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Ad Words Pay Per Click By Google

Ad WordsAd Words offers two different types of ads. The first type of ad is called Ad Words Search Network and the second type of ads is called the Ad Words Display Network. Let’s look at the two.

Ad Words Search Network are contextual ads meaning that people are searching in Google for a specific topic and that’s when they see your ad if it’s relevant to what their are looking for. These people are super hot so to speak because they are being proactive by researching your topic. They have a problem, then you come with a solution, this can be a super hot lead or a sale on your website.

Ad Words Display Network basically allows you to put ads on other people’s websites that are part of the Google network. Essentially, this way, you have access to the world’s biggest network of websites all under one “umbrella”. This method also allows you to target by interests, demographics, placement targeting as well as contextual targeting.

A lot of people agree that the highest conversion rates will be Google Ad Words Search Network because of the laser sharp precision of targeting your audience that are interested in your services or products according to their keyword research.

Whereas Google  Ad Words Display Network is better recognize to create branding and site awareness. Think of it as billboards on the side of the highway or TV ads. They are there and the way they work is by “interrupting” your prospect with captivating ad copy.

What I mean is that at that time, your prospects were not actively looking to seek out your solution. This method is also good if you want to promote something that adds value but someone would not think to search for that in particular.

Ad Words Continued

Like any marketing techniques, Ad Words pay per click is no exception. You’ve got to track which campaign works versus which one doesn’t work and repeat constantly. Another good tip to keep in mind when creating Ad Words campaigns is create both types of campaigns, this way you get the branding awareness and if or when people later on wants to find you, you’ll also be there within the searches through the search networks.

Before you to spend money on Google Ad Words, I suggest you get a free copy of Perry Marshall’s cheat sheet. Perry is known in the internet community as one of the top experts when it comes to Google Ad Words so I’m sure you’re going to learn a few things.

Once you got his cheat sheet, you can get started by going to the AdWords login page here.

What about you, when are you going to start your Ad Words Campaign? Share your thoughts down below.

PS – Google Ad Words is normally spelled like this: “AdWords” but according to my keyword tool searches, I wanted to optimize my site for Ad Words because of supply and demand.  😉

Publish Your Own Book & Print On Demand

Publish Your Own BookAs a web entrepreneur, you are in the information business, why not take all your blog post and publish your own book or your own home study course?

Book publishing is now easier than ever with print on demand technology. It used to be very expensive and only the big boys were able to self publish and demonstrate tons of credibility.

But now, you no longer have to place a minimum order of like 5,000 books and have a huge inventory in your garage to get your work published.

Product fulfillment companies have made book publishing easier than ever before for the small internet entrepreneur by levelling the playing field with printing on demand.

I remember I first figured this out when we wanted to make our movie accessible to people but we didn’t want to place a huge order. Quite frankly, as little guys, we didn’t have the budget for that.

After looking at various solutions I stumbled on a website called Kunaki.com. Here’s how it works, we send our DVD case artwork and DVD files (which contains the movie) to them, we tell them how much we want to sell it for and then they have it in their computers.

In return they give us a purchase link that we can send to our contacts, friends, family, customers, etc. When someone makes a purchase through our link, the company prints the artwork, makes the DVD, packages it, sends it by mail to the purchaser, collects the payment and remits to us our share of the money collected.

They make everything possible with total peace of mind on our end. If I recall, back in 2009 the price was about $2. So we could ask for $15 for our movie, the company would keep $2 and send us $13. Now this is what I call: “a hands off, automated process”. Can you see the potential?

Publish Your Own Book A Throught Fulfillment Center

Now that I knew about the concept of printing on demand and that it was all possible through a product fulfillment center to create hard copies automatically, I start looking at who the big boys used.

I research their websites, ordered some of their stuff and looked for clues that would point me in the right direction to see which companies they are dealing with. It turns out that the most popular product fulfillment center used amongst internet marketers is Disk.com.

They’ve been in business since 1984 so they know things work. Not only can they do DVD, they can also do books, cds, training manuals, binders, home study course packaging and tons more. By now you know me, you know I I like to give different solutions too, so here it is, some other great product fulfillment alternatives are Vervante.com and Createspace.com.

