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leadership skills

Take The Lead, Move Forward & Have Fun!

Take The LeadYou’ve got to take the lead if you want to create an epic ambiance for people to have fun and remember.

We humans, have a need for social bonding, it helped us in our early days millions of years ago to be part of a pack and work together as a team.

In order to get people to bond, connected and overcome the barriers of “being strangers”, there has to be a “common goal” and/or something that sets you apart from the crowd.

You’ve got to be that “guy” or that “girl” that no matter where you go, people want to follow you or gravitate around you because they know where ever you are, that’s where the “party’s” going to be at.

But first allow me to situate where this story comes from. I just got back from my vacation on the boat cruise, which was an awesome experience by the way. I went as a solo traveller because it was last minute and I could leave on short notice.

Any ways, here’s an example of what I mean to “take the lead” and how I’ve done it: The first time I saw someone new I introduced myself saying that I was André and I was from Ottawa, then asked them the same. See if you willingly give out this information upfront, more than likely they will return at least the same information or more.

Then I let them know why I’m here at this specific time of the year and ask them why they chose their trip now instead of later. It’s a good way to break the ice, then I moved on, “hey nice meeting you we’ll see you around, I’m going to go check out this, that or whatever”, either you split or offer them to join you. “Hey, I’m actually on my way to go there but if you want you can join me and we can go explore that part of the ship!”

Later on, after all the solo introduced themselves and the reason why they were there; right after I went around and quickly talked to everyone asking them if they were doing scuba diving. Again, this was a reason to approach everyone and again, try to plant the seed in the other’s mind to set myself apart from the rest of the group. Right away people associated me as the “scuba guy” which later changed to the stunt guy.

When there’s a large crowd that you don’t know, everyone’s kind of intimidated to approach anyone but everyone’s stays in their own bubble, you’re not going to get that awesome synergy of the group ambiance. After quickly going around the room once, I started to know who was from around where and sort of what their interests were.

So, I started connecting people with one another: “Hey this person is also from that same area, you guys should talk!” I then walked away and let them talk. This creates new friendship but it also counts as “brownie points” for you as you’re the one who’s put people together in contact.

It’s Important That You Take The Lead As Soon As Possible!

That was all on day one, you’ve got to do this as fast as possible, the sooner people get connected and are no longer strangers, the more fun and a better positive energy will be created.

I talked to the solo host and offer to organize a “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament” to which she agreed and made some sign-up forms for me. On day 2 and 3 I collected over 55 names of people wanting to participate in my Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament.

Seriously though, think about it, it’s very unique experience that is not a “normal” activity on cruise ships, so again, this gave me a “reason” to go talk to people, get to know more of them, etc. On day 4 I hosted the tournament and arranged with the host to get some a prize for the winner.

Again, everything was “winged”, nothing was really planned, people asked me what the prize was, I had no idea but my answer was: “The prize is kept as a surprise!  You’ve got to attend the tournament to find out!” I said that just say something and create some curiosity.

Turns out that 15 people showed up. Not bad considering, there was no “proper structure”, no follow-ups, no confirmation or reminder of the tournament. Keep in mind that people on vacation are easily distracted by all kinds of other entertainment activities, so that’s where the number’s game comes into play.

For the 15 people that did show up, they’ve had an absolute blast! The ripples of the awesome energy and good vibes resonated everywhere, lots people talked about or heard about it. Even the entertainment staffs on the ship heard about it and were giving me props for doing this. The people who missed out, later told me that they wished they were there!

For the rest of the trip I kept on getting positive comments and testimonials from people enjoying their unique experience. Where ever I went, people were either following me or inviting me to join their parties and most importantly, people where just happy to a fun time.

Overall it was an amazing experience, if there’s only one thing I want you to take away from this story is that you’ve got to make your own fun and be happy where ever you go. This is how you’ll create memorable experiences. So go out there, take charge, move forward and take the lead! You’re in full control of what impacts your life whether good or bad so make it count and have fun!

What about you, what other ideas do you have to take the lead?

Reward Yourself For A Job Well Done!

Reward YourselfDo you plan to reward yourself after you accomplish a goal of yours?

It’s important to reward yourself and acknowledge your own credibility when you accomplish an achievement. Whether it’s big or small a reward should be in direct proportion of the goal that you achieved. The reason for that is to reward the good behaviour. Yes, I know it almost sounds like we’re training a dog but in reality our brain associates rewards with pleasure which will make you do that behaviour more often.

