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Positive Thoughts Will Shape Your Future

positive thoughtsIn this positive thoughts article I’ll go over the following questions: “How to stay positive? How to think positive in harder moments? How to stop negative thoughts from creeping in? And how to be more positive overall?”

But first, never under estimate the power of positive thinking. A positive attitude will radiate out into the ether and manifest itself overtime.

The same is true if you have negative thoughts, it will manifest itself. Just mentioning that I can immediate compare myself to some else I know.

I always mentally work hard to keep positive thoughts and I have no idea how but things always work out for me.

A good example of this at work is that in the past, I left a steady, guaranteed, successful career to follow my passion in the movie industry as a stunt performer.

I left everything behind, job security, comfort zone, etc. I re-adjusted my lifestyle and I’ve been living without a guaranteed paycheck since 2010. Somehow, I always seem to get a contract or a work opportunity to generate revenue.

Ever since then, I’ve been able to go on more travelling adventures than the previous 10 years combined. I recently slipped off a mountain into a 30 feet tumble drop and again somehow I walked away with minor scratches and bruises. (You can check out my video about this whole story).

What I’m saying is that my positive thoughts and happy thoughts manifest itself to my advantage in my future. The other person I know has the same power but without realizing it, they manifest negative thoughts and of course the universe responds accordingly. That person doesn’t realize that they are the ultimate shaper of their future through positive thoughts.

Ok, so how to stay positive? First you’ve got to be grateful for what you have and not for what you don’t have. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. Can you think for yourself? Well, appreciate that you can do that and be grateful that.

Can you walk or move around? Can you speak? Do you have access to hot and cold water? Do have something to eat? Answering these questions and many others that you can come up with will allow you to appreciate the little things you take for granted.

Every morning when you wake up be thankful that you do. Every day has the opportunity to be shaped the way you want through the power of positive thinking.

How to think positive in harder moments? Think of the people around you that loves your and care for you. Perhaps you’ll need to re-adjust your perception; it’s easy to assume that sometimes we’re all alone.

But in reality, if you put your negative thought aside and remove the mask you can find at least one person that has your best interest at heart. Think of them, reach out to them.

How to stop negative thoughts from creeping in? It’s inevitable, we are surrounded by negative media or we’ve had bad experiences in the past that can slowly come back and creep on you. Don’t fight it, don’t feel bad, it’s normal.

Sometimes we will see or feel something that trigger a bad memory or a negative thoughts, that’s normal, it’s part of being human. What’s important is how you handle it.

Now that we accept that negative thoughts might pop in here and there, you’ve got to reframe your mind by accepting that this thought came through but that there’s nothing to be alarmed that everything has been dealt with.

Thank your mind trying to protect you and carry on whatever you’re doing. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts from your past. Imagine your conscious mind is the gate keeper and your subconscious mind is a telemarketer and your person is the boss.

Telemarketers will constantly bombard you with calls, or thoughts and your job as the gate keeper or conscious mind is to filter out what needs to be passed on to the boss, your person.

Whatever is deemed to be important, can be sent to the person so it can be manifested into reality. Everything man made that you see in life started by a thought that was later manifested.

Positive Thoughts Continued

How to be more positive overall? Well, I’m sure this can be different for a lot of people but for me, the best way to remain positive overall is to accomplish little goals that I give myself. I start small and work my way up.

Every time I accomplish something I feel like I’ve achieved a milestone and it releases some awesome “feel good” chemicals in my brain.

Through positive thoughts I remain grateful for the things I have and finally I give back to the universe by giving value away, help other people, doing volunteer work, etc.

These are my methods on how to be positive as much as possible.

What about you, how can positive thoughts shape your future?

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