You now know how easy it is to have your very own products printed and shipped automatically without spending a dime upfront.

What about you, now knowing about printing on demand when will you publish your own book?

Traffic Exchange Secrets Exposed

Traffic ExchangeA traffic exchange site is place where a lot of different entrepreneurs go to advertise their website for free.

The way the traffic exchange site works is that one website owner agrees to see someone else’s website in exchange for a credit. You later use that credit to promote your any sites that you want.

Generally speaking, on a free membership level, traffic exchange’s credit system works with a ratio of like: 3 for 1 or 2 for 1, which means for every 3 sites you visit, you get one visitor to your site.

For a small upgrade fee, you can now get 1 to 1 ratio or if you are a busy person, you can even purchase credits.

The benefit of using a traffic exchange site is that you get instant views, instant visitors and instant traffic to your website. You also know that the viewers are pro-active people because they’re making an effort to promote their website.

Like anything, traffic exchange advertising has cons too and if you’re unaware of these “secrets” or unannounced cons, you can end up losing some money.

Traffic Exchange Secret 1

“You’re going to get an abundance of free traffic to your site.”  Yes, that is true what you’ve got to keep in mind though is that the visitors are not looking for your information per say, they are there only for the 6 to 15 seconds timer countdown required in order to earn a credit to get a visitor view their site.

Traffic Exchange Secret 2

Imagine this; a traffic exchange is like a hotel conference room, which is the venue where all website owners go to give flyers to other visitors. The thing is that all the visitors there are also website owners with the same purpose to get more views on their website.

Knowing that, you can tailor your ads to that specific audience. Example: instead of saying something like: “My product or opportunity is the greatest, buy my stuff.” It screams sales pitch and people will stay away from that, well you might get the odd sale.

Instead a method that is more effective is if you approach your audience with a message like this: “My product or service will help you get free visitors to your website.”

What I mean is that people on a traffic exchange site are entrepreneurs that are trying to make money from home, they already have a business so if you just try to throw a business opportunity; you’ll face resistance.

Whereas if you can give value for free to attract them to your business, they get to know you, trust you, then they will ask for your tricks and tips. At that point when you’re seen as credible, then you can make recommendations.

This is like setting up a booth in the hotel conference room to answer questions for free.

Traffic Exchange Secret 3

Stay away from a traffic exchange site that offers auto-surf capability. There’s nothing for nothing. If you can get free credits by using an auto-surf program to surf automatically for you to gain credits, so will others.

Remember that the other viewers will also use that feature which means that it’s useless, no body’s going to see no body’s site therefore it defeats the whole purpose in the first place. It’s like having the conference room full of flyers but with no body in there to see the ads.

Traffic Exchange Free Report

Overall a traffic exchange site is a great place to market if you know how to do it properly. If traffic exchange is a marketing avenue you wish to explore more, I highly recommend you take a closer at Scott Douglas’ Traffic Exchange Profits free report.

In his 34 pages report, he covers all the fundamental concepts, like indirect selling, conversions, credit costs, credit value and target marketing in the first part. In part two, he goes over the proven success formula which covers more traffic for less surfing, free traffic, better than free traffic, etc.

And finally in his part three, Scott goes over how to get started fast. I mean Scott has been doing this on a professional level since 2007, that’s his niche market and I would recommend you start there, I learned a great deal from his work.

What about you, how will you now approach traffic exchange knowing this new information? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Animated Clip Art Keeps Your Audience Hooked

Animated Clip ArtAdding animated clip art in your presentations will keep your audience hooked. Let’s face it, nowadays people’s attention span is pretty short.

You constantly have to fight for their attention. In order to do that you have to provide some sort of entertainment or an orchestrated planned visual distraction with the help of moving animations.

I remember when I was putting together my presentation, I wanted something clean, slick and fresh animated clip art, that would be entertaining but not over the top; just enough to keep my audience’s focus on my message.

Going through the Powerpoint clip art section, I didn’t really find what I was looking for. I remembered seeing some animated 3d stick figure clip art in other professional presentation and that was exactly what I needed.