If you look at the internet addiction video by DNews, we can see how this pain versus reward can play for or against us. In the case of internet addiction, or gambling or anything like that it’s bad however if you use kind of the same attitude to train your mind to get something amazing but only after going through some sort of “pain”, you can make wonders. You’re just using your own “mind technology” to your advantage.

Reward Yourself Carrot On StickIt’s like if you’re sitting on a donkey holding onto a stick and at the end of the stick there’s a rope with a carrot on it. You dangle the carrot in front of its nose and it’ll go forward. You can ride the donkey all the way to a top of a mountain. The donkey will go the extra mile to get a piece of that carrot and once at the top, you let it have the carrot.

Now in a concrete work example, this is how I’ve done it. I absolutely love travelling, exploring new places and living new experiences so I knew that this was a pretty good reward for me. I gave myself a goal to create one hundred informative articles for my blog as well as a videos version of my articles for my Youtube channel. I’ve never done this before and I wouldn’t consider myself a writer or anything.

Actually, I just like to learn how things work so I know a lot about how internet and marketing works. The “mountain path” for me was to train myself to follow a strict schedule, write, record, edit, upload, optimize my site everyday from Monday to Friday, for twenty weeks, and be super disciplined to follow my routine, which I was never able to do in the past.

Side note here, I think it took me over ten years to actually follow my own advice. Remember you are your own bottle neck to your own success.

Okay coming back, my carrot was my trip, I didn’t know where and I didn’t know the details. All I knew was that after my one hundredth video, I was out, I was going somewhere. Well, it wasn’t a super easy ride, I faced a whole bunched of obstacles, mainly myself but I kept my eyes on the prize which was dangling in front of me the whole time (figuratively speaking). I went the extra mile every step of the way, to earn that trip.

Reward Yourself Continued

By doing this amount of work, I was able to justify my travelling expense because it is now a reward for a job well done. Today, right now, this is my one hundredth video and I’m super happy and excited for accomplishing this and I’m happy to share with you that I chose to go on a boat cruise in the Caribbean. I’ve never done this before so I’m super excited.

As a result of this exercise I can now not only speak about my theories of my marketing techniques but I can also point to my personal experience which is hands on, tested and implemented. I can also speak from my personal experience about the ups and downs of this journey, the challenges that I faced and the sense of accomplishment that I got.

I rewired my brain into a more efficient a better productive machine to follow my own routine. I’ve now created a good habit or a “healthy addiction” so to speak, which is to create and deliver great value.

For me this milestone is a new beginning and it feels really nice to deliver positive information that I know can help someone else. On that note, I have a reward to collect; I’ll be back in a couple weeks after my vacation. In the mean, always remember to reward yourself for a job well done!

What about you, when you reward yourself, what will you chose to do?

Project Management Software Free & Paid

Project ManagementBefore I jump into the project management software free & paid options, I just want to address the following question: “What is project management?”

Project management is about getting things done on a specific deadline. It’s the whole process from start to finish of planning the outcome, figuring out milestone & deadlines, breaking down the project in tasks and assigning those tasks to your team.

The help of project management tools can really help keeping track of the whole process. Under the free project management software category you can think of the web based tool from Trello.com. Imagine a giant whiteboard with post-it notes that you can move back and forth, Trello is basically that but electronically.

If you prefer having something on your own servers, you can install the open source project collaboration tool from ProjectPier.org. This requires more technical knowhow but it’s free.

On the paid side one of the software that you’ve probably already heard of is Microsoft Outlook, its got a lot functionalities to create to do lists, tasks, calendars, etc.

If you’re looking more for a web based, in the cloud so to speak, then take a closer look at Basecamp.com for its simplicity & ease of use or ActiveCollab.com for its extra added capabilities, like measuring time taken to do a task or track billable time.

These two companies are some of the top choices for paid online project collaboration and management and are used by some of the big players out there like Nike, Twitter, Nasa have used Basecamp and BBC, Adobe, Universal have used ActiveCollab.

Project Management Continued

I often hear about people looking for the absolute best project management software that exist out there but that what most people fail to realize is that it’s very subjective. Each different software bring their own qualities and you should try or explore them to figure out what works best for you and your organization.

I personally like to use Trello because I can see everything at a glance, it’s available in the cloud and you can have access to it from any device and your computer.

What about you, which one do you think you’ll like the best and why?

Free Conference Call Technology Up For Grabs!

Free Conference CallWith the help of a free conference call service, you can now become the leader and give positive & informative messages to your audience, your team or your work force.

