaks deeply to a whole other level in today’s setting.

Their teaching will help you develop an enlighten common sense about life in general. You will learn, discover and grow a new common sense that will separate you from 80% of people that are numb to reality and unaware of these skills. It’ll bring your awareness to a whole new level and will help you deal better with “today’s common sense ignorant people”.

In summary, if you find someone doesn’t share the same “common sense” as you do, be patient, stay calm, take your time and educate the reasoning behind that “common sense” to the person. The more you become aware of any topics, the more patient you should become when teaching them with someone who sees this for the first time so be honourable as you know something that they don’t.

May this new knowledge help you in your professional life on how to deal properly with everyday hard situations and your personal life where you can take advantage of these lifelong learnt skills to better manage your emotions and overall become a better Zen, informed, understanding, compassionate and patient person.

These teachings have helped me in so many ways to grow and hopefully you will get the most out of these skills like I did.

What about you, what is your definition of common sense?

Residual Income – Why Should I Even Consider This?

Residual IncomeResidual income is also known as passive income and in the most simplest terms, it means money coming in on a residual basis, like coming in month after month automatically on autopilot once the initial set-up is done properly. Examples of residual income can be seen all around you but you have to understand the concept to see it.

Example, any time you see a website on Google, more than likely they have a way to monetize it; meaning, they are earning a form of revenue from their website. Once the website is set up and running, it can run on cruise control.

Another tangible example of this is any time you see a rental apartment property. The owner has it set up so a manger operates the day to day activities while the owner or share holders can collect the profits from all its revenues. Again, they bought the property once an then they can collect residual income.

Network marketing is another great business model. Realistically it takes time to build an organization but once it’s built (say after four, five years of hard work) you can sit back, relax and enjoy the money keep coming in.

Multiple Streams Of Residual Income

So why should you even consider working from home and create your own multiple streams of residual income?

Well, job security doesn’t exist like it used to. It’s a thing of the past. Too often we hear stories about employees working for a company for like twenty years only to be laid off before retirement. Can you think of someone in your group of friends, family or acquaintances whose it happened to?

The idea here is to build multiple streams of residual income, so if one goes sour, you’ve got backups and you can still maintain your lifestyle without being affected that much. It offers you leverage to take time off to do whatever you want (time freedom). There are lots of different methods to work from home, some that are a direct source of income and some that are passive income. I recommend that you check out my presentation that goes into full details of what are the types of work from home. It’s a true eye opener.

If you have a full time job, that’s great, that’s perfect, things are going well for you but now’s the time you should consider building your residual income on the side so overtime it grows. When you don’t need the extra income, your judgement will be more clear and you’ll be able to make better decisions. It’s when you’re starving for cash that opportunities won’t line up as they should.

Build your safety net and aim to have at least half of your current income in residual income. Your goal should be to be able to have the equivalent of your monthly salary but in residual income. The more streams of passive income coming in, the better.

What about you, how can residual income impact your life?

Take The Lead, Move Forward & Have Fun!

Take The LeadYou’ve got to take the lead if you want to create an epic ambiance for people to have fun and remember.

We humans, have a need for social bonding, it helped us in our early days millions of years ago to be part of a pack and work together as a team.

In order to get people to bond, connected and overcome the barriers of “being strangers”, there has to be a “common goal” and/or something that sets you apart from the crowd.

You’ve got to be that “guy” or that “girl” that no matter where you go, people want to follow you or gravitate around you because they know where ever you are, that’s where the “party’s” going to be at.

But first allow me to situate where this story comes from. I just got back from my vacation on the boat cruise, which was an awesome experience by the way. I went as a solo traveller because it was last minute and I could leave on short notice.

Any ways, here’s an example of what I mean to “take the lead” and how I’ve done it: The first time I saw someone new I introduced myself saying that I was André and I was from Ottawa, then asked them the same. See if you willingly give out this information upfront, more than likely they will return at least the same information or more.

Then I let them know why I’m here at this specific time of the year and ask them why they chose their trip now instead of later. It’s a good way to break the ice, then I moved on, “hey nice meeting you we’ll see you around, I’m going to go check out this, that or whatever”, either you split or offer them to join you. “Hey, I’m actually on my way to go there but if you want you can join me and we can go explore that part of the ship!”

