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How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps

How To Buy A HouseIn today’s CareerFH episode, I’ll show you how to buy a house in 3 easy steps.

How To Buy A House Step 1 – Financing

That’s right, before even shopping for a house you’ve got to know what you can afford first. When I was in real estate I used to explain to my clients that there’s no point in going looking for houses until they know their budget.

It’s better to know your price range first rather than looking at inventory that’s too expensive.

In order to see what you can afford, you can go speak to your bank or a mortgage broker and ask them for a “mortgage pre-approval” or simply ask them: “I’d like to buy a house but I would like to know what mortgage amount I can qualify for.”

I personally recommend going to see a mortgage broker as their job is to find you financing. They will only get paid a commission if the deal goes through so there’s no upfront money for this service.

To qualify for a mortgage you have to have at least two of the three following: a stable job (meaning at least 2 years), an excellent credit report  and/or a large down payment. You can check out your own credit score through any of these three major credit bureaus: Equifax.comTransUnion.com or Experian.com)

You must have at least two of those three qualifiers. If you don’t have any of them; then I recommend you plan your future by taking the appropriate steps to achieve them, then revisit your mortgage broker when you’re ready. In the mean time you can still rent while you get everything in order.

How To Buy A House Step 2 – House Shopping

Now that you know your price range, it’s time to go house hunting. You can look at properties by yourself on sites like mls.ca in Canada or mls.com in United States. You can also look at classified ads site in the house for sale section. If you’re starting off though, I would recommend you work with a Realtor.

A real estate sale professional’s job is to help you find what you want based on your needs. They are also paid when there’s a purchase so again, no upfront cost on your end.

Simply find a good Realtor and let them know what your pre-approve mortgage amount is or what you’re qualified amount is. Here’s a word of advice; never go for your top qualified amount, really use this number as maximum only.

Ideally, if you can find something comfortable for less it’s better. Don’t fall under the trap that you need a big house right now. Use this as a starter home, build equity and in about five years from your date of purchase you can start looking around if you need to up size because your family’s growing or you simply want a bigger office.

Take the equity you’ve built overtime and apply it as a down payment on your new house.

Coming back to working with a Realtor, they will also give you advice, educate you and draft your agreements. Make sure at a very minimum that you have these three topics to protect yourself in your offer.

  1. Subject to financing.
  2. Subject to inspection.
  3. If deal falls through deposit to be refunded.

Tell your Realtor that you want at least those in your offer and they will draft the clause with more details. You’re Realtor will also suggest more clauses depending on the type of property your getting (like: house, condo, town house, lake front, etc).

In this step, this is where you must complete your responsibilities such as confirming your financing (bring your offer to your mortgage broker), hiring an inspector to inspect the property and whatever else needs to be done. Again your Realtor will be guiding you throughout this whole process.

They go through rigorous trainings and constant education updates to make sure they can assist you every step of the way with respect to industry standards. I know, I’ve been there.

How To Buy A House Step 3 – Close The Deal

Once the seller and you have an agreed completed contract with all the conditions waived, it’s time to complete the transaction. For this, you’ll need to bring your offer to your lawyer or have your Realtor fax it or email it to your lawyer.

Over there, your lawyer will make final checks to make sure everything is okay such as land title checks, transfer the funds from one bank to another, registers and records the deed and also transfers the house keys in your hands.

Other Valuable Info You Need To Know On How To Buy A House

You need upfront cash for your security deposit. Usually $500 or $1,000 held in escrow will do the trick. This is in step two, your Realtor will give you further advice on it. You also have to pay for your inspection services which is about $500 and finally you have to pay your lawyer up front and that can be around $2,000.

How To buy A House Conclusion

As you can see, figuring out how to buy a house is not that difficult when you break it down in simple steps. Keep in mind that you’re not doing everything by yourself. You’re using the assistance of professionals to guide and help you throughout the whole process. They are in the business of customer service and you are the customer. These professionals are working for you and not the other way around. Always remember that! So don’t be shy and ask them questions.

What about you, how does my “How To Buy A House In 3 Easy Steps” article helps you better understand the whole process?

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

What Is TranscriptionYou’ve probably heard of transcription services before and now you’re asking yourself: “What is transcription?” According to Wikipedia:

“A transcription service is a business which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.” It also says: “The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report.”

