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Computer Shortcuts And Hot Keys

Computer Shortcuts And Hot KeysComputer shortcuts and hot keys, what are they and how can they improve my business productivity? What about a systematic approach? But first, let me share a story with you.

When I was hired as the man in charge for a special project at Fisheries and Oceans Canada, it was certainly not for my good looks but rather my discipline, productivity and performance results I was able to get other people in the past.

Here’s how it all went, I was working on the set of the TV show Reign as a stunt performer, that’s when I got the call from a manager at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. She called and right away identified herself.

She knew who I was and my work ethics because of a recommendation that she received. She also knew that my career as a stunt performer took precedence over everything else but that in between contracts I was open for side contracts if the pay was right.

After clarifying our terms it was a done deal for a four month contract to establish a systematic approach. As soon as I came back from Toronto, the next morning I went to the office where she introduce me my 2 my employees. There was 3 more starting the day after.

It was very chaotic to say the least. Because it was such a new project, there was no formal training, no efficient way of performance tracking and lack of trained personnel. Here just to give you an idea of the scope of the work, DFO changed the way vendors send invoices to them.

They went form a paper environment to a more efficient digital environment but like all change, there’s a steep learning curve. It didn’t help that this new system change was incorporated 3 months before the end of the fiscal year, where all invoices must be sent in and process before the deadline.

First things first, when you’re faced with a new project, the first thing to do is to create your plan of action. You’ve got sit back and overlook at the project’s needs, the goals the clients want to achieve and map it all out. In this case it was to process of all invoices by a certain deadline.

You’ve also got look at what you have as resources, do you have budget to hire more personnel or do you have to increase personal productivity? The department was limited on budget so we had to maximize on personal productivity.

Once that was cleared out and I knew what I needed to do. I looked at the current approach that was currently being used by shadowing my employees that had been working for a week already.

After a week of experience working on the project without a direct supervisor, I asked them their feedback on what could make their job easier and I took some notes of everything that made their life difficult. Computer Shortcuts and Hotkeys

You’d be surprised on how much information you can gather just talking to your front line personnel. Then I proceeded to compile all the data, I took the old clunky paper tracking and created an Excel template where all my staff had to send me their stats on a daily basis. This way now, my employees were accountable for their performance and productivity.

Sadly we had let one person go after exhausting all other alternatives (communicating, offering more training, etc.) but that person was just non reliable, not productive and not open to changes.

Those are the tough decisions but you can’t lead with your personal emotions, you’ve got a job to do, you’ve got deadlines to meet and a project to finish on time. Turned out to be great, we hired new employees that were a lot better.We were a total of six (five employees plus me).

After re-designing the training, the work flow process and showing how to operate the computer efficiently with computer shortcuts and hot keys, my staff’s productivity went through the roof.

It went from an average of 25 processed invoices per person per day to an average of 120 processed invoices per person per day. With my top performer getting 212 in one day! Can you see the improvement? We’ve increased the productivity average by 480%. Now through good leadership, there are all kinds of other things you can do to make your staff feel part of the team and when the time is right, you can ask for favors in return; such as staying overtime, coming in on weekends, etc. but that’s beyond this information session.

Notice there’s a lot of similar characteristics here and network marketing. You’ve got to be an awesome leader if you want to grow in your business, you can’t force productivity out of people but they must be inspired and perform because they want to.

Computer Shortcuts And Hot Keys

Coming back to computer shortcuts and hot keys, computer efficiency will save you lots of time, especially if you work on it all day long, there’s a faster way then clicking away at everything on your screen. Hot keys basically are shortcuts to perform certain actions. Here’s a list of the most popular ones:

  • CTRL + S = Save (I use that all the time, like every 5 seconds)
  • CTRL + C = Copy (so instead of right clicking with your mouse, wait for the menu to open, look until you see copy, you can just select your word and hit CTRL + C on your keyboard)
  • CTRL + X = Cut
  • CTRL + V = Paste
  • CTRL + Z = Undo
  • CTRL + Y = Redo
  • CTRL + A = Select All
  • CTRL + F = Opens the “Find” dialog box
  • CTRL + P = Print
  • CTRL + B = Bold
  • CTRL + I = Italic
  • CTRL + U = Underline
  • F5 = Refresh
  • ALT + Tab = Switches back to the previous window you were working in
  • ALT + Shift + Tab = Switches back to the very last window you’ve worked on
  • CTRL + right or left arrow = Allows you to jump from word to word
  • Shift + right or left arrow = Allows you to select letter by letter
  • CTRL + Shift + right or left arrow = Allows you to select word at a time
  • “Home” key = Brings you back at the very beginning of the line
  • “End” key = Brings you back at the very end of the line
  • Shift + Home = Select anything from where your cursor is to the beginning of the line
  • Shift + End = Select anything from where your cursor is to the end of the line
  • CTRL + Home = Goes at the top of the document
  • CTRL + End = Goes at the end of the document
  • CTRL + left mouse click = Opens new hyperlink in a new Tab
  • Shift + left mouse click = Opens new hyperlink in a new Tab
  • Shift + left mouse click = Selects all the text in between where the cursor started and where you clicked
  • CTRL + left mouse click = Selects whatever you click on
  • “Print Screen” button = Takes a screen shot of your desktop, you can then paste that image into a word processing document or an image editing software.

If you’re not sure what are the computer shortcuts or hot keys in a specific program, you can always click on “File” or look at the other menus in that program and look at the information on the right hand side to see what the hot keys are. Essentially every action that you take that can shave off a few seconds from moving your arm away from your keyboard to your mouse will affect your end result.

After all, we can never buy back lost time, therefore we’ve got to make good use it and use it efficiently to get our job done as fast as we can with the help of computer shortcuts and hotkeys so we can enjoy life after. What about you, how will you be using your computer shortcuts and hot keys from now on? 

Share your thoughts.    

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