Later on, after all the solo introduced themselves and the reason why they were there; right after I went around and quickly talked to everyone asking them if they were doing scuba diving. Again, this was a reason to approach everyone and again, try to plant the seed in the other’s mind to set myself apart from the rest of the group. Right away people associated me as the “scuba guy” which later changed to the stunt guy.

When there’s a large crowd that you don’t know, everyone’s kind of intimidated to approach anyone but everyone’s stays in their own bubble, you’re not going to get that awesome synergy of the group ambiance. After quickly going around the room once, I started to know who was from around where and sort of what their interests were.

So, I started connecting people with one another: “Hey this person is also from that same area, you guys should talk!” I then walked away and let them talk. This creates new friendship but it also counts as “brownie points” for you as you’re the one who’s put people together in contact.

It’s Important That You Take The Lead As Soon As Possible!

That was all on day one, you’ve got to do this as fast as possible, the sooner people get connected and are no longer strangers, the more fun and a better positive energy will be created.

I talked to the solo host and offer to organize a “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament” to which she agreed and made some sign-up forms for me. On day 2 and 3 I collected over 55 names of people wanting to participate in my Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament.

Seriously though, think about it, it’s very unique experience that is not a “normal” activity on cruise ships, so again, this gave me a “reason” to go talk to people, get to know more of them, etc. On day 4 I hosted the tournament and arranged with the host to get some a prize for the winner.

Again, everything was “winged”, nothing was really planned, people asked me what the prize was, I had no idea but my answer was: “The prize is kept as a surprise!  You’ve got to attend the tournament to find out!” I said that just say something and create some curiosity.

Turns out that 15 people showed up. Not bad considering, there was no “proper structure”, no follow-ups, no confirmation or reminder of the tournament. Keep in mind that people on vacation are easily distracted by all kinds of other entertainment activities, so that’s where the number’s game comes into play.

For the 15 people that did show up, they’ve had an absolute blast! The ripples of the awesome energy and good vibes resonated everywhere, lots people talked about or heard about it. Even the entertainment staffs on the ship heard about it and were giving me props for doing this. The people who missed out, later told me that they wished they were there!

For the rest of the trip I kept on getting positive comments and testimonials from people enjoying their unique experience. Where ever I went, people were either following me or inviting me to join their parties and most importantly, people where just happy to a fun time.

Overall it was an amazing experience, if there’s only one thing I want you to take away from this story is that you’ve got to make your own fun and be happy where ever you go. This is how you’ll create memorable experiences. So go out there, take charge, move forward and take the lead! You’re in full control of what impacts your life whether good or bad so make it count and have fun!

What about you, what other ideas do you have to take the lead?

Reward Yourself For A Job Well Done!

Reward YourselfDo you plan to reward yourself after you accomplish a goal of yours?

It’s important to reward yourself and acknowledge your own credibility when you accomplish an achievement. Whether it’s big or small a reward should be in direct proportion of the goal that you achieved. The reason for that is to reward the good behaviour. Yes, I know it almost sounds like we’re training a dog but in reality our brain associates rewards with pleasure which will make you do that behaviour more often.

If you look at the internet addiction video by DNews, we can see how this pain versus reward can play for or against us. In the case of internet addiction, or gambling or anything like that it’s bad however if you use kind of the same attitude to train your mind to get something amazing but only after going through some sort of “pain”, you can make wonders. You’re just using your own “mind technology” to your advantage.

Reward Yourself Carrot On StickIt’s like if you’re sitting on a donkey holding onto a stick and at the end of the stick there’s a rope with a carrot on it. You dangle the carrot in front of its nose and it’ll go forward. You can ride the donkey all the way to a top of a mountain. The donkey will go the extra mile to get a piece of that carrot and once at the top, you let it have the carrot.

Now in a concrete work example, this is how I’ve done it. I absolutely love travelling, exploring new places and living new experiences so I knew that this was a pretty good reward for me. I gave myself a goal to create one hundred informative articles for my blog as well as a videos version of my articles for my Youtube channel. I’ve never done this before and I wouldn’t consider myself a writer or anything.

Actually, I just like to learn how things work so I know a lot about how internet and marketing works. The “mountain path” for me was to train myself to follow a strict schedule, write, record, edit, upload, optimize my site everyday from Monday to Friday, for twenty weeks, and be super disciplined to follow my routine, which I was never able to do in the past.

Side note here, I think it took me over ten years to actually follow my own advice. Remember you are your own bottle neck to your own success.