This web based platform allows you to own and operate your own teleseminar. You can have as little as one person on your free conference call up to one hundred.

You can record your calls and use them as content in the future.

Through your free conference call online back office, you can start and stop the recording and start and stop lecture mode (which puts everybody else on mute so only can talk).

All these functions can also be done through the telephone directly by pressing the appropriate number.

For the longest time this teleconferencing was only available to the big corporations that had a huge budgets. Now with voice over IP it makes it affordable to everyone to the point that there’s even a free solution.

What I like the most about this free conference call platform is that it’s free and super simple to use. You first start by going to the website of Freenet.com, click on the button that says: “Signup Now” on the right hand side, follow the instruction and there you go, you got your free conference call number.

Simply give your free conference call number to your audience or team members and they will be able to call in and listen to what you have to say.

Once the recording is complete, it will save it as an audio file in your back office where you can go in and download it, which I recommend.

Free Conference Call

Here’s how I use the free conference call tool. If anyone has business related questions, I schedule a conference call that will be recorded.

I offer to have a recorded session with them for two reasons. One I get the recorded call and give it to that person so they can re-listen to the information at a later time and second, so I can use the content as an FAQ and make it available to other people.

I always sanitize the free conference call to remove any personal information if any.

When I do a webinar, I also like to have the free conference call recording as a backup (for the audio portion) and in case someone doesn’t have access to a computer but would like to listen in on what’s going on.

I remember we had a truck driver that would love to attend these calls while he was on the road. Not only was he learning something new, he was part of our community of entrepreneurs.

What about you, how can the service of a free conference call help you in your organization?

Never Buy Website Traffic For Your MLM Website Until You Read This!

Buy Website TrafficIt’s imperative that you don’t buy website traffic until you read through this! Yes, it’s that important.

If you’re anything like I was back then, this is probably where you are. You’ve just recently joined an mlm or network marketing opportunity, they give you give you access to a website that you can customize, enter your name, upload a picture and put your contact information.

The rest of the website is all done by the rest of the team and it’s a super fancy awesome looking website promoting you.

After signing up, you’re super excited about the MLM opportunity, you can taste your dreams become reality. All you’ve got to do is enroll your friends and family, then the money’s going to start pouring in overtime.

After all, if you recruit 2, that recruits 2, that recruits 2, down at the 7th level you’ll have 254 reps each sending you $30 in commissions from recurring sales month after month for a monthly total of $7,620 for years to come.

Maybe you’re a little shy or don’t have too much business background but you know that now you have a super awesome website and all you’ve got to do is send traffic to that website and the sales will come in. I know, I was kind of like that back in 2000.

A lot of us hear about how easy it is to just have everything done on autopilot without lifting a finger. The hard reality is that it’s not true at the beginning. You first have got to build a strong foundation in your business before you get to that level. If you can’t recruit someone in your business, you’re website will not either.

There’s no point to buy website traffic if your website doesn’t convert visitors into purchasers. If your website is just an “online brochure” so to speak, with no call to action, you’re just going to waste your hard earn money or even worse, you’ll stack it up on top of your current debt, might as well go to the casino your odds will probably be better.

If you want to buy website traffic you must first understand how internet marketing works and that is to build “YOU” brand. That’s right, you’ve got to brand yourself online before you promote your company. People will not join companies, they will join people. You’ve got to become a leader and inspire or help people. Without giving value you’re not going to be rewarded in return. That’s just how it is.

Buy Website Traffic Continued

At first (back in 2000) I thought my company site was giving value, but it’s not, sure it’s great at giving information and all but why would your lead, prospect, or paid website visitor join you when they can join any other reps from that mlm company?

Why should they follow you? What is it that you offer that’s different from all the other reps out there? In marketing we call that your “Unique Selling Proposition”.

Let me ask you, if you had to join under your company under yourself, would you do it? Or would you join under one of your super awesome upline? If you chose them over you, why is that? Could it be that they offer something pretty amazing, whether personally, charisma, leadership, etc?

To buy website traffic without branding yourself will only be a money pit if you don’t know what you’re doing. I hear it all the time when I ask this simple question: “What’s your marketing strategy to get more mlm leads once you’ve exhausted your friends and family’s list?”

They tell me they want to buy website traffic, either through Facebook Ads or through Pay Per Clicks. I’m dead serious, if you’ve never done that before, how can you expect a positive return on your investment? There’s nothing worse than to watch the advertising spending accumulate, yet having no conversions (no body buying your stuff).