In a nutshell a transcription service is a company for hire that listens to your audio or video and type what they hear into a document.

Once you hire that company you send your audio or video files and the transcription service provider get’s one of their employees called “transcribers” to transcribe your video or audio. Once the transcribing process is complete, the typed up file is sent back to you.

What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business?

Now that you know what is transcription, let’s look at how it can help your business. On the internet, one of the motto is: “Content Is King!”. That’s because content is like a form of currency, it’s a form value, and the more value you’ve got out there on the World Wide Web, the more it will give you credibility, social status, recognition and sales.

As entrepreneurs often time is the limited resource that we don’t want waste and got to leverage as much as possible. It happens to us all the time that we have a telephone conversation with someone answering all kind of questions, could be thirty minutes to an hour or more. Then once that’s done, you’ve helped one person but no more, it’s not an efficient way to maximise helping lots of people.

What if, you’ve used a free conference call system that already exists to record your telephone conversation? Not only would you have a recorded audio file of your conversation but you could also send it for transcription and turn that into either a blog post, a special report, an FAQ.

What Is Transcription ProcessWhat I mean is that from one piece of work that you normally do, you can leverage that into three difference piece of content that targets different channels of distribution, live interaction, audio podcasting, blogging and finally you can turn your audio and word document into a presentation video for your video marketing purposes.

Now word of caution thought, if you do record your call, make sure the other party consents to it and reassure them that if there are any sensitive information that you will remove it through your sanitizing process.

I do it all the time, if someone asks me for advice over the telephone I’ll let them know: “Hey if you don’t mind I’d like to record our conversation so I can use the information I give you to help other people.” It’s a win-win situation, they get to have my advice and in exchange I get to use their questions and my answers to create new piece of content.

All those extra piece of content possible because you hired a transcriber. Here are some great reputable companies that offer this kind of service: CastingWords.comRev.comVerbalInk.comWayWithWords.net and SpeechPad.com.

Hopefully this “What Is Transcription & How Can It Help My Business” article gave you some insights. What about you, in which other creative ways will you get audio content from?

Text To Speech Free Tool

Text To Speech Free ToolA text to speech free tool can help you be more productive and do more than one thing at once. It will read text or transfer the text to voice so you can listen to an audio version of the e-book you’re trying to read.

Unlike a natural reader, a text to speech free tool will be a synthetic voice kind of like a robot but nothing to worry, the quality of text to voice is pretty clear and comprehensible.

I started looking at text to speech online when I bought my first Kindle e-book. For some reason, I just can’t stand to sit and read an e-book all day.

That being said, I don’t mind listening to it through a text reader that has the functionality to speed up the “text speak” speed. It’s apparent that I can listen and take in lots more information via audio than by reading hence why I much prefer getting audibooks through Audible.

But sometimes, the book I want is not available in an audio version so go to my other alternative which is to use a text to speech free tool. Often times I’ll put my text reader play speed at 300% so I can get the information faster and to do that on my Kindle book, I used the Kindle for PC Accessibility Plugin.

If it would normally take me three hours to listen to an audiobook at regular play speed, going at 300% you can reduce that to one hour while doing something else.

If I’m doing something on the computer that is a repetitive task that is mindless, then I’ll go ahead listen to an audiobook, pausing, taking notes, etc. If I require concentration like when I’m writing then I’m not listening to an audiobook, I usually put background music with very low volume.

If I’m on the fly listening through my android device, then I do carry a small notepad and pen around when I hear anything that I like, I time stamp whatever information I really find relevant or the little golden nuggets, I write down the times so I can later revisit that section when I’m at the computer. I use an app called Audio Speed Changer (ASC) to change the plays peed of mp3 audiobooks.

Text To Speech Free Tool Continued

Anyways, I’m going off topic here, coming back to text to speech free tool. You can use Microsoft Narrator that comes with Windows 7 to have your computer read what’s on your screen and/or you can also use the “Read Out Loud” function to get PDF to speech activated.

What about you, which text to speech free tool will you be using?

Publish Your Own Book & Print On Demand

Publish Your Own BookAs a web entrepreneur, you are in the information business, why not take all your blog post and publish your own book or your own home study course?

Book publishing is now easier than ever with print on demand technology. It used to be very expensive and only the big boys were able to self publish and demonstrate tons of credibility.

But now, you no longer have to place a minimum order of like 5,000 books and have a huge inventory in your garage to get your work published.

