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How to buy Bitcoins

How to buy Bitcoins, Litecoins & Etherium

What is Bitcoin?

What is the Blockchain?

Getting Started With Bitcoin – Top 5 Things To Know

Online Exchanges

So How To Buy Bitcoin Litecoin Etherium exactly? Simple, convert your fiat currency (USD, CAD, etc) using the help of an online exchange. Please note, I personally prefer Litecoin but it’s good to have  a little bit of each (diversification).

If you want to fund your account via credit card follow these steps:

  • open an account on Coinbase
  • verify your identity
  • chose to buy Bitcoin (I personally prefer Litecoin as of right now; more growth opportunity and cheaper)
  • load money on your account
  • now you have Bitcoins
  • next send your Bitcoins to your paper wallet

If you want to fund your account via Online Interact or direct deposit, open an account on:


Here are other exchanges to convert your FIAT currency to Bitcoins:

** Important NEVER keep your bitcoins in online exchanges as if the exchange goes out of business, it will bring your coins with it. Always make sure you have access/control of your “private keys”. The best way to store your Bitcoins is in cold storage, here a three different cold storage methods available to you: Paper Wallets, Hard Drive Wallets or Hardware Wallets. See further down for more information on creating Paper Wallets.

Price Charts

If you want to see the price charts of bitcoins check out:

How to make a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet

** NEVER EVER lose your private key address as you will never be able to have access to your account again.

Hard Drive Wallet

Hardware Wallet


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