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A Qualified Prospect Will Thank You For Watching Your Biz Opp

Qualified ProspectOk, by now if you’ve been reading my stuff or watching my videos you’ve probably heard me talk about targeting your business promotion to a qualified prospect. But what is a qualified prospect? A qualified prospect is a segment of an audience that falls under your search criteria that would be your perfect ideal client. In other words they are your: target market, target audience, qualified lead, perfect lead, etc. You get the point.

In business, this knowledge separates you from being a professional marketer with an amateur marketer. Allow me to explain. Let’s take me when I was a realtor for example. I didn’t want to market my services to everybody, that would have cost me tons of money and I wouldn’t have got good leads. I didn’t want to force somebody or use pressure sales technique for someone to want to sell their house. That would have led to bad customer service, feelings of guilt on the seller’s side, no referrals and a bad word of mouth reputation.

Instead, a good way to get qualified leads for free is to volunteer your time to hold open houses for other realtors. When people come in the house to visit the open house, obviously they are looking for something. Just the fact that they’ve got there on their own time says a lot. They didn’t need convincing, they are looking and are on the hunt and because they are looking, one can conclude that they more than likely will sell their other house. Now that is what I call a perfect qualified prospect through an awesome lead generation technique.

Another method to find qualified prospects is to hold a free real estate seminar on “how to buy your first home”. Obviously this would be for the realtor who’s targeting first time home buyers. The fact that the realtor would give his time educating people does many things. For one, by giving value, it attracts lots of people, not any kind of people but “qualified” people who are in the market. Second, by having lots of people at one event, the realtor is creating social proof and showing himself as a leader, an expert or an authority in the market. People will want to do business with him because they will feel like they know him.

When it comes to the warm market (friends and family), the realtor may send a letter to all his friend and family letting them know that he’s changed his career that he’s now a realtor. He lets them know or offers tips and tricks about the market but never puts pressure to sell their houses. As a business owner the realtor simply can’t mix emotions with business in that context. Some of the realtor’s friends and family will even hire other realtors and it’s nothing personal, doesn’t mean they don’t like him, they have their own reasons and it’s nothing personal.

Only A Qualified Prospect Should See Your Presentation

Now looking at MLM recruiting, you need to have a qualified prospect to see your presentation. What are the best traits your qualified prospect should have? A pulse doesn’t count!  lol. You need to be a little bit more specific than that. Example: For me a qualified prospect is someone who:

  1. Is sick and tired of the status quo.
  2. Doesn’t like their job for the life of them.
  3. Doesn’t want to be bound to one geographic location and wants to work from anywhere in the world.
  4. Knows there’s a better life waiting for them out there.
  5. Knows they’ve got to work hard and put lots of time in but they’re just not quite sure where to start.
  6. Knows that giving the right circumstances, the right teaching, the right mentor, the right direction, the right opportunity, they can completely change their life.
  7. They make no excuses and blame no one for their past, present or future successes or failures.
  8. They assume full responsibility for their actions.
  9. They want to learn how to give value and get paid at the same time.
  10. They know that they will have to spend money in education and advertising to promote themselves
  11. They know why they want change their lifestyle and embark on a new journey.
  12. They have a burning desire to become a better person and influence the life of others for the best.

Now do all your friends and family have all that? More than likely they don’t. I know mine don’t. All that to say that it’s important to let them know what you’re doing when having casual conversations and asked: “What’s new with you?” or “What have you been up to these days?” by answering something like: “Oh I teach people how to work from home. What about you?” And leave it as that. If they want more information, they’ll come back on that nugget of information and then you can direct them to your website. If they don’t ask more information about it, it means, they are happy with where they are in life, they have no burning desire to change which means they are not a qualified prospect.

Remember, never pitch your opportunity to a non-qualified prospect. If they don’t give you hints of burning desire for a change, they won’t even bather coming to see or watch your presentation and trying to convince them won’t help your cause. It’s nothing personal, it’s just part of doing business the smart way. A qualified prospect will thank you when you’re offering your business solutions to them and they will appreciate your professionalism. So don’t spam your friends and family!

What about you, what does your qualified prospect look like?

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