As entrepreneurs our time is precious and for me, I didn’t want to waste it online searching for clip art free downloads that I couldn’t customize. I searched the web for animated clip art for quite a while, then I stumbled on the coolest site ever (well for animated clip art I mean).

It’s called Presentermedia.com. What I like the most about this site is that it’s a one stop shop to get all your professional looking animated clip art needs.

Animated Clip Art

It’s got various sections for the kind of images you want like: 3d figures, business and finance, custom text, educational and school, holiday seasonal events, home and lifestyle, sports and games and finally symbols and signs.

They also offer all kinds of templates, presentation clip arts, video backgrounds and tons more.

Another cool thing about this site is that it easily allows you to customize the color of your stick figure, the color of your background, the shades, the reflections and whether you want a transparent or colored background. This is all done with their customizable online editor.

If you’re looking for animated clip art, this is by far my favorite go to site. Actually it’s the only one I found with animated clip art. I’ve found other site that offered 3d stick figures but none of them were animated.

You can check out the royalty free sites like ShutterStock.com or Fotolia.com to find static 3d stick figure images. Once there you can type in 3d stick figure and see what comes up.

What about you, how can animated clip art improve your presentations? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Free Conference Call Technology Up For Grabs!

Free Conference CallWith the help of a free conference call service, you can now become the leader and give positive & informative messages to your audience, your team or your work force.

This web based platform allows you to own and operate your own teleseminar. You can have as little as one person on your free conference call up to one hundred.

You can record your calls and use them as content in the future.

Through your free conference call online back office, you can start and stop the recording and start and stop lecture mode (which puts everybody else on mute so only can talk).

All these functions can also be done through the telephone directly by pressing the appropriate number.

For the longest time this teleconferencing was only available to the big corporations that had a huge budgets. Now with voice over IP it makes it affordable to everyone to the point that there’s even a free solution.

What I like the most about this free conference call platform is that it’s free and super simple to use. You first start by going to the website of Freenet.com, click on the button that says: “Signup Now” on the right hand side, follow the instruction and there you go, you got your free conference call number.

Simply give your free conference call number to your audience or team members and they will be able to call in and listen to what you have to say.

Once the recording is complete, it will save it as an audio file in your back office where you can go in and download it, which I recommend.

Free Conference Call

Here’s how I use the free conference call tool. If anyone has business related questions, I schedule a conference call that will be recorded.

I offer to have a recorded session with them for two reasons. One I get the recorded call and give it to that person so they can re-listen to the information at a later time and second, so I can use the content as an FAQ and make it available to other people.

I always sanitize the free conference call to remove any personal information if any.

When I do a webinar, I also like to have the free conference call recording as a backup (for the audio portion) and in case someone doesn’t have access to a computer but would like to listen in on what’s going on.

I remember we had a truck driver that would love to attend these calls while he was on the road. Not only was he learning something new, he was part of our community of entrepreneurs.

What about you, how can the service of a free conference call help you in your organization?

How To Write Articles Automatically

ArticlesWriting articles for the purpose of article marketing to generate backlinks to your site can be long, tedious and daunting.

How much content can you really have or talk about for all of your articles to be considered “unique” in the eyes of the search engine?

I used to struggle with that until one day, back in like 2006, I came across a video that talked about using synonyms for every words in your article.

That was a great idea, instead of you coming up with all new content, you could simply use the same article but with all new words.

The process as still very long and boring until programmers saw an opportunity there and then started to write software to fully automate the article writing and switching the words for synonyms.

A new industry evolved shortly after with all kinds of new “lingo” to address all the new functionality. They call this: “Article Spinning”.

Essentially, the software will automatically find a lot of synonyms for every words an put it together in a group of text called: “Spintax”.

Articles Created Automatically

It’s kind of complicated to explain, Jonathan Leger is one of those programmers that capitalized on that niche market and he made an awesome 10 minute video that explains article spinning with fancy graphics and all.

I’ve been using his software and following his tips and tricks and incorporated them in my article marketing campaign. The cool part is that his software “The Best Spinner” is that it can easily integrate with another important tool to create automated back linking campaigns. Check out my backlink tool video for more info about that.

