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You know that you got to work.  Now let’s look at the other different career from home vehicle you have to choose from.

Who is this for (business)

  • People who want something more for themselves
  • Self starters, motivated entrepreneurial individuals who take pride in what they do
  • This is for intelligent people who are sharp, have great attitude, are coachable, willing to work hard
  • Who wants to feel valued and appreciated for their contribution and accomplishments
  • Someone who can follow an action plan

Who this isn’t for (business)

  • The person who thinks they can get rich quick without any form of work
  • The person who has nothing to strive for, no ambition
  • If you are super rich and wealthy, like you got 19 billions of dollars in your bank account
  • If you already have the ability to control your time, waking up when you want where you want and do whatever you want
  • If you are totally clueless and you’re happy and content where you are and you’re miserable, like you’re going to retire broke and you don’t care, you have no enthusiasm, no nothing at all
  • If you have a ton of money and say maybe you have some time but if we took you out of the equation, like you get paid on your own personal performance no matter how good or great you are, if we took you out of the equation and your business still thrives you probably don’t need to be reading this.

A Large Business or Franchise Owner

    • Large business with over 1000 employees
    • Franchise Opportunity
    • One more falls under this category but I’ll be back to it (Advanced Leverage System)
      • Pros
        • Can work from anywhere and are not limited by geographic location
        • Whether you’re there or not, you still get paid
        • Has huge amount of leverage
        • Great tax advantages
      • Cons
        • High start up costs
        • Lots of risk involved
        • Expensive renew/franchise fees
        • Have to deal with shareholders
    • First, let’s look at the qualifications you must have just to own a franchise. Let’s use McDonalds for example http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/franchising/us_franchising/aquiring_a_franchise.html
      • In order to just qualify to start the process, you must put a minimum of 25% down of your whole cost to buy an existing restaurant and a minimum of 40% down payment from your personal resources to get a new McDonalds. By the way, the minimum 25% equals to $750,000 just to get started.
    • How about KFC
      • Now for KFC, the minimum financial requirements to open a KFC/Taco Bell in the United States is $1.5 million net worth and $750,000 in liquid assets plus a total investment between $1.3 to $2.6 million to build, operate, train, etc your new acquired franchise.
    • http://www.kfcfranchise.com/requirements-investment-fast-food-franchise.php
    • Or Subway http://www.subway.com/subwayroot/own_a_franchise/PDFs/Capital_Req_US_Canada.pdf
      • As for Subway, it’s a little more affordable anywhere between $115,300 to $258,800 will get you up and running.


So now to the last one that falls in to this category, under franchise and large business but I consider it more as a small business with “franchise and big business” leverage.

Advanced Leverage System (the business’ missing one)

      • Pros
        • The power of low risk, low overhead in a leveraged way. A way where everyone helps each other, a leveraged way where you are being compensated of the efforts of not just yourself but also of others. Some people call this network marketing, some call it multi level marketing and I like to call it an advanced leverage system or an ALS.
        • The reason that I love advanced leverage is you’re in it low risk, low over head and it’s a very powerful way to build a massive amount of not just financial freedom but also time freedom.
        • Leverage, creating systems for you to get paid over and over, using other people’s time.
        • (Just as like money is a form of leverage when used to hire someone else to help you produce results for your overall goals.)
        • Residual Income
      • Cons
        • Because there is so much potential, many scammers have launch their own versions however are not legal.
        • Sniffing and sorting to find the legal distribution companies vs the illegal pyramid scheme can be time consuming and daunting.
        • Such a low risk investment, anybody can try and many fail because of lack of: business understanding, discipline, work ethics, guidance, action plan, etc.

Trading time for hour will always limit you as there’s only a certain amount of time and you can’t create more, it’s a limited resource.  Therefore based in what you’ve learned so far, would it make sense that the only industry where you have an unlimited potential amount of income for the lowest amount of risk is in sales?  You guessed it right, yes it is.  People usually take one step ahead and ask me this very intelligent question:  “Now if the Advance Leverage System is so good yet there’s many scam artists, how do I protect myself if I want to chose that vehicle for my career from home?”  Which I usually answer: “Glad you asked, this brings me to my next point.”