Okay coming back, my carrot was my trip, I didn’t know where and I didn’t know the details. All I knew was that after my one hundredth video, I was out, I was going somewhere. Well, it wasn’t a super easy ride, I faced a whole bunched of obstacles, mainly myself but I kept my eyes on the prize which was dangling in front of me the whole time (figuratively speaking). I went the extra mile every step of the way, to earn that trip.

Reward Yourself Continued

By doing this amount of work, I was able to justify my travelling expense because it is now a reward for a job well done. Today, right now, this is my one hundredth video and I’m super happy and excited for accomplishing this and I’m happy to share with you that I chose to go on a boat cruise in the Caribbean. I’ve never done this before so I’m super excited.

As a result of this exercise I can now not only speak about my theories of my marketing techniques but I can also point to my personal experience which is hands on, tested and implemented. I can also speak from my personal experience about the ups and downs of this journey, the challenges that I faced and the sense of accomplishment that I got.

I rewired my brain into a more efficient a better productive machine to follow my own routine. I’ve now created a good habit or a “healthy addiction” so to speak, which is to create and deliver great value.

For me this milestone is a new beginning and it feels really nice to deliver positive information that I know can help someone else. On that note, I have a reward to collect; I’ll be back in a couple weeks after my vacation. In the mean, always remember to reward yourself for a job well done!

What about you, when you reward yourself, what will you chose to do?

Keep A Positive Mindset & Share Your Skills Before It’s Too Late

Positive MindsetDo you possess any special skills? Do you have something that you’re passionate about? What I’m trying to know from you is what you really like and love, so you can go ahead and record that passion and share it with the world.

With Youtube, everything can be thought, well core concepts at least. The idea is that now is your time to shine, not tomorrow. Get in your element and just press record on your camera then upload it to your account, over time people will get to know you for your passion and talk to you about it.

Remember your prime time is always now, today in the present, not tomorrow because you never know what tomorrow will be like.

The reason I’m saying this is because I recently found out that my high school classmate’s sister passed away last week at the age of only 34 years old. She perished from a stroke while running on the treadmill, leaving behind her couple month old newly-wed husband and their two little ones.

It is a very sad story to which I send my deepest condolences to all her family and friends. This unfortunate event reminds us that life is precious, very fragile and that anything can change overnight. We’ve got to be grateful for what we have, tell the ones we love we love them, focus on the positive aspects of life and keep marching forward.

Remember, your prime time is now, not tomorrow and if you’re lucky enough to grow old and have grand children you’ll want to be able to share stories of your “prime time” talking about what you used to do way back when! Inspire people through teaching your skill set while you can.

For me never thought I’d like teaching, my father was a school teacher and never had any interests what so ever. Turns out it was the method and subject of teaching that I wasn’t fawned of. Over time, I started sharing my passion in martial arts, then got paid to teach self defence classes to high schools students.

I now realise that I like to share the knowledge that I’ve acquired overtime with people who wants to learn more about it whether in self defence, business, internet marketing, network marketing, or whatever other concepts that life has to offer. I have so much to offer and so can you. It feels really nice to know that your skills can help someone else.

It may be a little uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re getting out of your comfort zone for the first time. But over time, you’ll get more experience and the reward and satisfaction of helping others will grow significantly. It’s all about mind over matter!

After all, you and I are only here on this blue planet, travelling at 1,280 km per second in the universe, once. We might as well make the best of it, enjoy and cherish every moment as it can be taken away in a snap.

Positive Mindset Continued

Coming back to what I was saying about cherishing every moments, you’ve got to write your own “story” and a good way to do that, instead of keeping a journal (which records the past events), think of writing tomorrow’s chapter before it happens (this way you’re shaping your future, the way you want). Then when tomorrow comes, it’s your responsibility to make that chapter become reality.

It’s kind of a different approach to do goal setting; this way it’s more like telling a story from your own book with you being the lead character superstar. Depending on where you stand in your life, perhaps you’ll write or are already writing “that book” together with a special someone where together, as a team, you make your own awesome story come true.

Also keep learning new information to help you become a better person. It’s a good way to feed your mind with awesome positiveness. By changing what information you “intake” overtime you’ll know and understand more about core concepts of life.