Of course The Best Spinner is not the only player in town, it just happens to be the one I’m using. Like always I strongly encourage you to look at more than one product so you can use the one that works best for you.

Other similar companies that offer this type of product are: Spinner Chief, WordAi, Spin Rewriter, Chimp Rewriter, Article Samurai and I’m pretty sure there are tons more if you search for “Article Spinner”.

What about you, how can an article spinning software help you?

Free QR Code Generator Can Make These Images

Free QR Code Generator Make TheseIn this article I’ll show you how to make a QR Code with the help of a Free QR Code Generator.

So by now you’ve probably noticed QR codes here and there hence why you’re looking to create your own but if you’re not quite sure what is a QR code or what it can do for you; let me explain.

A QR code allows people with smart phone to scan your code (almost like a bar code in the store except it uses your camera on your smart phone with QR scanner app) and it will bring them wherever you want website wise. These QR Codes are great to place on your print advertising such as a business card, flyer, poster, hand out, etc.

Instead of people trying to type in your long website url, they can simply go to your site with a simple click of a button. It’s literally the same thing as taking a picture.

You can send people to your website, to a Youtube video, your social media, the sky’s the limit. Here’s an example of how I used a QR code in the past.

In the stunt industry it’s good practice to make your demo reel accessible to other coordinators in the industry. You can write the full Youtube URL of your demo on your resume but it would look like this: “http://youtu.be/uClXDPd80dI“.

More than likely, coordinators will not take the time to decipher those letters or even bather to type it in. Instead, I’ve put a QR code that leads straight to my demo reel allowing them to see what my skill set are.

Free QR Code Generator

Now let’s look at how to make a QR Code with the help of a Free QR Code Generator and link it to your website of choice.

First go to a free site like QR Stuff.com, put the link of your website in the appropriate field, let the QR creator do its magic then click “Download QR Code” and save the image on your computer. That’s it, super easy stuff.

You’ll need to have a QR scanner on your smart phone if you’re trying to “read” your newly created QR symbol.

If you want to get fancy and all they have different little add-ons that you can take advantage of but I’ll let you figure out what they are.

What about you, how can the free QR code generator help you in your business?

Online Texting & Mass Text

Online Texting and Mass TextHave you ever considered online texting or mass text to engage with your audience? Texting online is one of the newest marketing trends in the business world. Companies are always looking for more creative ways to get their messages to their target market. This kind of marketing is called short code.

Now anybody can send a text online with the help of Call Loop.com. Call Loop is for text messages what the Aweber autoresponder is for follow-up e-mails. When online texting with Call Loop, you can send a mass text also known as a broadcast text to all your contact list.

I found out about this company when I was working on a movie set and was talking with one of the crew member. Because scheduling is so last minute, no one has access to the schedule until the shoot for the day is done.

So you have like 80 people on stand by for their schedule and you don’t want to call each of them one by one and e-mail is not always reliable in last minute circumstances.

With a click of a button in the backend of the internet online texting application, the assistant director was able to send a mass text to all the crew.

According to Eztexting.com (which is another company that can send mass text to people; ” More than 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt.”

Online Texting & Mass Text Other Examples

Say you got to a big event with lots of people, like a convention or something, you could use a service like this to keep in touch with all of your crowd informing your friends, family, business partners where you guys will be hanging out after the event. Or invite your group to a special additional last minute information session held in a restaurant.

Ok so for both examples were used in a “non marketing way” but here’s other ways that you can use it. On your business cards or flyers, you can tell people to send a text to a number to get a special gift, discount, bonus or surprise. The cool thing with these short code features is that you can have drip campaigns (aka autoresponders) to your list but via text message instead of e-mail.

There are tons of companies that offer online texting, you’ve just got to look for the right keywords. If you want alternative online texting companies, you can search for these keywords “SMS Marketing” or “Short Codes Marketing”

What about you, how can online texting and sending out mass text help you keep in touch with your customers?

FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday!

FREE Weekly Webinar WednesdayHey good day my friend, welcome to my very own version of WWW. I call it the FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday because it’s just that. Every Wednesday night (since 2008), I give you access to my mastermind group marketing training in our FREE, 1 hour long, live Weekly Webinar every Wednesday night.