The Key factors for choosing the right company

  • So now we know that the ALS has a lot to offer, including residuals and leverage but we are also aware that scam artists are out there with illegal pyramids to scam us. So what can we do to maximise our research to identify the best company to become sales representative out of the thousands of opportunities out there? Simple, by keeping in consideration these key factors.
  1. Company’s history (let’s face it, if over 10 years, it shows stability, most business fails within 5 years)
  2. Financial Track Record
  3. Ownership and Management
  4. Customer Service/Marketing
  5. Timing/Trends
  6. Unique, Consumable Products or Repeat Services
  7. Methods of payment
  8. Competitive Pricing
  9. Balanced Compensation that is ethical, morally correct and rewards new comers and leaders
  10. Are there real customers
  11. Low Personal Production Requirements
  12. Training, Team and Support
  13. Are they listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  14. Are they listed with the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  15. What are the risks

Once you’ve assessed all the key factors, how to choose the right company to partner with?

  • Huge expanding market
    • Something that reaches and is available worldwide
    • Where do you prefer to market? Online or Offline?
    • Let’s face it, a company could be perfect in our due diligence but if it’s selling an outdated product such as records or 8 track tapes, you wouldn’t be too successful in business. Nothing personal, it’s just that that market is obsolete.
  • Unique repeat product or service
    • Something that gets people to pay for it again and again, every single month, etc
    • What’s your internal ALS competition?
    • What’s your external competition?
  • Timing in the trends
    • 65% of the money is controlled by the baby boomers which were born between 1946 and 1964
    • What is the timing of the opportunity?
    • Company’s stability?
  • Leverage
    • A way to get results using other means than your own efforts
    • Example $5,000,000 invested in the bank at 10% gives about $41,000 per month in leveraged residual income. You’re leveraging your money to work for you.
    • A way for you to benefit from the work of many people doing a little, but consistently
  • Training
    • Team
    • Support
    • How to leverage the online marketing aspects as well as the traditional way
    • Leadership


MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a $29.56 Billion Industry In the US

Robert Also says

Only one of these 4 types of people’s attitude will have success in this business.  Which one do you think it is?

    • Right
      • They must be right, they went to school, they know everything and you can’t teach them new things
    • Comfortable
      • Doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, they prefer watching tv, playing video games, basically have a non challant attitude, kind of meh
    • Liked
      • They want to please everybody
      • Need somebody else’s approval
      • They want to be the nice person
      • Kind of: “I did the right thing you like me don’t you?”
    • Winner
      • The business of the 21st century is for people who must win
      • They understand that their financial future is in their owns hands
      • They understand that success takes sacrifices
      • That when they get knocked down, they must get back up because they know the economy keeps moving no matter what.
  • It is possible for everyone to win, it is a level playing field however you got to commit to it. It will not happen for nothing. This network marketing option is the shortcut and for it to work you have to say: “I will dedicate 4 years of my life”. Look at the leaders and the lifestyle they choose to have, you have to say: “Those are the people I want to be like and I want to help other people do what I want to do and win in life.”

If you are going to choose the vehicle of the Average Leverage System, there’s something else that is EXTREMELY important for you to be aware of.  This is the big picture that will determine if you’re successful or not in your career from home opportunity.

Blue pill or red pill?

Are you man/woman enough to handle the truth? Over 90% of people will fail with an ALS because of lack of understanding of the big picture.  If I can ask you to remember only one part out of this whole webinar this has to be it.  Pay very close attention as this will make or break you.

  • I’ve come up with a chart, or a diagram so to speak that visually shows you the different methods of marketing an Advance Leverage System and people who succeed are the one who can master the 3 phases. Here they are:

ALS Sponsor Timeline Action Plan by Andre Givogue

Remember, at the end of the day, we’re all responsible of our own success, sometimes knowledge is the only thing separating us between achieving our dreams. That’s it for my training my friend, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two and now that’s where I pass on the “teaching” torch to Brian.

Brian will go in greater details of my phase 3. In my blueprint I talk about prospecting to 100 people per week and in his video he will actually give you a 4 step action plan to help you make that super simple. Remember I wanted something to compliment my work, well, this is dead on. I was doing that without really realizing it.

Brian’s company is truly a blessing in disguise and it’s a network marketer’s dream come true. Check out what MLSP is all about in Brian’s 15 minutes video.

Did I mention that we’re also all reachable on Facebook? After watching Brian’s video come reach out to me on my http://www.facebook.com/givogue.andre page


Brian’s 4 step video available here.

André Givogue’s Facebook Page here.

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