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Internet Marketing

Ad Words Pay Per Click By Google

Ad WordsAd Words offers two different types of ads. The first type of ad is called Ad Words Search Network and the second type of ads is called the Ad Words Display Network. Let’s look at the two.

Ad Words Search Network are contextual ads meaning that people are searching in Google for a specific topic and that’s when they see your ad if it’s relevant to what their are looking for. These people are super hot so to speak because they are being proactive by researching your topic. They have a problem, then you come with a solution, this can be a super hot lead or a sale on your website.

Ad Words Display Network basically allows you to put ads on other people’s websites that are part of the Google network. Essentially, this way, you have access to the world’s biggest network of websites all under one “umbrella”. This method also allows you to target by interests, demographics, placement targeting as well as contextual targeting.

A lot of people agree that the highest conversion rates will be Google Ad Words Search Network because of the laser sharp precision of targeting your audience that are interested in your services or products according to their keyword research.

Whereas Google  Ad Words Display Network is better recognize to create branding and site awareness. Think of it as billboards on the side of the highway or TV ads. They are there and the way they work is by “interrupting” your prospect with captivating ad copy.

What I mean is that at that time, your prospects were not actively looking to seek out your solution. This method is also good if you want to promote something that adds value but someone would not think to search for that in particular.

Ad Words Continued

Like any marketing techniques, Ad Words pay per click is no exception. You’ve got to track which campaign works versus which one doesn’t work and repeat constantly. Another good tip to keep in mind when creating Ad Words campaigns is create both types of campaigns, this way you get the branding awareness and if or when people later on wants to find you, you’ll also be there within the searches through the search networks.

Before you to spend money on Google Ad Words, I suggest you get a free copy of Perry Marshall’s cheat sheet. Perry is known in the internet community as one of the top experts when it comes to Google Ad Words so I’m sure you’re going to learn a few things.

Once you got his cheat sheet, you can get started by going to the AdWords login page here.

What about you, when are you going to start your Ad Words Campaign? Share your thoughts down below.

PS – Google Ad Words is normally spelled like this: “AdWords” but according to my keyword tool searches, I wanted to optimize my site for Ad Words because of supply and demand.  😉

AB Testing AKA Split testing Will Find You Your Gold

AB TestingAB testing also known as split testing will allow you to track and measure what works versus what doesn’t in your online efforts.

Since everything can be tracked and measured online, there’s no excuse to just throw money on advertising and hope for the best.

Essentially an AB testing software compares two of your landing pages, so page A and page B. You would send traffic to the link of the AB testing software and it would automatically send visitors alternating from one page to the other every time.

This way, you know how many people visited each page and then you can measure your conversions. Whichever one works best, you keep it and you get rid of the non performing one. For more information you can check out the Wikipedia page about AB Testing.

There’s a saying in marketing that goes something like this: “Test, re-test and re-test!” The idea is to always keep AB testing your landing pages to really find the advertising gems.

By weeding out all non-performing landing pages, you’re going to end up with your gold so to speak.

AB Testing

There are different ways to do AB testing if you’re on a tight budget you can use a website called Pageswirl.com where it allows you to have up to five pages in rotations and it’s super simple to use.

There is no need for extensive programming or anything like that, simply put your url in the box and there you go. Keep in mind that this is a good “amateur” solution. It’ll get the job done but with limited functionalities.

If you’re a lot more tech savvy, then Google Analytics offers another free way called Experiments to do AB split testing and more. Here’s a great tutorial on how to set it up.

You can also use the help of Google’s link builder to help create your links. Again, as good as it may be, this strategy is very complex and can be a “pain” to set-up. It’s really not user friendly.

Finally, what most professional companies chose to do, is simply to get a paid service that is super simple to use with no programming involved.

Such companies are Visual Website Optimizer vwo.com or Unbounce.com. The latter is what the heavy duty players like Canon, Amazon and LinkedIn are using to AB split test their pages.

What about you, how can AB testing help you in your business?

Traffic Exchange Secrets Exposed

Traffic ExchangeA traffic exchange site is place where a lot of different entrepreneurs go to advertise their website for free.