Product fulfillment companies have made book publishing easier than ever before for the small internet entrepreneur by levelling the playing field with printing on demand.

I remember I first figured this out when we wanted to make our movie accessible to people but we didn’t want to place a huge order. Quite frankly, as little guys, we didn’t have the budget for that.

After looking at various solutions I stumbled on a website called Kunaki.com. Here’s how it works, we send our DVD case artwork and DVD files (which contains the movie) to them, we tell them how much we want to sell it for and then they have it in their computers.

In return they give us a purchase link that we can send to our contacts, friends, family, customers, etc. When someone makes a purchase through our link, the company prints the artwork, makes the DVD, packages it, sends it by mail to the purchaser, collects the payment and remits to us our share of the money collected.

They make everything possible with total peace of mind on our end. If I recall, back in 2009 the price was about $2. So we could ask for $15 for our movie, the company would keep $2 and send us $13. Now this is what I call: “a hands off, automated process”. Can you see the potential?

Publish Your Own Book A Throught Fulfillment Center

Now that I knew about the concept of printing on demand and that it was all possible through a product fulfillment center to create hard copies automatically, I start looking at who the big boys used.

I research their websites, ordered some of their stuff and looked for clues that would point me in the right direction to see which companies they are dealing with. It turns out that the most popular product fulfillment center used amongst internet marketers is Disk.com.

They’ve been in business since 1984 so they know things work. Not only can they do DVD, they can also do books, cds, training manuals, binders, home study course packaging and tons more. By now you know me, you know I I like to give different solutions too, so here it is, some other great product fulfillment alternatives are Vervante.com and Createspace.com.

You now know how easy it is to have your very own products printed and shipped automatically without spending a dime upfront.

What about you, now knowing about printing on demand when will you publish your own book?

Live Chat Software One Ups Your Competition

Live Chat SoftwareWith the help of a live chat software you can instantly add an instant presence to your website.

If you come to think about it, the reason why we (entrepreneurs and business people) have an online presence is to promote and advertise our products or services, in order to generate leads and sales.

Traditionally speaking, a customer would fill out the contact form to request more information and by the time we get back to them, it could possibly be too late.

I can’t remember where but I’ve read somewhere that if you can answer someone within seven minutes of their initial request you are more than likely to convert them into a sale.

The best time to talk to a potential customer is when they’re red hot and they can’t get any hotter than live on the spot. Now’s the time to talk to them, not tomorrow.

To help shorten that gap between initial contact and response time, online marketers have developed live chat software that you can plug into your website to instantly have conversation with your visitor. How cool is that!

While you’re working on your business, you would get notified on the spot, by your live chat software, when someone is on your website asking questions. Which in turn opens up countless new opportunities.

Live Chat Software

The best live chat software that I’ve seen other professional companies use like LiverPerson.com and LiveHelpNow.net, are self hosted which means that they work on their own servers and all you have to do is add a piece of code to your website.

If you have a WordPress blog, no worries, other self hosted live chat software like Zopim.com (sign up, then download their Zopim Worpress Plugin) and ClickDesk.com (sign up, then you can also get their ClickDesk WordPress Plugin) offer easy to install Worpress plugins.

Finally if you’re more of an advanced computer user and like to use open source kind of software, you’re in luck. You can get an open source live chat software at HelpCenterLive.com.

Just a note, this is way more advanced so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, stay away from this solution.

Of course if I always recommend you find out the live chat software that is best for you. If you want additional options simply search for “live chat support” your favorite search engine.

What about you, how can using a live chat software help you in your business?

Free QR Code Generator Can Make These Images

Free QR Code Generator Make TheseIn this article I’ll show you how to make a QR Code with the help of a Free QR Code Generator.

So by now you’ve probably noticed QR codes here and there hence why you’re looking to create your own but if you’re not quite sure what is a QR code or what it can do for you; let me explain.

A QR code allows people with smart phone to scan your code (almost like a bar code in the store except it uses your camera on your smart phone with QR scanner app) and it will bring them wherever you want website wise. These QR Codes are great to place on your print advertising such as a business card, flyer, poster, hand out, etc.

Instead of people trying to type in your long website url, they can simply go to your site with a simple click of a button. It’s literally the same thing as taking a picture.

You can send people to your website, to a Youtube video, your social media, the sky’s the limit. Here’s an example of how I used a QR code in the past.