Can buying website traffic increase your business? Yes, of course it can, but like I always say, it’s got to be done the right way. If you’re serious about getting into paid traffic, then I recommend you watch Michelle’s free Facebook training.

It’s about an hour long, so get your pen and paper handy to take some notes. I learned so much so I’m assuming it’ll just be as informative for you. She’ll explain to you in more details the #1 reason why 97% of new MLMers advertising on Facebook fail.

She’ll also show you how to get your ads approved and show you her action plan on how she personally sponsored 32 reps in 50 days.

After watching that, you’ll have a much better idea about what you’re getting into and only then, I’ll agree with you that it’s ok to buy website traffic because at that point, you’ll know how to handle the marketing side of things and most importantly, you won’t waste all your cash in ads and website that don’t convert.

What about you, before you go and buy website traffic, let me ask you that very same question, what is your action plan to generate some MLM leads? Share your thoughts.

Generating Content Ideas For Your Website

Generating ContentGenerating content on a daily basis, especially when you’re starting out can be challenging. At first, you don’t really have interaction with your newly created community because, well, it doesn’t exist yet.

So you have to do a “brain” dump of all the valuable information that you know that could be useful for others. Keep in mind that the information you know and seem to take for granted is worth gold in the eyes of someone who doesn’t share your experience.

Every successful business person I know can agree to that. It starts small but with a dedicated routine and following your plan of action you can create significant results. We’ve all been there (yes, me included). As you put your ideas on paper or in a brainstorming application, these will be the seeds of your next content ideas.

Overtime you’ll notice people will start asking you questions or ask you to elaborate on a specific topic and when you get to that point, it’s like a snow ball that turns into an avalanche. You’ll have more questions or discussion that comes in faster than you can post the content out. As your leadership skills grow, you’ll know that you have a strong community when your audience are participating and interacting with you and others.

You will be viewed as a leader and person of influence and when you get to that point, people will follow you to the top of your network marketing opportunity.

Well before you get to that point, you’ve got to build value by generating content but sometimes you’ll get writer’s block, meaning you’re just not sure what to talk about. Generating content for any types of blog requires additional research or triggers some ideas in your mind to talk about a specific subject.

Generating Content For the Right People

People often ask me: “How can you be generating content on a daily basis? Where do you find stuff to talk about?”

Before you just jump into the wild internet west generating content blindly, you’ve got to really know who your audience is and who you’re addressing your messages to. I know for me, it’s anyone wanting to grow a network marketing business using the leverage of the internet. Luckily for me, regardless of any network marketing opportunities out there, I found a mastermind group of successful internet network marketers that are all top performers in their own respective companies.

Side Note! They cover topics like lead generation, search engine optimization, Facebook marketing, Youtube Marketing and tons more. They show their screen as they do every steps of the way and the best part is that it’s 100% free. These are great ways ideas for generating content

They love the internet so much that they all share their own successful methods with each other and guests, which are great at generating content ideas. The best part is they do it in a training format in Google Hangout, live every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Time.

All these marketers are 6 and 7 income earners and because of the Google Hangout technology, it allows guests and anyone listening in to participate and ask questions. Again, generating content excuses should no longer exist after attending these trainings.

They cover topics like lead generation, search engine optimization, Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing and tons more. They show their screen as they do every steps of the way and the best part is that it’s 100% free.

After attending training sessions like that, my mind gets fully refreshed with new creative ideas and fueled by passion and motivation, generating content is no longer an issue. I just start writing like there’s no tomorrow.

So if you want to be generating content on a regular basis and need some fresh content ideas or new marketing techniques, then I highly recommend you come and join us on our next live training session. These guys are sharp, they know the ins and outs of today’s marketplace, teach from their own experiences and results and practice what they preach.

But hey not everyone in the world is in our network marketing industry, if you’re not, then look other related magazines, videos, articles, etc. Offer solutions bullet points and make each bullet point a new article. Write reviews on other people’s work. Find out other experts and set up an interview with them, record it and then publish it. There are tons of ways for generating content online, don’t limit yourself to just one. Now go out and start writing!

What about you, do you have other generating content ideas? Share your thoughts.

Leadership Skills On Turbo Mode

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important when you’re trying to influence others. You’ve got to demonstrate that you have experience and know exactly where you’re going. In order for people to follow you, you got to have their trust.

An awesome leader serves people, and you must know what qualities go into being a good leader so you can be one. This article provides tips on how to become a great leader so that you can help those around you. You never know what you might learn.

