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Submit Website To Google

Submit Website To Google And Get Indexed

Submit Website To GoogleI remember back in the dinosaur days of the internet I wanted to submit website to Google but it the process was so long and tedious. It was more of a hoping and waiting game. Oh wait, it’s still like that.

To register site with Google, Google says you can submit your site to Google by going to:


Which in theory is true but in reality, it’s like a hit or miss attempt. They even tell you on their site and I quote:

Google adds new sites to our index, and updates existing ones, every time we crawl the web. If you have a new URL, tell us about it here. We don’t add all submitted URLs to our index, and we can’t make predictions or guarantees about when or if submitted URLs will appear in our index.”

Let’s recap and break down what really goes on here. It says that Google constantly add new sites and updates existing ones every time their spiders crawl the web. But they also say if you submit your site, it’s hit or miss and they don’t know how much time it can take before your site get’s indexed.

In the past, I’ve seen sites take anywhere from 6 to 9 months before a site get’s indexed and if you’re like me, that’s just too long of a wait. I remember telling myself: “I’m sure there’s a better way to submit my site to Google” and it got me thinking.

When it comes to internet, like everybody, I want it now!  haha  So after crunching my mind around it, I’ve discovered an awesome little trick, that worked pretty well for me, to get indexed and listed in Google in less than 10 minutes.

It’s actually so simple that now looking back at it, it’s actually pathetic at how much thought I put into it just to figure out this simple 2 step formula. But hey, when you don’t have anybody to point you in the right direction and that you got to figure out everything yourself, sometime it takes much longer.

My learning curve would have certainly been a lot shorter if I had somebody with a similar channel to show me the ropes when I first started.

So the best way to submit website to Google is to feed the spiders. That’s it, step one, create your website, step two feed the spiders. Pretty simple! Ok, ok, it is pretty simple but only when you understand what I mean.

Submit Website To Google Continued

But before I jump in the “how to submit website to Google” 2 steps explanation, allow me to explain the rationale behind how and why it works through a simple analogy.

You, sitting at the bench in the park, represent your website. The pigeons around you, represents the Google spiders (also known as the Google bots that crawls the web, they call them spiders because they crawl the web, get it? Yeah programmers were really original back then but that’s beside the point).

If you submit your site through the Google indexing website, it’s like you getting off the bench and start running after the pigeons hoping to catch one. It’s like your waving your hand and calling the spiders to come check out your site. Good luck, they will run and fly away.

Sure over you’ll catch a few, but it’s really a hit or miss. If you wanted to catch pigeons, the best way would be to lure them in with food, the food represents an RSS feed. So the food is a bait, you throw it out there and they come in, closer and closer. The pigeons know that the closer they get to the source, the more food they can get and there you go, you’ve got new friends.

The RSS feed is a way to take all the information (or food) on your website and stream line it through hose to any another websites. In our case we want to bait the Google spiders, so what better way to find them to look with an RSS Reader. The RSS Reader is like the spot around the pond where all the pigeons hang out.

There’s no point in sitting far way when you can sit closer. So create a free RSS Reader account, and plug your RSS feed in the reader.

As soon as you do that that, Google will send out spiders to crawl your site to see what’s your content so it can display it in the RSS Reader and as soon as the content gets displayed, that means the spider’s have crawled your website and your site should be indexed.

In summary you can submit website to Google by first creating your site then connecting your RSS Feed through the RSS Reader. This will attract the spiders to come check out your site right away and the side effect of that is that your site will be indexed.

And that my friend is how to get you indexed in Google. If you want to learn more information on how to rank first for you keywords then I recommend you check out my video about search engine optimization.

What about you, what is your new website about? Share it in the comments down below.

Here, I found an old video that I did a long time ago showing you exactly how to rank first for your name, don’t mind the music.  😛

Be On Google First Page – Part 1 by Andre Givogue

Be On Google First Page – Part 2 by Andre Givogue



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