In the stunt industry it’s good practice to make your demo reel accessible to other coordinators in the industry. You can write the full Youtube URL of your demo on your resume but it would look like this: “http://youtu.be/uClXDPd80dI“.

More than likely, coordinators will not take the time to decipher those letters or even bather to type it in. Instead, I’ve put a QR code that leads straight to my demo reel allowing them to see what my skill set are.

Free QR Code Generator

Now let’s look at how to make a QR Code with the help of a Free QR Code Generator and link it to your website of choice.

First go to a free site like QR Stuff.com, put the link of your website in the appropriate field, let the QR creator do its magic then click “Download QR Code” and save the image on your computer. That’s it, super easy stuff.

You’ll need to have a QR scanner on your smart phone if you’re trying to “read” your newly created QR symbol.

If you want to get fancy and all they have different little add-ons that you can take advantage of but I’ll let you figure out what they are.

What about you, how can the free QR code generator help you in your business?

Event Management and Online Registration Software

Event Management and Online Registration SoftwareEvent management can be a real pain. Don’t you hate it when you organize a paid event and then at the last minute a whole bunch of people just don’t show up and flake on you?

Like you’ve taken your own time and effort paid like $500 for something that would be split in ten so $50 dollars each then. You’re expecting your guest to show up and pay you cash before the event starts and next thing you know 3 don’t show up, which leaves the responsibility of the extra cost on you.

I hear your pain my friend, something that I’ve learned overtime is that when someone is excited and hot with scarcity involved, now is the time you’ve got to collect but when you’re speaking over the phone, it’s not that easy. Not everybody can take credit cards over the phone. Actually most people can’t.

Here was my first big event management opportunity that I had to organize and collect monies from. We had just featured our newly finished film EVOL in Hollywood. After winning the “Audience Choice Award”, it only made sense to bring back the movie home and have it projected at our hometown local screens in Ottawa. That’s right, my event management challenge was that I had to rent a movie theater to premier our film EVOL in Ottawa; our own city.

When you’re in your twenties, have a limited budget in your pockets, luck is not the kind of thing that you want to rely on by waiting until the night of the screening and hope for the best. You need to fill out a minimum amount of seats just to break even.

Because of prior experiences, a had a few tricks up my sleeves to make this event management opportunity run smoothly. First thing I did was to approach local companies to get sponsors to fund the event. Check!

People want to support a good cause and I said that we were a young generation, trying to make something out of ourselves and contribute back to society. We said we’d give 10% of our proceeds to our local charity The Ottawa Food Bank, which we did! If you promise something like that make sure you honor your word.

Now that I’ve had sponsors, the cost of the theater rental was fully covered putting a lot less stress on my shoulders.

I remember hearing about a cool event management registration software where people could pay online, upfront to reserve their spot. At the end, you’d get a print out of your guest list. That online registration software to sell event tickets is called Eventbrite.

Everything is in the preparation, so I created a free account at the Eventbrite website, I filled in the blanks, so 325 tickets at $10 each + plus the percentage that Eventbrite takes (which is about 2.9%). Then the promotion began, you advertise on social networks, to your friends and family, etc. and you all point them to your event management page and it does the rest.

The most important is that you tell your audience, first come first serve. When they go on the website to reserve their spot, they’ve got 8 minutes to complete their payment otherwise their spot is back for grabs, now that’s scarcity (which is the fear of missing out on something because there’s not enough for everybody).

Talk about a smooth show, we’ve had a full house, sadly we had to deny entry to people that didn’t buy upfront and were hoping to by tickets at the front doors. Because it was sold out ahead of time, there was none left. I felt sad for turning them away but on the other hand I was so proud that the theater was so packed.

The whole event management process via Eventbrite made things runs so smoothly.

Event Management and Online Registration Software Continued

That was my first time that I’ve used that event management company. I was so happy and excited that I kept them in my personal rolodex of important contacts. I later used Eventbrite again when I organized a Limobus party. I knew I had to pay the limousine company upfront for their services and I knew I needed 22 tickets sold to cover all the cost.

Limobus PartyI’ve set up an event called “Limobus Party” and that only 22 tickets where available again sold on a first come first serve basis. There was no refund, if you said you’d show up, I didn’t care but if you bought a ticket, now that spoke for itself, if they canceled at the last minute, it was their lost or responsibility to find another buyer, not me.

