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Credibility Will Boost Your Sales

CredibilityCredibility can be a huge determining factor if you’re trying to sale anything. To gain credibility, focus on giving value, everybody knows something about specific topics so don’t be shy and over deliver.

By giving value and contributing into the vast knowledge pool of the internet, you will be viewed as trustworthy, credible and you will slowly build your reputation.

There are lots of various ways you can contribute value by sharing your life experience. You can educate people through “how to” guides, you can evaluate other people’s work and offer reviews and feedback.

What about entertaining your audience via art, music, comedy, acting, skits, storytelling or any other form of entertainment that you can come up with? Overtime, people looking for that kind of information will stumble on your work and the more see or read your information, the greater credibility you will gain in their eyes.

Whatever method you chose, you’ve got to be consistent. Give yourself a challenge to offer 100 days worth of value and don’t do it for the money. Just commit to yourself that you want to give 100 days of pure value. Just giving out 100 days of value, separates you from the crowd.

A lot of people just do things for money and that’s the wrong mindset to have. In order to be viewed as credible, people have got to like, follow your journey, they’ve got to be influence and inspired by you. Over time you’ll start building a circle of influence and you’re going to be the leader.

This is literally what I’ve done myself. I gave myself a personal goal to give 100 pieces of pure valuable content. The way I do it, is that I do my count from Monday to Friday, like a normal work week, so that’s 5 days per week for a total of 20 weeks. When you break it down like that, it’s not that scary anymore. Treat it as a job where you go in, you give your best, then you’re done the day.

This is my 75th article and here’s what I’ve noticed so far. Because I’m set to give awesome value, people are starting to naturally be attracted to me and asking me questions. You know you’ve gain credibility when people come to you for your skills. So I help them and in return get great testimonials.

The most important difference is that I’m starting to see my habit change, I’ve got small deadlines and have got to publish one article per day so I changed my priorities to make it happen.

It’s not always pretty roses, sometimes I struggle on what topic I want to cover. So I just start writing stuff, anything, after typing about 150 words or so, they I get onto a topic and then auto-pilot kicks in. I find to go from 150 words to 1200 words is a lot easier than coming up with the first 150.

Credibility, Trust, Honor, Reputation

All that said, my overall feeling, is that I get a sense of accomplishment, I feel like I’m contributing something that people care to know about. I’ve had this skill set for a long time but never put it out there as conversation starter.

I realize that the more I help out and contribute in the vast pool of knowledge, the more it makes me feel better. Without realizing it, my efforts have been gaining me some credibility, trust, honor and a positive reputation amongst the people I help.

It’s funny, after I’ve started to make my own objectives of 100 days; I found out that a group of network marketers from my mastermind group created a step by step roadmap actually teaching network marketers how to get 50 leads per day.

You see setting yourself a goal of 100 days of contributing value is one thing but if you have no prior business or marketing experience, how do you figure out the technology behind your goal? Where should you start first? How to get your content in front of any audience? How to market? Because no one’s supervising you, how do you overcome procrastination? How do you go around your own excuses?

I mean the list goes on and on and what I really liked about their 100 days free video is that they go into details of what to expect. After all, their specialty is to teach just that and until I’m done my own personal challenge, it’s best if you hear from the finest in that regards.

To see their video that explains the whole process, visit this page here, enter your name and e-mail, then watch the 19 minute free video, then come reach out to me on my Facebook Page to continue the discussion.

What about you, how can positive credibility help you in your business?

Never Buy Website Traffic For Your MLM Website Until You Read This!

Buy Website TrafficIt’s imperative that you don’t buy website traffic until you read through this! Yes, it’s that important.

If you’re anything like I was back then, this is probably where you are. You’ve just recently joined an mlm or network marketing opportunity, they give you give you access to a website that you can customize, enter your name, upload a picture and put your contact information.

The rest of the website is all done by the rest of the team and it’s a super fancy awesome looking website promoting you.

After signing up, you’re super excited about the MLM opportunity, you can taste your dreams become reality. All you’ve got to do is enroll your friends and family, then the money’s going to start pouring in overtime.

After all, if you recruit 2, that recruits 2, that recruits 2, down at the 7th level you’ll have 254 reps each sending you $30 in commissions from recurring sales month after month for a monthly total of $7,620 for years to come.

Maybe you’re a little shy or don’t have too much business background but you know that now you have a super awesome website and all you’ve got to do is send traffic to that website and the sales will come in. I know, I was kind of like that back in 2000.

A lot of us hear about how easy it is to just have everything done on autopilot without lifting a finger. The hard reality is that it’s not true at the beginning. You first have got to build a strong foundation in your business before you get to that level. If you can’t recruit someone in your business, you’re website will not either.