The way the traffic exchange site works is that one website owner agrees to see someone else’s website in exchange for a credit. You later use that credit to promote your any sites that you want.

Generally speaking, on a free membership level, traffic exchange’s credit system works with a ratio of like: 3 for 1 or 2 for 1, which means for every 3 sites you visit, you get one visitor to your site.

For a small upgrade fee, you can now get 1 to 1 ratio or if you are a busy person, you can even purchase credits.

The benefit of using a traffic exchange site is that you get instant views, instant visitors and instant traffic to your website. You also know that the viewers are pro-active people because they’re making an effort to promote their website.

Like anything, traffic exchange advertising has cons too and if you’re unaware of these “secrets” or unannounced cons, you can end up losing some money.

Traffic Exchange Secret 1

“You’re going to get an abundance of free traffic to your site.”  Yes, that is true what you’ve got to keep in mind though is that the visitors are not looking for your information per say, they are there only for the 6 to 15 seconds timer countdown required in order to earn a credit to get a visitor view their site.

Traffic Exchange Secret 2

Imagine this; a traffic exchange is like a hotel conference room, which is the venue where all website owners go to give flyers to other visitors. The thing is that all the visitors there are also website owners with the same purpose to get more views on their website.

Knowing that, you can tailor your ads to that specific audience. Example: instead of saying something like: “My product or opportunity is the greatest, buy my stuff.” It screams sales pitch and people will stay away from that, well you might get the odd sale.

Instead a method that is more effective is if you approach your audience with a message like this: “My product or service will help you get free visitors to your website.”

What I mean is that people on a traffic exchange site are entrepreneurs that are trying to make money from home, they already have a business so if you just try to throw a business opportunity; you’ll face resistance.

Whereas if you can give value for free to attract them to your business, they get to know you, trust you, then they will ask for your tricks and tips. At that point when you’re seen as credible, then you can make recommendations.

This is like setting up a booth in the hotel conference room to answer questions for free.

Traffic Exchange Secret 3

Stay away from a traffic exchange site that offers auto-surf capability. There’s nothing for nothing. If you can get free credits by using an auto-surf program to surf automatically for you to gain credits, so will others.

Remember that the other viewers will also use that feature which means that it’s useless, no body’s going to see no body’s site therefore it defeats the whole purpose in the first place. It’s like having the conference room full of flyers but with no body in there to see the ads.

Traffic Exchange Free Report

Overall a traffic exchange site is a great place to market if you know how to do it properly. If traffic exchange is a marketing avenue you wish to explore more, I highly recommend you take a closer at Scott Douglas’ Traffic Exchange Profits free report.

In his 34 pages report, he covers all the fundamental concepts, like indirect selling, conversions, credit costs, credit value and target marketing in the first part. In part two, he goes over the proven success formula which covers more traffic for less surfing, free traffic, better than free traffic, etc.

And finally in his part three, Scott goes over how to get started fast. I mean Scott has been doing this on a professional level since 2007, that’s his niche market and I would recommend you start there, I learned a great deal from his work.

What about you, how will you now approach traffic exchange knowing this new information? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Internet Marketing Revolutionized The Way We Do Business

Internet MarketingInternet marketing is the new modern way to promote your services or products. Back then, it used to be the Yellow Pages phone book. I don’t really have to elaborate on that but just for the fun of it, let’s just confirm what we just said.

When you are looking for a service or something, where do you go to find contact information? … Exactly, the internet! Probably Google or any other search engines to be more specific. With modern technology and almost everybody having access to a cell phone, everybody has access to the web somehow.

To put things in perspective, think of it like if the internet marketing is kind of an umbrella that covers anything from creating your online presence with your own website, branding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), list building, social media presence, etc.

You need a little bit of everything in order to have a successful presence online. Your internet marketing efforts will make your site show up in the search engines and on your prospect’s finger tips when they search for you on their phone or computer.

At the very least, if you are marketing or promoting any services or products, you should have a website. Even if you have just 1 or 2 free blog sites as “online brochure” kind of website, at least you’re offering some sort of content. Eventually, the goal is to have your own website (check out my post about the best hosting sites to host your website, that’s step one) generate you some leads or sales.

