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Online Education Is the Fastest Way To Learn New Skills

Online EducationOnline education can be broken down in two categories. Free and paid. Nowadays pretty much everything is available for free through search engines such as Google or Bing and video sites like Youtube or Vemeo.

We live in world of abundant knowledge available at our finger tips. The good thing about free knowledge and online education is that if you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it you can get the information right away.

The problem with this free online education method is, is if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never even think to look for it.

Hence why you could spend hours upon hours of watching and searching through mountains of information just to get that one specific gold nugget.

Now is when you’ve got to consider and factor in the value of your time. Is it worth more time to try to figure things out by yourself or is it smarter to ask someone to point you in the right direction?

The good thing about the paid online education is that often you have a problem and you seek more information by asking the questions to an expert either for advice or you have a membership to a site that offers complete courses via online education on specific topics.

By knowing exactly what you’re looking for or being sent on the right online education track, you can save a tremendous amount of your valuable time.

Online Education Continued

More than likely if you’re somewhat like me, where you want to have your business online and are trying to get things up and running, you need to know some basics in online lingo. Like HTML for example, you don’t need to know all of it by heart but it’s good to understand the basics of it.

A really good free online education site that I’ve used to learn all kinds of stuff related to the internet, like programming languages, CSS, etc is w3schools.com On this site, it offers you a section to learn and safe place to try new code without “breaking” your website so to speak.

Another awesome free online education location to ask questions is a site called StackOverflow.com. Basically you can read through previously asked questions, or search based on keywords or topics and see the best related answers. This site focuses on programming. They also have a dedicated section for WordPress alone, which is another good place to look for answers.

If you want to learn search engine optimization, SeoInPractice.com offers a great complete web based e-book that explains SEO. You can also check out my other videos in the SEO category if you want more information in an “easy to understand way”.

As for paid online education Lynda.com is one of my absolute best choices. They bring in experts on all kinds of software and they give online courses about the specific topic.

You can watch the whole thing from beginning to the end like an actual course, or you can jump in right in the section that you really are trying to figure out.

When I have a sticky point on how to do something specific about a software; I look for the answer on Google and Youtube first. Often, I find one method but sometimes I need something more specific.

So I go to my Lynda back office, I type the name of the software I want more info on, then BAM, I find what I’m looking for because of the expert advice.

Lynda.com is great place to learn intricacies about specific software or topic however when I want to get a marketing’s perspective on things, I go listen to successful marketers. Check out my article about “traditional education or specialized education to grow your business” for more information on this topic.

Now if you just want to learn other typical stuff you’d find in traditional schools like science, math, physics etc, but via free online education check out KhanAcademy.org. If you want to see all kinds of science lectures then FreeScienceOnline.blogspot.ca has a lot of them available or learn more about MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

These are the tools and locations that I use on a daily basis to keep my skills sharp. What about you, where and how do you get your online education?

Live Chat Software One Ups Your Competition

Live Chat SoftwareWith the help of a live chat software you can instantly add an instant presence to your website.

If you come to think about it, the reason why we (entrepreneurs and business people) have an online presence is to promote and advertise our products or services, in order to generate leads and sales.

Traditionally speaking, a customer would fill out the contact form to request more information and by the time we get back to them, it could possibly be too late.

I can’t remember where but I’ve read somewhere that if you can answer someone within seven minutes of their initial request you are more than likely to convert them into a sale.

The best time to talk to a potential customer is when they’re red hot and they can’t get any hotter than live on the spot. Now’s the time to talk to them, not tomorrow.

To help shorten that gap between initial contact and response time, online marketers have developed live chat software that you can plug into your website to instantly have conversation with your visitor. How cool is that!

While you’re working on your business, you would get notified on the spot, by your live chat software, when someone is on your website asking questions. Which in turn opens up countless new opportunities.

Live Chat Software

The best live chat software that I’ve seen other professional companies use like LiverPerson.com and LiveHelpNow.net, are self hosted which means that they work on their own servers and all you have to do is add a piece of code to your website.

If you have a WordPress blog, no worries, other self hosted live chat software like Zopim.com (sign up, then download their Zopim Worpress Plugin) and ClickDesk.com (sign up, then you can also get their ClickDesk WordPress Plugin) offer easy to install Worpress plugins.

Finally if you’re more of an advanced computer user and like to use open source kind of software, you’re in luck. You can get an open source live chat software at HelpCenterLive.com.