There’s no point to buy website traffic if your website doesn’t convert visitors into purchasers. If your website is just an “online brochure” so to speak, with no call to action, you’re just going to waste your hard earn money or even worse, you’ll stack it up on top of your current debt, might as well go to the casino your odds will probably be better.

If you want to buy website traffic you must first understand how internet marketing works and that is to build “YOU” brand. That’s right, you’ve got to brand yourself online before you promote your company. People will not join companies, they will join people. You’ve got to become a leader and inspire or help people. Without giving value you’re not going to be rewarded in return. That’s just how it is.

Buy Website Traffic Continued

At first (back in 2000) I thought my company site was giving value, but it’s not, sure it’s great at giving information and all but why would your lead, prospect, or paid website visitor join you when they can join any other reps from that mlm company?

Why should they follow you? What is it that you offer that’s different from all the other reps out there? In marketing we call that your “Unique Selling Proposition”.

Let me ask you, if you had to join under your company under yourself, would you do it? Or would you join under one of your super awesome upline? If you chose them over you, why is that? Could it be that they offer something pretty amazing, whether personally, charisma, leadership, etc?

To buy website traffic without branding yourself will only be a money pit if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hear it all the time when I ask this simple question: “What’s your marketing strategy to get more mlm leads once you’ve exhausted your friends and family’s list?”

They tell me they want to buy website traffic, either through Facebook Ads or through Pay Per Clicks. I’m dead serious, if you’ve never done that before, how can you expect a positive return on your investment? There’s nothing worse than to watch the advertising spending accumulate, yet having no conversions (no body buying your stuff).

Can buying website traffic increase your business? Yes, of course it can, but like I always say, it’s got to be done the right way. If you’re serious about getting into paid traffic, then I recommend you watch Michelle’s free Facebook training.

It’s about an hour long, so get your pen and paper handy to take some notes. I learned so much so I’m assuming it’ll just be as informative for you. She’ll explain to you in more details the #1 reason why 97% of new MLMers advertising on Facebook fail.

She’ll also show you how to get your ads approved and show you her action plan on how she personally sponsored 32 reps in 50 days.

After watching that, you’ll have a much better idea about what you’re getting into and only then, I’ll agree with you that it’s ok to buy website traffic because at that point, you’ll know how to handle the marketing side of things and most importantly, you won’t waste all your cash in ads and website that don’t convert.

What about you, before you go and buy website traffic, let me ask you that very same question, what is your action plan to generate some MLM leads? Share your thoughts.

Leads Online Are The Best To Work With!

Leads OnlineGenerating leads online is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to grow your business. Let’s face it in order to grow your business, you must talk to people or get a whole lot of people’s eye balls on your offer.

Side Note! With digital advertising, it is important to create landing pages that your leads can see. A landing page targeted to match the advertisement driving the traffic, will show better results than being driven to the business site.

With digital advertising, you can track and measure which ad works best or not. It is also important to create landing pages that matches the topic your leads online are searching for.

Try not to send your prospects to a general website as your prospects may not know your site navigation and it may lead to confusion. If they click on your ad for something, give them the exact information that they’re looked for.

Depending on your business, you can also provide your leads online easy access to your contact information so they can be the ones initiating contact.

Use testimonials, past customer reviews and case studies to your advantage by displaying them on your site. If you’re starting out a new network marketing business and you don’t have any reviews yet, borrow someone else reviews. Nothing stops you from saying something like: “This is how so and so helped them achieve their health goals, fitness goals, financial goals or whatever.”

The more transparent you are, the more leads online will be able to relate and trust you. Don’t use ads that are over the top full of hype or sound unrealistic, be factual and honest about the value and benefits of your offers. When you are seen as credible and trustworthy, you will be able to generate more leads online this way.

Side Note! Getting leads online that are real will happen more often when people know they can trust you. Don’t use ads that have too much hype or appear unrealistic.

Leads Online Continued

Leads online are very valuable but some leads online simply won’t buy from you no matter what and that’s ok. It’s part of business. Make sure you qualify the leads online and turn them into qualified prospects that meet your criteria or you’ll be wasting time and energy. Choosing and dealing with the right leads online will dramatically improve your success.

Always make sure that the leads online you have are original. The more advertising techniques you use, the easier it is to have one lead slip through the cracks and become a duplicate. So just make sure that you don’t contact the same person twice, especially if they already bought your service or product or said “no” to your offer.

Set up a system where you can get fresh daily leads online so you can work your business. Remember, leads online are like the blood flow of your business. It’s wise that you make yourself a leads online budget and that you invest some time and money in this area otherwise your business may suffer from the lack of leads online.

Stay on top of your game with plenty of leads online to contact and you will see profit, growth, new recruits, more reps, more sales, etc..

What about you, what is your current plan to create your own leads online? Share your thoughts, cheers!

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