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help desk software

Helpdesk Ticketing System For Your Customer Support

Helpdesk Ticketing SystemHelpdesk ticketing system also known as help desk software, helpdesk software, open source ticket system, open source ticketing system is platform that allows businesses (large or small), organizations or non-profits corporation to resolves problems.

Instead of using an e-mail address such as support@yoursite.com, which can lead to miscommunication because the e-mail may be filtered out by the spam filters (which accidently happens), a helpdesk ticketing system solution allows communication to happen seamlessly.

It also gets rid of the pointless chat, like an e-mail saying: “Thank you” should not be in a support e-mail inbox.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get positive feedback but if your company grows very large, when you scale it up, that one e-mail can become a thousand e-mails.  How much time will take to open all those other non-business related issues? These will clutter your inbox from the real problems that you have to solve.

First the user would go on your support page, fill out their information with the issue, chose a priority level and select to which department this ticket should be assign, such as billing, sales, technical support, etc.

The sky’s the limit every part can be customizable and tailored to your business needs. Once the issue has been logged in the helpdesk ticketing system, a notification will appear on your end. The ticket can be assign, re-assigned, you can see the status, if it’s been resolved or not, you can escalate it and another cool feature is that it tracks everything making it pretty easy to view and analyze reports.

When the ticket has been answered, the helpdesk ticketing system will automatically send an e-mail to the client to let them know the issue has been looked after that they can log in to the helpdesk ticketing system to view the results. Say the client didn’t get any e-mails after a couple days (it may be filtered out) but the client can still go see the status of their tickets by logging into the help desk software.

Here’s a good article on Wikipedia that explains in greater details what a support ticketing system aka help desk is.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

There are many different support ticket systems that exist but from my experience the two most popular helpdesk ticketing system that I know of are Zendesk.com and OSTicket.com.

Zendesk is very popular amongst a lot of internet marketers and software developers. Basically it’s what the pros use. They’ve got affordable solutions for businesses but if you’re just starting out then I’d consider another option.

My personal recommendation would be to go with the open source ticket system OSTicket.com as it’s an open source platform and you get “more bang for the buck”.

They have a free version and a paid version of the OSTicket open source platform called “Support System”.  The free version you’d have to maintain everything, figure out everything, how it works, etc.

Side Note! A free helpdesk ticketing system is great but keep in mind that it’s not 100% free, you have to host it on your own servers which you have to pay for. They also don’t come with the same level of support and there’s a lot of trial and error to set it up.

You got to be somewhat tech savvy to do this but you’d still have to have our own servers which cost money. It’s way more to time consuming and there’s a multitude of problems that can arise, like what if the systems crashes or there’s an update to the software, what about the back ups, you’d be responsible to maintain all that.

It’s an option but you’ve got to consider the value of your time to play around with all the “trial and error” stuff.  Your systems and follow-ups are too important to be “lost” in a programming accident.

Whereas their paid version, it’s $9 USD per month per agent and they take care of everything (hosting, training, support, guaranteed up time, daily backups, etc.). You have access to a team of experts for support, which is peace of mind. Especially as a business owner, you’ve already got so much on your plate, you don’t need a helpdesk ticketing system issue.

You can get more details here. Plus they offer 1 month of free trial with no financial commitment.  I think this is one of the best ways to start and try it out.

Keep in mind these 2 are not the only players in town.

Here’s a list of other helpdesk ticketing systems available out there. Like always, I encourage you to look at them and choose whatever works best for you.

Paid Helpdesk Ticketing System

SupportSystem.com – This is the paid version of the open source software OSTicket.

ZenDesk.com – Very popular in the internet marketing crowd.

Kayako.com – Lots of well known big mainstream companies use this one.

UserVoice.com – This one is more than just a help desk, it’s also a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Free Open Source Helpdesk Ticketing System




Trellis by Accord5.com

What about you, how will you be using your helpdesk ticketing system? Share your thoughts.

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