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What Is A Webinar You Ask?

What Is A WebinarToday I’ll answer the question: “What is a webinar?” and I’ll explain to you its benefits. In its simplest form, a webinar is a virtual “conference seminar” where a host (the person in charge) delivers great valuable information to an audience from anywhere in the world.

You can connect with anyone in the world without geographic boundaries, expanding your network of contacts and business prospects across the planet.

The cool thing about webinars is that the host can give a visual (either showing their face, sharing their screen or both) or audio presentation so the audience can see and learn from the live or recorded environment from the comfort of their own home, without travelling to a specific location.

Using today’s technology makes the process of building relationship and giving value to your audience a whole lot easier. You don’t have to rent a big hotel room, you don’t have pay a large amount of money, you don’t have to travel, it’s a lot more time efficient and it connects you with like minded individuals.

There are a lot of types of webinar presentation whether it’s a business opportunity presentation, training for your current sales force or team, product demos, a simple lecture or information session.

As a webinar host, you can deliver the presentation live or hybrid presentation. Most marketers now choose to offer the later because it allows them to be there for the introduction and personally greet the new comers.

Then they play a recorded portion for the main content delivery (which is usually always the same) and come back at the end of the presentation to personally answer questions live.

A cool function in most webinar platforms is the ‘Record Button” where you can record the whole presentation. Once the presentation is done, you can upload it or make a product out of it or simply give it away to your subscribers who weren’t able to make it live.

Some webinar software comes with mailing list integration, auto reminders sent out to participant, automatically records and share your webinar if you choose to, integrated shopping carts or buy now buttons, a bunch of metrics and data for your analytics and conversion tracking. You can mute other people, answer questions via the chat box, etc.

The sky’s the limit some even come with a dedicated phone number so people who don’t have access to a computer can still jump and listen to the call.

As you can see there are a lot of great opportunities when it comes to webinars. This is a great way to leverage your time, deliver awesome value and use technology to help you semi-automate the whole process.

What Is A Webinar Free Software That I Can Use?

If you’re just starting out, you may not have the budget to buy the professional grade webinar software but I’ll show you a few ways to get by.

You can use Skype video call for free for a live 10 people group conversation, where you can see each other.

You can also use Google Hangout Out On Air which offers you to chat with up to 10 people live but that conversation can be broadcast and watched lived by everyone else in the world on the Live Youtube network. Plus you’ll have access to a recording once it’s done. More frequently asked questions answered here.

The only downfall with these is in order to participate, everyone must have an account either with Skype or Google + account. So yes it’s great for starters but if you’re a professional, not everyone will have an account on those platforms.

Join.me is another super easy browser based application software that is really, but really easy to use. It’s really simple. You can be a maximum of up to 5 in their free version. If you want to record your screen either you upgrade or watch my record my screen video to see how you can record your screen for free.

MeetingBurner.com also has a free webinar or meeting for up to 10 people absolutely free.

FreeScreenSharing.com is another solution where you can share your screen with up to a 1,000 participants.

Keep in mind that most free tools have limited capabilities but offer you a place to start and display your leadership skills.

What Is A Webinar Paid Software That I Can Use?

Webex by Cisco is probably one of the biggest corporate webinar platforms out there, I know the Government of Canada and the insurance company I used to work for uses them.

GoToWebinar by GoToMeeting is another one of the biggest corporate webinar company out there. It’s also super powerful and I’ve seen lots of big internet companies use this.

TalkFusion.com also seems to have lots of professional capabilities but I haven’t really seen to many marketers use this platform. But it’s here for you to review.

Meetcheep.com by Joel Therien is probably one of the most affordable professional solution if you’re just a small business and don’t need more than 500 attendees per session, it offers you the capability to do hybrid webinars, doodle on the screen, record the presentation.

EverGreenBusinessSystem.com is super powerful platform that fully automates your webinar and making them look real, it’s sends the live questions to your e-mail so you can answer them in real time. It’s kind of a grey area in ethical marketing but it’s another solution that exists that was created by Mike Filsaime.

Webinars Using Google On Air

The following Webinar solutions use the Google Hangout On Air Technology plus all the bells and whistle of a traditional webinar company.

WebinarJam.com is a webinar platform that puts marketer’s wishes come true on top of the Google Hangout on Air platform, it’s created by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins.

WebinarsOnAir.com is a webinar platform that uses the power of Google Hangout. The guys from the MLSP university uses this platform. This is where I attend weekly live webinars for generating content ideas on what to talk about.

StealthSeminar.com also seems like an affordable solution for online marketers. It’s got the full suite. Apparently this is one solution that Frank Kern is using (I’ve been seeing a bunch of ads with him as a testimonial.)

There you have it, now when someone asks you: “What is a webinar?” You’ll be better equipped to answer them.

What about you, how can webinars improve your business? Share your thoughts.

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