Again, the party was a huge hit, I had peace of mind the whole time and not once was I worried to get enough people to split the cost. I’ve put the buying deadline a week before the actual event started.

So I had to fill the limo bus otherwise I would cancelled the event personally refund everybody (and I would have taken the responsibility to pay for the Eventbrite processing fees because I was the one in charge, after all, they’ve done their part of registering, collecting payment and giving me a guest list, right).

Now these are just a few examples of things that I’ve done but the sky’s the limit. Say you’re organizing a seminar, you can get people to register before hand, you can also sell the spots. Example you could set it up where they pay $20 to reserve their spot and if they show up, you refund it back to them and if they no show on you, call it your cancellation fee.

The venue is actually super irrelevant, it could be a hotel, a restaurant, a picnic outside, etc. it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that people register and/or pay.

A friend of mine is a professional stage hypnotist and he was looking for a way to handle all the ticket sales from his website for his events and an easy way to manage all that. No more asking friends to sell tickets, collect money, get more tickets, lose money, etc. Set up a campaign, tell all your friends, family or business partners to promote your Eventbrite link and the rest is history.

What about you, how can an event management software tool like Eventbrite help you organize your next event?

How Secure Is My Password and Best Password Manager

How Secure Is My Password and Best Password ManagerEver asked yourself: “How secure is my password” Let’s face it, it’s impossible to remember all the passwords that we create. We’ve got some for our personal life, some for work, some with simple words, others request alpha numeric, then came case sensitive, numbers and now symbol and on top of that, some you’ve got to change them periodically.

Can you say INSANE? Oh right I forgot to mention, on top of all those pesquie passwords, you’ve got to remember your usernames or which e-mail address you’ve used and on which site.

If you have no system in place, it will kill your productivity, period. I was consulting with clients showing them how to set up a website for their small business, that they would need various access to “online tools”. So for every site, they had been writing down their URLs, usernames and passwords on a loose sheet of paper.

I personally thought it was odd to write everything down but to each their own. Here’s why, on our next session, it took my clients about 2 hours just trying to login to their account. When they wrote down the information, like five new sites, it’s easy to make a mistake, what if the “I” is a lower case “L” or a one, or zero with “O” and so on, imagine after every 3 failed attempts you get locked out for 20 minutes.

This is when I jumped in and started advising on a different solution. It wasn’t part of my mandate but I just had to show a better way. I’ve been using a system that I’ve put together since roughly 2004, and it’s kind of too bad I didn’t think of that before, I could have saved so much time.

Forward that to today, I can no longer understand how not everybody has developed their own system yet. To the point that when I trained my new staff members at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the first thing I did in their “Welcome Package” was to include a cheat sheet template to be used as a username and password manager.

So here’s how it worked, you open up a Word Document, create a template where you can copy and paste the information that you get. Based on my experience this is what you need to make it the most effective.

You need to have the first line as the URL or location of the tool if it’s on your computer, second you need your username, password, e-mail you registered with, and other optional ones can me account number, date, notes, etc.

Then you password protect your document when you save your document so every time you open it up, you have to enter your “master password”, that’s right, only one password to remember.

Once you have that document, you can also send it to your own e-mail address every week, month or whatever time you choose to have a backed up copy of all your passwords in case you computer breaks and yes, computers sometimes do break down, check out my other article about best cloud storage to back up your computer for more information.

The reason having a document with your passwords all in one place is that you can now use the “Find” feature, (CTRL + F) and find what you’re looking for in a snap. For a neuroscience explanation of why my method works, here’s a cool video that explains how your brain and memory work.

Now with a system in place you can take a strong password generator and just copy paste the password without even trying to remember what it is. Beautiful!

How Secure Is My Password and Best Password Manager

Of course that’s just one method that I’ve been personally using for a long time but there are other ways too. A friend of mine is using another free service that’s called LastPass.com where all your websites, usernames and passwords are stored “in the cloud”.

He says it’s the best password manager and form fill that he’s found. After his recommendation, I’ve been giving it a try and it seems promising but I’m still going to use my old ways just because it’s been engrained in my DNA by now and it also acts as a backup. lol

If you really want something more secure, you can upgrade for like a $1 per month and use this in conjunction with Google Authenticate where, you put in your username and password into the site, then Google sends you a text message with another code that changes like every minute. This is almost like the volt’s combination in Ocean’s Eleven casinos. Depending on how big your business is, I think it’s way over kill for me but again, every business needs are different so no judgement here.