There are challenges you will learn to handle and accept even though it can be really hard at times. This is why I like this motto so much: “It is what it is!” We can’t change the past, only the future so we’ve got to keep our heads straight up, focus and keep walking forward not looking back. Every second is the opportunity to make a better and newer choice, every second is like pressing a “reset” button to become better and make better decisions.

Another acronym that I once heard that stuck with me in was: “LUCK” and it stands for “Labour Under Correct Knowledge”. Which means that you’re in control of your own destiny while you’re here. So go ahead and challenge yourself, become the leader and show the world what you’re passionate about.

Now it’s your turn, what are you passionate about and when are you going to start sharing?

Positive Thoughts Will Shape Your Future

positive thoughtsIn this positive thoughts article I’ll go over the following questions: “How to stay positive? How to think positive in harder moments? How to stop negative thoughts from creeping in? And how to be more positive overall?”

But first, never under estimate the power of positive thinking. A positive attitude will radiate out into the ether and manifest itself overtime.

The same is true if you have negative thoughts, it will manifest itself. Just mentioning that I can immediate compare myself to some else I know.

I always mentally work hard to keep positive thoughts and I have no idea how but things always work out for me.

A good example of this at work is that in the past, I left a steady, guaranteed, successful career to follow my passion in the movie industry as a stunt performer.

I left everything behind, job security, comfort zone, etc. I re-adjusted my lifestyle and I’ve been living without a guaranteed paycheck since 2010. Somehow, I always seem to get a contract or a work opportunity to generate revenue.

Ever since then, I’ve been able to go on more travelling adventures than the previous 10 years combined. I recently slipped off a mountain into a 30 feet tumble drop and again somehow I walked away with minor scratches and bruises. (You can check out my video about this whole story).

What I’m saying is that my positive thoughts and happy thoughts manifest itself to my advantage in my future. The other person I know has the same power but without realizing it, they manifest negative thoughts and of course the universe responds accordingly. That person doesn’t realize that they are the ultimate shaper of their future through positive thoughts.

Ok, so how to stay positive? First you’ve got to be grateful for what you have and not for what you don’t have. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. Can you think for yourself? Well, appreciate that you can do that and be grateful that.

Can you walk or move around? Can you speak? Do you have access to hot and cold water? Do have something to eat? Answering these questions and many others that you can come up with will allow you to appreciate the little things you take for granted.

Every morning when you wake up be thankful that you do. Every day has the opportunity to be shaped the way you want through the power of positive thinking.

How to think positive in harder moments? Think of the people around you that loves your and care for you. Perhaps you’ll need to re-adjust your perception; it’s easy to assume that sometimes we’re all alone.

But in reality, if you put your negative thought aside and remove the mask you can find at least one person that has your best interest at heart. Think of them, reach out to them.

How to stop negative thoughts from creeping in? It’s inevitable, we are surrounded by negative media or we’ve had bad experiences in the past that can slowly come back and creep on you. Don’t fight it, don’t feel bad, it’s normal.

Sometimes we will see or feel something that trigger a bad memory or a negative thoughts, that’s normal, it’s part of being human. What’s important is how you handle it.

Now that we accept that negative thoughts might pop in here and there, you’ve got to reframe your mind by accepting that this thought came through but that there’s nothing to be alarmed that everything has been dealt with.

Thank your mind trying to protect you and carry on whatever you’re doing. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts from your past. Imagine your conscious mind is the gate keeper and your subconscious mind is a telemarketer and your person is the boss.

Telemarketers will constantly bombard you with calls, or thoughts and your job as the gate keeper or conscious mind is to filter out what needs to be passed on to the boss, your person.

Whatever is deemed to be important, can be sent to the person so it can be manifested into reality. Everything man made that you see in life started by a thought that was later manifested.

Positive Thoughts Continued

How to be more positive overall? Well, I’m sure this can be different for a lot of people but for me, the best way to remain positive overall is to accomplish little goals that I give myself. I start small and work my way up.

Every time I accomplish something I feel like I’ve achieved a milestone and it releases some awesome “feel good” chemicals in my brain.

Through positive thoughts I remain grateful for the things I have and finally I give back to the universe by giving value away, help other people, doing volunteer work, etc.

These are my methods on how to be positive as much as possible.

What about you, how can positive thoughts shape your future?

Entrepreneurs Think Differently

Entrepreneurs Think DifferentlyAs a new entrepreneur you’ve got to change your attitude dramatically because when you start any kind of new business, your mindset will determine whether you succeed or fail.