Just a note, this is way more advanced so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, stay away from this solution.

Of course if I always recommend you find out the live chat software that is best for you. If you want additional options simply search for “live chat support” your favorite search engine.

What about you, how can using a live chat software help you in your business?

Web Scheduler To Booking Appointment Nightmare

Web SchedulerA web scheduler is not to be confused with a simple online calendar. A web scheduler is a web based application that you can put on your website that allows clients to independently book their own appointments with your business.

Whereas an online calendar simply organizes your personal activities online. True some online calendars can be shared with people so they too can modify it but it usually means that you have to give them specific permissions.

The web scheduler on the other had is specifically designed to deal with multiple people on the internet. When someone books a time slot, it automatically removes it from the available allowed space to the other visitors.

Another super cool feature to consider when shopping for your web scheduler is whether or not you want it to be intergraded with a payment solution.

Say you offer coaching or consulting services, wouldn’t it be nice if your client goes on your website, checks out your schedule, chooses a time slot and pay for the 15 minutes coaching or consulting service? All that process done automatically before you even speak with the paying customer?

Think about it, your time is worth more doing what you do best which is your specific skill set rather than trying to book appointments. The same technology works if you’re a trade’s person.

Your online web scheduler shows your prospects your potential availability, they chose from the list of options available and can pay you directly online through easy online invoicing.

In your back office you can see all the invoices that have gone out, the ones that are paid, late, etc. With one click of a button you can send a fully customized reminder of the late payment.

Web Scheduler Resources

A web scheduler is just one the awesome tool that today’s technology allows business owners to incorporate with their website. An awesome complete web scheduler with all those features is vCita.com.

If your looking for different solutions, check out the following. BookFresh.com, TimeTrade.com, Acuityscheduling.com, Appointy.com and Clickbook.net or you can also type “online scheduling” in Google to get tons more results.

What about you, how can a web scheduler help your business? Share your thoughts.

2 Workloads – Active vs Passive

2 workloads2 Workloads that will determine your level of success.

Have you been working on your business for a long time now and you’re still not getting the results and you don’t know why?

Have you ever fallen in the trap of working a lot on your business yet it can’t seem to get any results?  Well, let there be no shame.  Until I figured this out back when I was selling life insurance, I too was in the same boat.

For any home based business that you’re doing as an entrepreneur, not an employee, sales are involved (if you don’t know the 4 various types of business check them out here).  I don’t care what other people are saying, let me repeat that, sales are involved.  Whether it’s recommending or referring someone to an opportunity, you still have to sale your prospect on watching a video presentation and you still have to guide your prospect to a call to action for the close.

I mostly see this as a major issue in multi level marketing.  In mlm recruits are sold on the idea that they don’t have to do anything more than refer a few people to their opportunity and that their prospect will magically sign up under them.  I’ve heard similar things before: “No, no, you don’t have to do any selling, just bring people to see the presentation, have them watch this online presentation or DVD”.

Sorry to break it hard to you my friends, having a home base business is one of the greatest opportunities out there however to make money you’ve got to move products or services from point A to point B and you got to be positioned as the middleman and close those sales.

Understanding The 2 Workloads

You got to understand there are 2 types of works loads when working from home and until you figure this out, you may or may never realize how important it is.

The first one is what I like to call the passive workload and it’s mainly there to support the second one which is the active workload.  Allow me to clarify:

Side Note! There are two different workloads, passive and active. The active work is what pays you.

Passive workload is all the work that involves studying new materials, all the little intricacies from the comp plan, the technical knowhow, reading charts and stats, read motivational books, attending seminars, doing filing, filling out paperwork, training your team, etc.

Now active workload which is mainly performance based and results oriented.  This includes every proactive step that involves prospecting with new people to get more clients.  Like making phone calls, meeting people 1 on 1, giving a home meeting, closing your prospect, etc.

Are you starting to see where I’m getting at?  Too often I see people get stuck into passive work, from one task to another but always in the passive workload.  In order to avoid the loop of doom, you must understand those 2 workloads to know where your time is going.  Ask yourself: “Where does this task fall under?”

To operate a home based business effectively you should allocate your time into 25% of passive workload and 75% of active workload.  You heard me right!  You should spend 3 times as much time being out there talking to people, moving products or services to grow your business.

In summary, passive workloads are important to support your active workload but the active workload is what will generate results for your business.

Looking back at your work ethics, where do you stand?  What are your percentages?

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