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Traffic Exchange Secrets Exposed

Traffic ExchangeA traffic exchange site is place where a lot of different entrepreneurs go to advertise their website for free.

The way the traffic exchange site works is that one website owner agrees to see someone else’s website in exchange for a credit. You later use that credit to promote your any sites that you want.

Generally speaking, on a free membership level, traffic exchange’s credit system works with a ratio of like: 3 for 1 or 2 for 1, which means for every 3 sites you visit, you get one visitor to your site.

For a small upgrade fee, you can now get 1 to 1 ratio or if you are a busy person, you can even purchase credits.

The benefit of using a traffic exchange site is that you get instant views, instant visitors and instant traffic to your website. You also know that the viewers are pro-active people because they’re making an effort to promote their website.

Like anything, traffic exchange advertising has cons too and if you’re unaware of these “secrets” or unannounced cons, you can end up losing some money.

Traffic Exchange Secret 1

“You’re going to get an abundance of free traffic to your site.”  Yes, that is true what you’ve got to keep in mind though is that the visitors are not looking for your information per say, they are there only for the 6 to 15 seconds timer countdown required in order to earn a credit to get a visitor view their site.

Traffic Exchange Secret 2

Imagine this; a traffic exchange is like a hotel conference room, which is the venue where all website owners go to give flyers to other visitors. The thing is that all the visitors there are also website owners with the same purpose to get more views on their website.

Knowing that, you can tailor your ads to that specific audience. Example: instead of saying something like: “My product or opportunity is the greatest, buy my stuff.” It screams sales pitch and people will stay away from that, well you might get the odd sale.

Instead a method that is more effective is if you approach your audience with a message like this: “My product or service will help you get free visitors to your website.”

What I mean is that people on a traffic exchange site are entrepreneurs that are trying to make money from home, they already have a business so if you just try to throw a business opportunity; you’ll face resistance.

Whereas if you can give value for free to attract them to your business, they get to know you, trust you, then they will ask for your tricks and tips. At that point when you’re seen as credible, then you can make recommendations.

This is like setting up a booth in the hotel conference room to answer questions for free.

Traffic Exchange Secret 3

Stay away from a traffic exchange site that offers auto-surf capability. There’s nothing for nothing. If you can get free credits by using an auto-surf program to surf automatically for you to gain credits, so will others.

Remember that the other viewers will also use that feature which means that it’s useless, no body’s going to see no body’s site therefore it defeats the whole purpose in the first place. It’s like having the conference room full of flyers but with no body in there to see the ads.

Traffic Exchange Free Report

Overall a traffic exchange site is a great place to market if you know how to do it properly. If traffic exchange is a marketing avenue you wish to explore more, I highly recommend you take a closer at Scott Douglas’ Traffic Exchange Profits free report.

In his 34 pages report, he covers all the fundamental concepts, like indirect selling, conversions, credit costs, credit value and target marketing in the first part. In part two, he goes over the proven success formula which covers more traffic for less surfing, free traffic, better than free traffic, etc.

And finally in his part three, Scott goes over how to get started fast. I mean Scott has been doing this on a professional level since 2007, that’s his niche market and I would recommend you start there, I learned a great deal from his work.

What about you, how will you now approach traffic exchange knowing this new information? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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