Another best password manager site that a lot of online professional marketers are using is RoboForm.com. Just like above this company is a really good alternative, it also saves all of your websites, usernames, passwords and also lets you form fill.

Just to clarify, form fill is an automated way to automatically fill out the forms you see when you land on a page that requests to sign-up. Essentially, you fill out your personal details in the form fill section once and then with a click of a button auto-fill everything.

If you prefer an alternative that’s open source then Keepass.info is probably the best password manager for you.

What about you, have you ever asked yourself: “I wonder how secure is my password?” And with the information you’ve learned today, remembering one password is clearly easier, what did you like the most about the best password manger tips? Share your thoughts and comments down below.

Transfer Big Files And How To Email Large Files For Free

Transfer Big FilesHow do we transfer big files from one computer to another over the internet? I remember, a while back, when I my friend was doing video editing for my martial arts demo reel and head shot pictures.

He would transfer the big files over the internet (as our e-mail attachment had a size limit of 25 mb) to get my feedback. It’s kind of annoying when you want to do a large file transfer to a friend or a business partner just looking for feedback. I mean you could go the FTP route and upload your stuff on your own hosted servers but we just wanted a simple solution.

He would send large files free of charge via the website SendSpace.com. Essentially you could compress a bunch of files into one zip file, upload it on Send Space, enter the e-mail address of your friend or business partner, push a button and there you go, you are now file sharing free of charge also.

Since then, I’ve always used that website to transfer big files. The maximum upload per file is 250 mb but you can send as many files as you want. Normally, after you’ve uploaded your files, these file sharing sites will send a download link to your friends e-mail.

After your friend downloads the file, they can then click on the second link which deletes the file on the company’s servers.

Keep in mind that when you transfer big files like that, that your data goes on the internet for a period of time (until it’s removed) so don’t send sensitive information. If you do, make sure you password protect your information or in that case perhaps might just want to keep it on your own personal USB stick.

Transfer Big Files Alternatives

Here are a few other large file transfer website that are available for you to use.

Pipebytes.com – Doesn’t have a file size limit which is pretty cool.

Filedropper.com – Has a size limit of 5gb.

Files2u.com – Has a size limit of 3 gb.

What about you, when are you going to transfer big files?

Note Taking Strategies For Entrepreneurs On The Fly

Note Taking StrategiesNote taking strategies are important to implement within your day to day activities. This is how you create a “book of ideas”.

Here’s a list of note taking strategies that I’ve used in the past that I think can help you organize your thoughts when on the fly.

Always have a pen and piece of paper handy, put it in your suit case, your bag, etc.

Have a word processing document on a laptop or tablet, where you can put all your thoughts in one place. Separate your document using a table of content and various headers that way you can categorize your ideas until you have enough information to make valuable content out of it.

Take pictures of examples of things you like or as memory trigger when sitting down to write new content.

Download an mp3 app on your smart phone where you can record voice notes.

Download a note taking app on your smart phone.

Another really good app that integrates all various aspects of note taking strategies is the app called EverNote. EverNote is in the cloud, your computer, your smart phone and connects everything together.

If you don’t have access to anything, you can always call your own phone and leave yourself a voice message that you can retrieve later. Or send yourself an e-mail from an internet café.

In all the different note taking strategies, here’s one of my favorite ones. It’s called Livescribe and the way it works, is that it’s a pen, but not any kind of pen, it’s a digital pen that records what you’re writing down and records what you say at the same time. It’s pretty cool especially when you’re trying to outsource something, often we like to doodle on a note pad as we explain our vision or our story.

This super awesome tool allows you to do just that. You write and explain everything as if the person is standing right in front of you, then you upload it and send it to them. This is the technology I’ve personally used to make my “MLM Secret Success Plan Blueprint” animated presentation. I drew everything, then contacted an outsourcer and asked them to make this look pretty.

Note Taking Strategies Take Away

It’s important to use note taking strategies to always keep an “idea journal” up to date and fresh with new ideas. So when you get one of those days that you just don’t know what to talk about, take a glance at your notebook and from there you can use a mind map software to organize your ideas into an action plan.

What about you, do you have any note taking strategies that can help other people? Share them below.

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