Once you have your hosting account set-up, the next thing would be to install a WordPress content management system (CMS) platform on your servers. If you need more assistance or training, Adam wrote a super cool training blog post with videos called “Beginners Guide to Starting a Self Hosted WordPress Site“. He’s got many other great tips with detail explanations.

Make sure once your website/blog is set up that you add content on a scheduled regular basis. Search engine optimization is the art of figuring out how to structure your content on your website to maximize your chances to be on the first page. Essentially, all you got to do is be better than your competitor and if you’re a local “brick and mortar business”, it’ll be a lot easier to rank high in the results for many reasons which is beyond the scope of this blog post.

Side Note! Buy ad space on popular, well-known sites. It’ll drive tons of traffic to your site. But keep in mind getting traffic is only valuable if you can convert it into sales

Next is to build your list. If you are serious about your online presence, you’ll hear this a lot from the internet marketing community: “Build Your List!”. The list basically is for lead generation purposes, for you to connect, communicate and build rapport with your audience. I won’t go into the details of how to build your list here but essentially you can send a news updates, things that are going on, some tips and tricks and special offers for members only.

Make sure your internet marketing is up to par against your competition. Nothing stops you from checking out other people’s website to get inspiration, ideas or just motivate yourself to get yours done better.

Internet Marketing Final Thoughts

Internet marketing has revolutionized how businesses advertise, promote and market their products or services to their target audience. Therefore it is crucial for any types of businesses to have a presence online so people can find it easily at their finger tips.

What about you, where do you think internet marketing will go from here, I mean is here to stay for the long run or perhaps die out like the yellow pages phone book did?

Advertisement Ideas to Promote Your Business

Advertisement IdeasToday I’ll give you a bunch of advertisement ideas either offline or online and free or paid however keep in mind, that a combination of all those advertisement ideas may be better suited for you depending on your own business’ needs.

Example a local construction company may not have the same needs as a network marketer who’s trying to expand is mlm business.  So just keep that in mind and take what works best for you and make it yours.

Also keep in mind that when I say some advertisement ideas are free, technically they are free up to a degree, if you don’t count your time and effort. Everything that is free technically isn’t in the sense that someone offered value to achieve the “free” status.

But for the purpose of this video I’m not counting your time with a dollar value.  Instead I’ll keep the “free” for the actual promotion’s part.  Also I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons of each technique but some of them are better than others.

The idea here is to get your mind to become open and creative with the help of a little kick start boost. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started.

 Free Advertisement Ideas

Free advertisement ideas offline – You can go out and post posters or flyers on bulletin boards, Laundromat, grocery store, barber salons, banks, etc. You can go out and insert your flyer or business card on the windshield wipers of cars in a large parking lot.  You can hold a sign at a busy intersection and you can talk to your friends and family.

Free advertisement ideas online – You can post your ad for free in free classified ad sites such as craigslist.org or kijiji.com. You can write articles that gives value and post them on article sites such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com where they will be hosted and broadcast to a lot people.  You can create and make video content online giving value but at the same time advertising your business.  You can post those videos on sites such as youtube.com or vimeo.com

Paid Advertisement Ideas

Paid advertisement ideas offline – You can put classified ads in your local news paper or magazines. You can place your ad either on radio or tv.  You can call up road sign companies to display your ads on billboard next to the roads, you can do bench advertising, put signs on public transportation, do a car wrap, which is to advertise on your car.

Paid advertisement ideas online – You can place social media ads, think of facebook.com or twitter.com, you can do pay per click campaigns, think of Google Adwords or Microsoft Ad Center, you can pay to have your ad place in someone else’s newsletter, basically marketing to their mailing list. There are many ad agencies on the internet that offers advertising packages but usually with these guys you’ll have to have a pretty hefty advertising budget, think of like $10,000 per months.  At this point, you’re way better to start with social media ads and pay per click.

Well folks, these advertisement ideas were kind of general but hopefully gave you a few ideas and direction of where to start. Get your creative minds going; I’m sure one thing will lead to another.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, what other advertisement ideas comes to your mind?

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