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Article Marketing

How To Write Articles Automatically

ArticlesWriting articles for the purpose of article marketing to generate backlinks to your site can be long, tedious and daunting.

How much content can you really have or talk about for all of your articles to be considered “unique” in the eyes of the search engine?

I used to struggle with that until one day, back in like 2006, I came across a video that talked about using synonyms for every words in your article.

That was a great idea, instead of you coming up with all new content, you could simply use the same article but with all new words.

The process as still very long and boring until programmers saw an opportunity there and then started to write software to fully automate the article writing and switching the words for synonyms.

A new industry evolved shortly after with all kinds of new “lingo” to address all the new functionality. They call this: “Article Spinning”.

Essentially, the software will automatically find a lot of synonyms for every words an put it together in a group of text called: “Spintax”.

Articles Created Automatically

It’s kind of complicated to explain, Jonathan Leger is one of those programmers that capitalized on that niche market and he made an awesome 10 minute video that explains article spinning with fancy graphics and all.

I’ve been using his software and following his tips and tricks and incorporated them in my article marketing campaign. The cool part is that his software “The Best Spinner” is that it can easily integrate with another important tool to create automated back linking campaigns. Check out my backlink tool video for more info about that.

Of course The Best Spinner is not the only player in town, it just happens to be the one I’m using. Like always I strongly encourage you to look at more than one product so you can use the one that works best for you.

Other similar companies that offer this type of product are: Spinner Chief, WordAi, Spin Rewriter, Chimp Rewriter, Article Samurai and I’m pretty sure there are tons more if you search for “Article Spinner”.

What about you, how can an article spinning software help you?

Article Marketing Secrets To Get More Traffic

Article MarketingArticle marketing is another form of promotion that exists online. Essentially, you write an article, post it on an article directory and allow other people to take your article and post on their site as content.

Side Note! Get some feedback from your readers. People like having a say in the way things are run.

The advantage of doing article marketing is that when a new blog owner gets your article to post it on their site, they have to put what’s called the “author signature box”. That’s a little blurb about the author and a link to a site of his.

There’s so many tips and tricks available to make article marketing work out there that it can be somewhat confusing at first but don’t worry I’ll make it simple for you.

When you write an article for the article directories, try to write about timeless materials. Don’t write about a technical step by step way of doing things on a specific site because the internet, websites and software are constantly evolving. Instead talk more about concepts that won’t change over time.

  1. Come up with interesting catchy title for your articles. A great headline will draw more attention to viewers and will entice them to want to read your article.
  2. Make sure your article is well organized. Use an awesome introduction paragraph, use bullet point to put more emphasis on the important points.
  3. Keep your article simple to understand. Don’t use complicated words. Make it so an 8th grader could understand what you’re talking about. Remember the people who are looking at your article don’t know all the fancy lingo, hence why they were looking for more information in the first place.
  4. After that’s done, re-read your article a couple times. Take a little break or go for a walk, come back so when your mind is fresh, you can re-read it and see if there’s anything that needs to be changed.

When that’s all done, you’re now ready to post to article directories such as Ezine Article or Go Article. If you search for “Article Directories” online you’ll find tons more places where you can promote your articles.

Article Marketing Summary

Side Note! When people are working on marketing their articles to bring traffic to their websites or sell a product, most of them will do this themselves.

In summary article marketing can be summed up this way: put your keyword in your catchy title, use paragraphs and bullet points, keep it simple to understand, review your article then publish them. When done properly, you’ll see more traffic coming to your site.

What about you, when are you going to start incorporating article marketing to get more traffic to your site?

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