Make sure to effectively communicate the overall vision for your group. Your mission and objectives should be like a compass to you. It is important that you communicate the bigger picture while you help your team see how their roles play a part in the big ideas. It helps build relationships and provides direction. It also lets the team feel important and will make them feel like they belong.

Don’t assume that anybody can read your mind. Communication is important. You should let your team know how you expect a project to be completed. If your team has questions, make sure they know they can always come by and ask for clarification.

Side Note! As much as possible, keep it simple. Focus on things that are most important.

A good way to become a better leader is to be more decisive. You’ll have to make tough choices at times but over time you’ll gain more experience. If your team has a few different opinions about solutions to problems, you’ll need to step up and decide on the best solution that is going to benefit the entire team rather than just a few people.

Next, if your competition is doing anything you don’t approve of or are unethical, you don’t have to follow them, there’s always a way around. You don’t need to be influenced by others if you wish to be successful. You can keep your ethics while still staying competitive.

Know your strength, you got to be aware of what you’re good at and not so good at to make the most of your leadership skills. To be a good leader, lead by example and do what you preach. Remember be humble and grateful for everyone taking apart of your team. Each individual’s contributions are important in the grand scheme of things. There’s no “I” in TEAM.

Make it a priority to always become a better leader by becoming a better person, learn from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes, challenge your weaknesses and make them become your strength.

Leadership Skills

Now go out there and increase your leadership skills up a notch. You can check out my other post/video on mindset and leadership for more information on the subject.

Side Note! Your team members can’t read your mind. Be concise with what you want and how you want it done. Lead by example.

Something else I do to develop my leadership skills is that I read the Success Magazine. Every month, I get my monthly issue with interviews with successful entrepreneurs which are amazing to learn from. It also comes with an audio CD other specific interviews with business owners and other successful people.

Time has come to face reality, it’s now your turn to become a leader and influence people for the greater good.

What steps are you going to take to develop your leadership skills?


Mindset and Leadership For Your Business

Mindset and Leadership Quote by Zig ZiglarMindset and leadership skills are crucial to be successful in any business.  It’s important to first realize that we are bombarded by negative media, news and sometime surrounding therefore it’s easy to get dragged down by this “junk food for the mind”.  After all, it’s so easy, you don’t even have to look for it and it comes for you.

You have to make a daily conscious effort to filter out the bad and focus on the positive and when you know how to do it, it’s not that difficult.  It can be anything, such as great news, being grateful for the things that you already have and/or a regular dose of healthy thoughts can go a long way.  A great site to see cool innovative information on all types of topics is called Ted Talks. Their slogan goes by Ted; Ideas Worth Spreading!

Side Note! A true leader always leads by example and always assumes responsibility whether good or bad.

Essentially it’s a non profit organization that invites the world’s most inspired thinkers from each area of expertise to gives powerful talks (usually 18 minutes or less) from every discipline and culture, from science to global issues.  Their goal is to get amazing positive ideas out there to spark interesting conversation.  The guest speakers bring creative solutions from their life experience and it’s worth seeing.

I like to say it’s like giving your brain a healthy sandwich.  It’s food for your mind and positive food for the mind, is the equivalent of eating a nice healthy meal for your body.

Speaking of healthy sound bites for our mind, one of the Youtube user that has lots of various types of vision board for positive affirmation is the user “HDMindMovies” formerly known as “Iamvibration”.  That user creates awesome mindset and leadership subliminal vision boards with very nice images, words of affirmation with audio.  It’s a way to manifest good things to happen for you in your life.

When it comes to physical contact, we have a saying in martial arts that goes like this: “If you control the head, the body follows!”  The same applies mentally for you; “If you control your mind great things will follow.” Don’t ask me how, it just does.  Ever noticed happy people usually have good things happen to them?

A good mindset and leadership quote that Zig Ziglar said that resonated well with me is: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”

I find it really summarized what I’ve been thinking, I mean, how to justify that you should listen to positive, motivational information in order to develop your mindset and leadership skills?  Well, without it, our minds get cluttered with all that negativity junk food.  Of course there’s bad things that happens every day but we don’t have to make it become our priority, we have to embrace the power of our choices through smart selection.

Mindset and Leadership Final Thoughts

Remember, to be successful in business, your mindset and leadership skills must be sharp, you need to lead people by example, show them solutions, give them hope to resolve their problems, and in order to accomplish that, your mindset has to be laser sharp and crystal clear.

What about you, what methods do you use to keep your mindset and leadership skills sharp?

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