Every week we cover a different topic, from email marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, video marketing, objection handling, copywriting, blogging, conversions, mindset, sales, lead generation, closing leads, solo-ads, keyword research, search engine optimization, basically you name it we got it.

For each topic, we get the expert leader from our mastermind group who lives and breathes by their speciality technique to give you the presentation.

Absolutely no theory here, these methods are all hands on, tried, tested and mastered by our select 6 and 7 figure income earners. I mean the top heavy hitters in their own respective companies and it’s presented to you FREE of charge on our FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday. Can you say: “AWESOME!”

We know that there are more than one marketing technique to promote your opportunity and our goal is to share all this variety with you. Because when you’re aware and better informed of what works out there, you can pick out the methods that best resonates with you, make them yours and implement them for your own business.

Here’s just a little bit of what’s been taught on our FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday lately:

How two 5 figure a month earners hacked YouTube, and continuously get high rankings with their videos, and pulled in 14,000 leads in just 8 months (they detailed exactly what they did for FREE).

How one devoted mother and wife took her business from zero to six-figures in just 6 months on FACEBOOK alone! She showed exactly how she pulls in leads 24/7 on FB for FREE!

One master marketer’s “4 Pillars of Success.” She recently did a full one-hour webinar for EACH step separately, showing those attending every aspect of the four tools that she’s used herself to become a number one recruiter and earner in her company.

A 7-figure per year earner gave his most heavy hitting tips on how to get out of your rut, and go on to achieve ALL of your goals. He gave HIS exact daily routine, plus some amazing mind-hacking tricks, again for FREE! And tons more!

Because our FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday training is live, you can actually ask questions. Often our leaders will stick around for an extra hour or two to answer your questions. How cool is that, not only it’s free, but interactive!

FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday Continued

These FREE webinars will keep you up to date on what’s working now, in the present, for every strategy mentioned earlier. We are super committed and passionate about helping you and your business, can you tell? So why not join us, it’s free! 🙂

Here’s what you’ve got to do if you want to be part of our community. Click on this link for FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday, it will open up a page, click on the giant yellow button that says: “Claim My Spot”, enter your name and email address, then you’ll be on our special invitation guest list.

We will send you your private access information so you can join us live on Wednesday night.

After the session is done, come reach out to me on my Facebook Page if you want to continue the conversation or have any questions. So again, Click on this link for FREE Weekly Webinar Wednesday, click on the giant yellow button that says: “Claim My Spot”, enter your name and email, then check your e-mails for the confirmation and I’ll see you on Facebook. Cheers!

Explainer Videos Are The New Elevator Pitch

Explainer VideosEver heard of explainer videos? You’ve probably seen them before but link the name and what you’ve seen together. Explainer videos are online videos, posted on your home page on your website that explains, demonstrate, summarizes what your business does in less than 2 minutes usually about 90 seconds or less.

In the corporate world and traditional medias, the equivalent of explainer videos would be called a “tv ad”. In the acting and stunt industry, we call it our demo reel, which basically shows our potential future colleague what skills we possess and what we’re capable of.

Depending on what business you’re in, you might know them under something or similar but at the end of the day, the name is kind of irrelevant. The only reason you should know them as explainer videos is for internet related commercials.

Think of it as a beautiful visually presented video, combined with your elevator pitch. You know, your 90 second sales pitch that explains in a nutshell what you or your business does?

When you look online for a company that can create some explainer videos expect to pay roughly between $1,000 to $5,000 for something animated. Of course there’s no ceiling when it comes to spending but that’s a pretty reasonable budget.

If you’d like more information on explainer videos, you can check out a nice Wikipedia article related to that.

Explainer Videos Continued

Instead of going through each explainer videos one by one and contact them to submit a project request, you can go to VideoBrewery.com where you can post your project and you can get around 10 to 15 bids on your project.

That company is like a broker basically, they put your project in front of all the top explainer videos production company. The community of companies they have is hand selected to ensure top quality. Essentially the ones who bid are the top players in town.

Nothing stops you to do a Google search of “explainer videos” for more results.

What about you, how can explainer videos add value to your business? Share your thoughts.

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