Often new entrepreneurs are coming from a background as an employee and sometimes carry over employee mentality which is not bad, but just not right in the world of entrepreneurs.

When you become your own boss, you have to do work from every department from any previous companies.

Here’s what I mean, as an employee in a big organization, you know your specific skills in either the sales department, human resources, management, technical support, research, content writer, developer, accounting, administration, legal, etc.

All those specific department have enough work to keep lots of people busy for a lifetime and people become specialized in their respective department but as entrepreneur you’ve got to understand the difference between the active and passive workloads.

When you leave this world and put on the hat of an entrepreneur you have to know enough of each department to get by or outsource it to experts. But overall, you have to look and manage the big picture while performing every duty to ensure daily operation runs smoothly. It’s critical to have good work ethics and keep a well balance schedule with excellent time management.

Think of it as if you’re spinning ten plates on a frame in front of you. You constantly got to put a little bit of attention on all of them by giving a little more energy to have it keep spinning whereas if you put all your attention on one plate, the other 9 will slow down until they drop to the ground and break.

The same is true in business. You are entirely responsible for your own success. Win or lose it’s entirely up to you to determine your outcome and you can’t point the finger at anyone else.

Entrepreneurs’ Mindset

Once you are aware of that, your mind shift will work in your favor. You’ll start reading better material, like Success Magazine, the self-improvement section in your library will become your best friend, you’ll read or listen to audiobooks and absorb new information from other people’s wealth of experience and knowledge.

Whatever resonates with you, you’ll make it yours and whatever you don’t agree with, you’ll accept that everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and that you don’t have to accept everything you learn as true for you.

What about you, what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed when you started to change your mindset? Share your thoughts and comments below.


Mindset and Leadership For Your Business

Mindset and Leadership Quote by Zig ZiglarMindset and leadership skills are crucial to be successful in any business.  It’s important to first realize that we are bombarded by negative media, news and sometime surrounding therefore it’s easy to get dragged down by this “junk food for the mind”.  After all, it’s so easy, you don’t even have to look for it and it comes for you.

You have to make a daily conscious effort to filter out the bad and focus on the positive and when you know how to do it, it’s not that difficult.  It can be anything, such as great news, being grateful for the things that you already have and/or a regular dose of healthy thoughts can go a long way.  A great site to see cool innovative information on all types of topics is called Ted Talks. Their slogan goes by Ted; Ideas Worth Spreading!

Side Note! A true leader always leads by example and always assumes responsibility whether good or bad.

Essentially it’s a non profit organization that invites the world’s most inspired thinkers from each area of expertise to gives powerful talks (usually 18 minutes or less) from every discipline and culture, from science to global issues.  Their goal is to get amazing positive ideas out there to spark interesting conversation.  The guest speakers bring creative solutions from their life experience and it’s worth seeing.

I like to say it’s like giving your brain a healthy sandwich.  It’s food for your mind and positive food for the mind, is the equivalent of eating a nice healthy meal for your body.

Speaking of healthy sound bites for our mind, one of the Youtube user that has lots of various types of vision board for positive affirmation is the user “HDMindMovies” formerly known as “Iamvibration”.  That user creates awesome mindset and leadership subliminal vision boards with very nice images, words of affirmation with audio.  It’s a way to manifest good things to happen for you in your life.

When it comes to physical contact, we have a saying in martial arts that goes like this: “If you control the head, the body follows!”  The same applies mentally for you; “If you control your mind great things will follow.” Don’t ask me how, it just does.  Ever noticed happy people usually have good things happen to them?

A good mindset and leadership quote that Zig Ziglar said that resonated well with me is: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”

I find it really summarized what I’ve been thinking, I mean, how to justify that you should listen to positive, motivational information in order to develop your mindset and leadership skills?  Well, without it, our minds get cluttered with all that negativity junk food.  Of course there’s bad things that happens every day but we don’t have to make it become our priority, we have to embrace the power of our choices through smart selection.

Mindset and Leadership Final Thoughts

Remember, to be successful in business, your mindset and leadership skills must be sharp, you need to lead people by example, show them solutions, give them hope to resolve their problems, and in order to accomplish that, your mindset has to be laser sharp and crystal clear.

What about you, what methods do you use to keep your mindset and leadership skills sharp?

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